Chapter 4-79: Don’t Blame Me This Time

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2236 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1220 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus


A deafening scream echoed into the sky.


With her amazing reflex, Lilith put her trump card to good use and blocked Shiloah’s storm-like attack with great accuracy.

Gaz’s already hideous face gained a few more holes. He wasn’t bleeding because those weren’t wounds but depressions made by the pressure of the claws on his elastic skin.

On the contrary, tears of blood were streaming down from his eyes. No one knew if it was out of pain or sadness. Either way, it was a terrifying sight.

Lilith took a step forward, her right arm glowed even more with the luster of jade as she channeled more battle qi into it before swinging her fist at Shiloah.

Her action created a gust of wind so strong that cracks were made in the space around them.

Shiloah retracted his hands and quickly backed away. His movements were strange, but he still easily evaded Lilith’s charged-up attack.

However, a huge depression appeared in his abdomen. There seemed to be black blood spurting out of it but the blood instantly volatilized.

Though he managed to evade the attack, he still sustained damage from being hit by the wind that Lilith’s fist created.

Shiloah quickly pulled away, but Lilith didn’t give chase. It was obviously an unwise move to pursue an enemy without having much information on them.

Furthermore, this strange stick man was giving her some bad vibes, even more than Gaz.

Shiloah clutched his abdomen as he watched the wound on Gaz healing up perfectly in an instance.

“Ohoho, Gaz, can you not interrupt my dance with this beautiful girl?” he frowned.

“You think I want to? If you don’t want me to interrupt, then hurry up and save me!”

“How am I supposed to help you when you keep helping her to block my attacks? This little girl’s speed and reflexes are pretty much on par with me.”

“Gaga, you must be doing all this on purpose because you are holding a grudge against me just because Little Hand picked me over you back then! That’s why you’re using this opportunity to stab me to death!”

“Ohoho, I remember you’re immortal, if memory serves.”

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“See?! See?! You just admited it! You didn’t deny that you’re jealous of my good-looks, talent and charm!”


Shiloah narrowed his eyes. “It seems like you and I have an issue to resolve.”

“Gaga, it seems we’ll need to talk it out then.”

“In that case, how about surrendering obediently?” Lilith interjected.

“Spill everything you know about this place, especially the treasure trove’s location, and I shall spare your lives.”

“Ohoho, my apologies. Little Lilith, your request is most unacceptable.”

Shiloah bowed deeply, indicating that the show was over.

“Well, today’s show is over. Gaz and I shall be taking our leave now. Please enjoy the next mini-game.”


Lilith rushed forward but Shiloah turned into smoke and vanished.

At the same time, Gaz also turned into a cloud of smoke and vanished in her hands.

The turn of events left Lilith frowning. “They escaped just like that?”

“It’s only normal for people to run when they meet an opponent that they can’t defeat.”

Lesiah wasn’t surprised by the situation, but it was better to say that it was common sense to her.

“Something else puzzles me even more than their escape.”
“What is it?”
“What is that ‘next mini game’ that Shiloah spoke of?”
“Next mini game? Seems like this isn’t over ye… ughhhh!”

Lilith’s sentence abruptly turned into a yelp when she realized that her surroundings suddenly turned into water.

A wide expanse of water, as though she was in a lake or ocean. She looked up, but couldn’t see the surface above the water.

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It was like she was stuffed into a huge container of water. There was no light and no exit.

Was she teleported again? And into water on top of that?

What was the point?

She was confused. As a dragon, she could breathe perfectly fine in water because her powerful lungs could directly draw enough oxygen from the water. She had only fallen into Lesiah’s trap before because her scroll turns air into liquid and the density was too high. A dragon may be able to breathe in water, but definitely not in cement.

But now? The enemy actually wanted to drown a dragon with ordinary water?

What a big joke…



No, actually it wasn’t funny at all.

Ordinary water couldn’t drown a dragon, but it could definitely drown a human.

Lilith spun around and unsurprisingly, Lesiah had covered her mouth and nose, looking like she was suffering.

Even as a rank nine warrior, there was a limit to how long she could hold her breath under water.

If this continued on, she would inevitably drown to death. Like a beautiful flower that withered and became an ordinary corpse in the water.

The princess cracked open an eye with difficulty and gave Lilith a pleading look.

She wanted to live.

Of course she did. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have begged for help under Shiloah’s threat earlier.

However, it was different this time.

In this confined space filled with water, it was almost impossible for ordinary humans to get enough oxygen.

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Even if there was a way, there wouldn’t be enough time to execute it.

Unless, there was a less time-consuming way that could keep Lesiah alive.

But then again, could such a perfect solution be easy to find?


A sudden inspiration struck Lilith.

Such a perfect solution did exist, but…

Lesiah struggled harder, as her consciousness gradually blurred due to the lack of oxygen.

She started flailing as though she was trying to grasp at a straw.

Seeing that, Lilith became aware that time was running out.

She moved her feet and propelled herself toward Lesiah, then gathered up her octopus-like flailing limbs before she…

Smashed her lips against Lesiah’s.



“Ahem, my king and… princess. I know both of you are madly and deeply in love, but isn’t it a little inappropriate to be doing this in front of a huge audience?”


Lesiah was startled awake, only to realize that Lilith and her were kissing passionately like lovers. On top of that, there were hundreds of people watching them. Among their audience, there were children covering their eyes, but peeping through their fingers excitedly.

Her cheeks burst into flames as she quickly pushed Lilith away.

“I… I…”

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Lesiah clutched her cheeks and was at a loss of words, so she could only glare at Lilith, who was feigning ignorance. “It’s you! How dare you do that to me!”

“You were the one who started it! Don’t blame me this time!” Lilith started to play the blaming game.

“Nonsense! Why would I do such a shameless thing!”

In Lesiah’s desperation, she wanted to slap Lilith across the face. But as soon as she raised her hand, it stopped in the air because she seemed to have remembered something.

In the end, she just shot Lilith another glare. “I’ll overlook this since you saved my life once.”

Lilith felt very wronged. She saved the princess but her act of kindness was taken for granted.

As usual, women were difficult to understand.


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