Chapter 4-77: Help

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2536 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1423 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

After running a few meters away, Lesiah suddenly felt a chill on her back.

Her instinct forced her to turn and lift her sword, just in time to block Shiloah’s sharp claws that were merely ten centimeters away from her.

However, there was nothing to stop Shiloah’s heavily made-up face from drawing closer to Lesiah’s beautiful face.

“Ohoho, too bad for you. You ran almost far enough to put your innate ability in escaping to good use. If you had succeeded in that, I wouldn’t be able to turn the situation around.”

Lesiah was at a loss for words. She didn’t expect her supposedly foolproof escape technique would be so useless against this enemy.

Not only that, this weird man seemed to be well informed of her innate ability, to the point of even knowing the restrictions of her techniques.

“Ohoho, don’t look so confused, princess. I told you, I’m omniscient. Naturally, I am also well aware that your so-called [ Absolute Distance ] ability can only be activated when you are a certain distance away from your enemy.”

Shiloah pushed against her sword with one hand while his other free hand reached out. His sharp claws that were as sharp as razors looked like they were about to leave permanent scratches on her lovely face.

Lesiah had to use her full strength to deal with Shiloah’s claw. She barely had any capacity left to manage the other one.

Hence, she could only watch the other sharp claws waving back and forth right in front of her face.

“Ohoho. Why don’t you just become my dinner obediently? I really do not wish to damage a perfect dish like yourself before my mealtime.”
“I told you too… that I do not believe there’s such a thing called omniscience.”

Lesiah moved one of her fingers slightly, and a scroll hidden in her sleeve was instantly activated.


A burst of light suddenly escaped from her sleeve. Her figure was torn up like pieces of paper and scattered in this windless world before Shiloah’s eyes.

Meanwhile, a scroll about tens of meters away transformed into Lesiah. It was none other than the princess, who seized the chance to toss a scroll all the way out there while the enemy was still blinded by her royal sword technique, Shattering Star of Silver Moon Style earlier.

A replacement magic scroll!

Lesiah stood up while dusting her clothes and her lips curled into a smile.

Luckily she prepared early. As long as she put enough distance between her and that strange man, there was nothing he could do. She refused to believe that there was another person in these ruins that was as monstrous as Golden Demon Htilil!

“Ohoho, I indeed do not possess a monstrous body.”

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Lesiah’s eyes widened like saucers.

Unbeknownst to her, Shiloah was standing right in front of her.


“Ohoho, I may not have a monstrous body but I know clone techniques.”
“Clone techniques?”

Lesiah snapped her head back. Unsurprisingly, the man in front of her faded away.

His image scattered away like pieces of paper in the exact way she did earlier, almost as if he was mocking her.

It was obvious that this strange man who proclaimed himself as ‘omniscient’ had seen through Lesiah’s every move since the beginning.

“Ohoho, just give up, beautiful princess. If you agree to be my dinner, I promise I will significantly lessen your sufferings.”

Shiloah bowed his slender body and sneered at his weak prey.

No matter how hard the princess tried to escape, she wouldn’t be able to escape her fate of being that little mouse trapped in his cage.

Her tricks were useless against powerful opponents. This had been proven during her battle with Golden Demon Htilil, let alone an opponent who was ‘omniscient’. To Shiloah, her fancy tricks were as readable as a children’s book.

And this man was absolutely confident that she wouldn’t be able to escape from him.

Lesiah certainly didn’t agree with that. “Become your dinner? I’d suggest you eat s̲h̲i̲t̲ instead!”

She drew her sword with determination. She was done running away from powerful enemies.

Even if she had been in the position where she could barely put up any resistance against her enemies ever since she stepped into this ruin… Even if she suffered great humiliation due to her weakness and incompetence… Even if she had to run countless times… She was still Lesiah. She was still Lesiah, the eldest princess of Macedonian Empire.

She would never yield, no matter how formidable her enemies were!

Lesiah’s silvery hair flowed in the air, like the silvery strands of Valkyrie the war goddess.

She channeled all her battle qi into her sword before she executed her strongest attack.

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Silver Moon Style! Moonlight!

A silver moon slowly ascended to the crimson sky. Its moonlight repelled all evil. Even Shiloah backed up a few steps in fear. For the very first time, he felt threatened by Lesiah’s sword.


Her sword shone with brilliance, like every light in this world was gathered in the same place!





Clunk! Shiloah’s blade-like claws clamped the sword. With his other hand, he fished out a magic scroll from the princess’s waist that the latter was going to use.

He craned his abnormally long neck to the side and stared straight into Lesiah’s eyes.

“Ohoho. Do you think it’s funny to use the same trick twice, your royal highness?”

“I do think it’s rather… funny…” she replied awkwardly.

Seeing that her plan had been foiled, the princess quickly made a firm decision. She abandoned the weapon that had been with her for five years and withdrew.

A swipe on her ring and she produced another scroll in her hand. However this time, Shiloah didn’t want to give her another chance to escape. Time was almost up.

He pinched his fingers and his razor-like claws ground against each other, making awful screeching noises.

“Rest assured, princess. I will minimize scarring your body to preserve your perfection, so please accept your death peacefully.”

With that said, he brought a claw toward Lesiah’s chest. His movement was slow and precise, like he was performing complex surgery.

Lesiah was paralyzed, like a patient nailed onto the operating table.

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There was some kind of invisible force binding her.

What sort of technique could be performed so discreetly that she would get caught off guard like this?

After all, she was also well-versed in using surprising moves.

She didn’t sense any fluctuation of the saint realm from this strange man, so that meant he didn’t use a domain.

How did he do it so discreetly?

It was then she suddenly remembered… There was no need to be discreet as long as he could fool her into thinking that it wasn’t an attack.

“Ohoho, you figured it out so quickly.”

Shiloah was still grinding his razor-like claws against each other, making them screech.

“Too bad though. You’ve already fallen for it. This noise will paralyze you for three minutes and the effect accumulates.”

There was nothing else Lesiah could do now other than watching Shiloah’s claw coming toward her like a scalpel. The cold blade pierced through her clothes and left a cut on her skin.

“Ohoho, I intended to play nice with you rather and didn’t want to resort to such despicable ways. However, the number and strength of the invaders this time are a little beyond my expectation. Please pardon my lack of options in this situation, beautiful princess…”

His long claw sunk slowly into her flesh. It could be seen that he was truly reluctant to damage her perfect body more than necessary.

However, a slow death like this was much more damaging to a person’s mind.

She had to watch the long claw slowly sunk into her flesh, inch by inch.

She was overwhelmed by pain, fear and powerlessness.

The cold sensation was reaching her heart.

“Ohoho, please bear with me, princess. I’m about to reach your perfect heart. I’ll rip that heart out perfectly, like I’m picking the most wonderful fruit.”

A wave of terror washed over her.

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I’m scared. I don’t wanna die. I still have important things to do. I can’t die yet! So please… Save me…

“Ohoho, don’t waste your breath, beautiful princess. Who can possibly save you right now? Didn’t you just abandon your ally just now?”

That’s not my ally. She’s my enemy. But just for this time…



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