Chapter 4-90: Wake up~

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2195 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1293 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Who’s gone, stick man?”

The unfriendly voice once again gave Shiloah the shock of his life. It was such a foreign emotion — one that he should never have been destined to experience from the moment he was born.

All because he was a strange person created with the all-seeing ability as the core.

In spite of that, he failed to predict the surprise given by the same person twice today.

This was also undoubtedly the greatest insult to his creator!

However, he wasn’t given much time to process this as a powerful gust of fist wind grazed him in the next second. Almost instantly after he felt pain on his skin, a petite fist glowing with the luster of jade came and Shiloah knew very well that it was unstoppable.

Even until now, the last injury he sustained was still throbbing in dull pain.

He gathered the black shroud he wore and steeled himself to catch the powerful punch that was flying toward him at a high speed. The black shroud exuded a black halo that momentarily blinded Lilith. Seizing the opening that appeared when Lilith’s sight was blocked by the black shroud, Shiloah harnessed a strange force that allowed him to float in the air and thus perfectly evaded Lilith’s attack.


Lilith, who should have had difficulty in maneuvering due to moving at a high speed, broke past the black shroud and slammed her fist right on the ground instead.

The floor of this room seemed to be made of special material. Not even Lilith’s full-powered punch left a single scratch on it.

But this worked in her favor instead.

With the recoil of her punch, Lilith quickly arched her waist. It was an action that no ordinary person… no, not even any living beings could possibly achieve. Her spine was forcibly turned into a slingshot and catapulted her toward her enemy at 90 degrees.


Shiloah was obviously caught off guard by the unexpected move and couldn’t react for the longest time in mid-air.

His opponent’s spontaneous response left him with no time to think. And as usual, he couldn’t predict what this walking wall of mosaic was going to do next.

Moreover, common sense did not apply well to this wall of mosaic. Even if a demon beast were to attempt the move she just did, the great impact would undoubtedly snap its spine into two.

Shiloah could only watch as the fist that he extremely despised magnified in his vision, while begrudgingly admitting that it was indeed a fine-looking one.


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Lilith punched him square in the face and slammed the back of his head right against the ceiling.

The ceiling of this room seemed to be made of the same material as the ground. Even such a powerful impact left no trace on it.

However, this wasn’t in Shiloah’s favor.

Without anything to reduce the impact, the punch he received hurt even more!

His head was sandwiched right between Lilith’s fist and the ceiling.

The fist and the ceiling were fine, but cracks like those on porcelain vases inevitably appeared on his head.

Shiloah hissed in pain.

Fortunately, Shiloah’s rich combat experience allowed him to choose the best course of action even when the punch left his ears ringing.

Five long claws shot out from his fingertips and he feigned an attack. While Lilith rolled to the side to evade, he took advantage of this opportunity to get out of her attack range and pulled away.


Lilith landed on her feet begrudgingly, but made no attempt to chase after her opponent who had quickly taken cover behind the wall and then cautiously anticipated her next move. She immediately turned around instead, kicked the burning stove away and quickly lifted the steamer’s lid.

Steam instantly assaulted her face. Even with White Jade Style in effect, she could feel pain on her skin. However, there wasn’t even a trace of agony on Lesiah’s face. She was lying in the steamer, wearing a blissful smile.

Even so, large patches of red appeared on her skin. It was a clear sign that she had suffered severe burns from the high temperature.

Lilith frowned at the sight. How could she still smile when she was this badly hurt? Was she a *********?

She reflected on the princess’ past behaviors…

Maybe she was really secretly a *********, it was just that Lilith never noticed.

She chucked a healing scroll to her, then attempted to wake her up.

After all, she had no desire to fight with someone in her arms.

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“Oi, Lesiah, wake up…”

No response…

“Rise and shine! Your mom is calling you home for lunch…!”

Still no response…

Lilith stroked her chin thoughtfully while watching the smiling princess who was still in her dreamland, as she planned another slightly more aggressive approach…



Who is it…?

“Wake up, Lesiah…”

Who is it…?

The warm and gentle voice got Lesiah slowly opening her eyes.

Bright light pierced her eyes, causing her to squint involuntarily.

There was a silhouette against the glaring light, and she couldn’t quite make out who it was.

The figure seemed to be rocking back and forth.

For some reason, it made her feel at ease…

It had been such a long time since she felt this sense of security.

Who is it exactly…?

She struggled to keep her eyes open as she tried to focus on finding out the identity of that silhouette.

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As time passed, her eyes slowly adjusted to the light and the figure gradually became clear…

But he was shrouded in the mist and seemed to be glowing faintly. Although she couldn’t get a clear view of his face, Lesiah was certain that he must be smiling warmly.

Oh, this is…

Memory came back to her.

She had reincarnated after her death.

Her fate of being the eldest princess was a thing of the past, and she was no one but a commoner now.

She no longer had any heavy responsibilities to shoulder.

That means…This hazy silhouette in front of her is the lover of her dreams? The person whom she longed to meet?

She couldn’t suppress the feeling of shyness.

To think that I’ve met my destined one right after I reincarnated… Not even a second-rate novel written by a second-rate author would settle with this kind of plot.

But it is really happening.

She could feel her entire body heating up, especially her cheeks. They were practically on flames…

Is… Is this how love feels?


He’s still calling out to me… So affectionately…

She almost wanted to cover her burning cheeks like a shy little girl and huff at him.


Aww, stop it… You’re making me blush…

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She started to revel in the enchanting voice.

As expected of her ideal lover. He could even put so many emotions into uttering her name

Her cheeks burned even more.

Almost as if they had been slapped.

She could even hear the ‘whooshing’ sound.


Ah~ Stop calling me… I’ll… I’ll… I’ll…

Wait a minute… Why do I feel kind of dizzy…?

The physical and mental stimulations gradually became stronger…

Even her burning cheeks started stinging…

And it was then she realized that the voice of her ideal lover sounded oddly familiar…

“Lesiah… Lesiah… Damn… this girl really awakened some strange behaviors. Why is her smile growing broader..?”

The princess’ eyes finally refocused.

The mist disappeared… replaced by ordinary steam.

The figure became clear… and turned out to be the person whom she despised — Lilith.

Not only that, she was slapping her across the face like crazy!

The slaps were so hard that they even turned her head to the side!!


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