Chapter 4-78: Saving The Damsel

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2772 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1496 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Ohoho, didn’t I tell you…”
“Hey, stick man.”

Shiloah turned in the direction of the voice, only to see a small jade-like fist growing bigger in his vision.

“What are you trying to do with that beautiful and delicate body?”

The surprise attack came with a gust of destructive wind, but Shiloah was so obsessed with the perfect body in front of him that he failed to notice it earlier.

When did she come?

There wasn’t enough time or room for Shiloah to think. It was a painful punch.

His face with strange monochromatic makeup contorted. The sound of skull shattering echoed across the empty and quiet grassland.

Thanks to his slender and tall body, his feet were still firmly planted on the ground. However, the impact of the punch pushed his head right into the ground.

Lilith landed steadily on the ground. Her skin color stood out in the darkness. For some reason, she had a huge strange shield on her back.

She shook her arm, then supported Lesiah, who was about to fall over due to the paralyzing effect. “Umm… are you alright?”

“I’m fine…”

Tears of fear that welled up in her eyes cascaded down her cheeks involuntarily. She looked at Lilith with conflict in her eyes.

Why did it have to be this demon who came to save her?

No. She knew deep down that the only person who could save her was this demon.

That was the reason why she said that earlier.

“Uh… your chest is bleeding. Let me treat that.”

Watching Lilith frantically fishing for a healing scroll from her storage ring, she couldn’t help but ask, “Why… Why did you come to save me?”

“You don’t need a reason to save someone.”
“But I abandoned you and ran away by myself.”
“I think it’s very normal to run away when you see a freak like that. But of course, if you are going to repay the favor with your body, I guess I can force myself to accept it.”
“Go to hell!”

Repay the favor with my body? What a joke. After doing those animalistic things to me, she’s still expecting that? I would rather be beaten to death, drown or get chased down by a legendary dragon than repay this demon with my body! I’ll never do something like that with this demon! Never!

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Despite the thought running in her head, Lesiah’s lips still curled into a smile.

“I am Lesiah Artes, the eldest princess of Macedonian Empire.”

“Huh? I already know that. Your subordinates told me everything when I interrogated them — your name, identity, age and body measurements,” Lilith blinked at her.


Seems like those guys need to be disciplined when I get back.

“Well, I have already introduced myself. Shouldn’t you do the same too?” Lesiah gave Lilith an unfriendly look.

“Oh. I’m Lilith.”

“Lilith? Isn’t your name Htilil?”

“Htilil…? Oh, don’t even remind me about that!!”

Lilith stamped her foot angrily. “That damn old b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ from Luminous Theocracy. He consented to the abduction of his saintess, but stabbed me in the back by placing a bounty of one billion on my head. Not only that, he even gave me such a stupid name! The next time I see him, I swear I’ll pull out every strand of his beard and make them into a shoe brush!!”

Seeing Lilith’s anger and annoyance, Lesiah reflected on the strange reaction from Luminous Theocracy during the square table conference.

She rubbed on her chin after finally regaining a little control back, and started to realize the fishiness of the situation.

At least, for now, it seemed like this Golden Demon Htilil wasn’t as cruel as she was rumored to be.


Shiloah’s signature laughter interrupted Lesiah’s question.

“I didn’t expect you to be this impressive, Little Lilith.”

The strange man finally got his head out of the soil and straightened his body stiffly like a zombie.

The side of his face that got punched by Lilith cracked like a porcelain vase, but there wasn’t any trace of blood to be seen.

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“I didn’t expect you would be able to defeat Gaz.”
“Didn’t you claim yourself to be omniscient? How did you fail to foresee this?” Lesiah sneered.
“Ohoho, my omniscience only applies to things that have happened. I think not even the gods can predict the future.
“Yet you claim yourself to be omniscient?”
“Am I not allowed to bluff a little?”
“Ohoho, Little Lilith, you shouldn’t have come to save the princess. You could have had a glimmer of hope in escaping. But now…”

Shiloah raised his hands again and was about to grind his claws.

“Watch out! Don’t listen to the noise!”

Lesiah quickly covered her ears and warned Lilith.

“I’ll be fine.”

She took out the shield that she carried behind her.

“Eat this! Counter-sonic attack!”

She kneed the shield violently.


A shrill and piercing scream came out from the shield’s mouth, instantly covering the screeching of Shiloah’s claws.


Both him and Lesiah were stunned for a moment before they finally realized that the shield Lilith was holding turned out to be the face just now, which was also the same ‘Gaz’ that Shiloah spoke of.

Gaz was unconscious until Lilith kneed him violently, causing him to wake up with a yell and bloodshot eyes.


Gaz was going to summon his evil spirits but suddenly seemed to remember something. Only a single word was uttered before he quickly shut his mouth as sweat started beading on his massive forehead.

Lilith threw him an amused look. “Why aren’t you calling your evil spirits?”


“What’s wrong with him?” Lesiah looked at Gaz in confusion.

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He didn’t seem to be injured. Why was he scared of using his skill to attack Lilith?

And most importantly, why was Lilith carrying this monster around on her?

“Nothing’s wrong. He summoned a bunch of evil spirits that could switch between physical or non-physical states. They run real fast and can hurt you real bad when they grab you. I couldn’t beat them or escape. It took me a long time to discover that they had to be in their physical state when they attacked.”

“So you finished them off?”

“Nope. I’m not stupid enough to fight with them. Since this guy said he can’t die or be injured, I pulled him out from the ground and used him as a shield.”

Lilith smacked her lips, her burning gaze made Gaz freeze. “I didn’t expect this guy to be so useful. The attacks of those evil spirits didn’t even work on him and they couldn’t run fast when they weren’t in their physical state, so I managed to outrun them. It was pretty noisy when this guy was under attack, but that was all solved when he fainted from the pain.”

“Ohoho, I feel so sad for you Gaz… To think that your own skill is your undoing.”

Shiloah facepalmed. He really didn’t want to admit that this pathetic face was his partner.

How embarrassing.

“Gaga, cut the crap and save me now!”
“Ohoho, don’t worry. I’ll save you now, only because we’ve been colleagues for so many years.”

His hands drooped, leaving long marks along the ground with his razor-like claws.

He leaned his whole body forward as he charged toward Lilith.

He was moving so fast that even Lilith’s golden dragon eyes could only see his afterimage.

From Lesiah’s perspective, he basically vanished. It was only at this moment she realized that Shiloah was only playing with her earlier.

Since the beginning, the possibility of her escaping from him alone was non-existent.

Shiloah was practically flying toward Lilith. His “omniscience” allowed him to clearly see Lilith’s aptitude, skills and attack patterns.

But a part of it seemed to be very fuzzy?

Lilith’s past and origin, which he should be able to clearly see, seemed to have been erased by a black hand.

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This was also why he addressed Lesiah as ‘your royal highness’, while addressing Lilith by her first name even though she was a dragon princess.

As the world around him became a blur, there was no time for Shiloah to think deeply about this. He reached Lilith in almost an instant and swung his razor-like claws at Lilith from all her blind spots.

The claws left black cuts in space around them. Unlike the divine threads, they left visible and gaping holes.

Even if Lilith was in her White Jade Style state, she shouldn’t be able to withstand an attack like this.

With this point in mind, Shiloah chose to assault her directly.

“Ohoho, things are about to end as soon as they begin. I truly feel sorry for you, Little Lilith.”
“Is that so?”

Lilith calmly took out the trump card she had in her sleeve. “I don’t think so.”


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