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Special: A Day in Lesiah’s Life (3)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2134 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1160 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The mace came to an abrupt halt when it was less than an inch away from Lesiah’s forehead. Her silver hair fluttered in the breeze that it stirred up.

She remained unscathed.

The princess blew a kiss at the maid who broke out in cold sweat after realizing that she had nearly gotten herself into grave trouble. “I knew you wouldn’t do it.”

After dropping that line, she walked past the maid.


The maid came back to her senses and quickly turned to stop the princess, only to be met with a handful of dust.


Prior to attaining the saint realm, even warriors with a slightly stronger physical body were nothing more than a mortal. Hence, just a large amount of dust in their eyes was enough to make them clutch their face and howl in pain.

Lesiah dusted her hands and bounced away while humming a little song.



“You’ll have to get past me if you wish to leave the palace.”

As Lesiah approached the palace’s gate, she was greeted by Coleman’s solemn face. “Your royal highness, I’d advise you to turn back. You stand no chance against me, the strongest expert below the saint realm in Macedonian Empire.”

“Is that so? I didn’t expect the royal knights would be involved today. Even so, I don’t think that is a good reason to make me give up here today.”

Coleman’s sleeves puffed up and a large number of fine threads shot out from it. His fingers danced, weaving them into a large net that quickly wrapped the gates.

“Hoho. Aside from their weakness to fire, a mere rank nine warrior like you definitely won’t be able to get past my magical strings.”

Coleman secretly gave Lesiah a signal with his eyes.

The princess followed his gaze and discreetly threw a glance behind her. The head servant was watching them silently by a window in the distance. However, she didn’t chase her all the way here for some reason.

Realization dawned upon Lesiah.

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“I see. I didn’t expect you’d be so well prepared to capture me and to even use the magical strings that could brave anything but fire…”
“Ahaha, of course. I must stop you this time, princess!”
“Be my guest!”

Lesiah charged toward Coleman. She drew her sword and performed an original sword technique that she had spent a long time developing.

“Eat this! The Ultimate-Invincible-Destructive-Gods-And-Demons-Slaying-Aurora-Stab!”

“Hoho, as expected of the wisest, unparalleled, eternally heroic princess! What a fantastic technique the Ultimate-Invincible-Destructive-Gods-And-Demons-Slaying-Aurora-Stab is!”

Coleman remained fearless in the face of Lesiah’s ultimate sword technique. As a mage, he even gave up the benefit of keeping a distance from his opponent. He stared at death right in its face, attempting to welcome Lesiah’s shiny blade with his frail and bare hands.

“But you have underestimated this rank nine warrior who has stayed in this realm for more than thirty years! Take this, My-Weak-Punch-From-Skipping-Breakfast-This-Morning!”


When the two seemingly ordinary techniques clashed, a loud thunderclap was heard.

They looked like real experts whose seemingly ordinary normal move had in fact reached the pinnacle in its purest form. Only when the techniques clashed would one know their mightiness!

Coleman secretly retracted the spectrum stone that was hidden in his sleeve. He clutched his chest with one hand and staggered a few steps back. Blood leaked out of the corner of his mouth. His voice trembled as he looked at Lesiah in shock, “I expected nothing less from you, your royal highness. Your Ultimate-Invincible-Destructive-Gods-And-Demons-Slaying-Aurora-Stab is indeed a terrifying technique!!”

The princess returned her sword to its sheath smugly. “Likewise, Coleman. Although you lost today, you have undoubtedly proven your strength. Hence, I have decided to make you the next leader of the royal knights!”

Lesiah didn’t even care about Coleman, who grew even more motivated after hearing her promise despite suffering injuries. She took out a fire magic scroll and burned the legendary magical strings that feared nothing but fire, before she quickly slipped out of the gates.



This was the most lively time in the capital of the Macedonian Empire. The bustling streets were crowded with children and adults on both sides, talking animatedly about something.

Their most gorgeous and hardworking Princess Lesiah, who always smiled warmly to anyone she met regardless of their social standing, would arrive in another few hours and parade around the city for the very first time this year.

Not only that, three lucky people among the audience would be chosen to a meet-and-greet session, where they could shake the princess’ hand and take a photo with her. For this exact reason, citizens came here early in hopes that they could be the lucky ones.

Little did they know, their perfect princess had already blended into the crowd and reduced her presence through a secret technique.

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Lesiah strolled along while humming a little song, obviously in a fair mood.

Despite being the famous eldest princess of the Macedonian Empire, no one noticed her walking through the crowd undisguised.

Although the secret technique would be rendered ineffective once someone took notice of her, it was still a handy technique when it comes to situations like these.

She crossed the bustling street, took a few turns before she walked into a mostly deserted alley that she was familiar with.

It was only then the princess took out a human face mask and put it on. In just the blink of an eye, she was transformed into another person.

She soon arrived in front of a shabby wooden door and knocked on it rhythmically — nine light and one heavy taps.

A few moments later, but long enough to convince people to leave thinking that no one was at home, a hoarse voice finally rang out on the other side of the door.

“Who is it?”
“A lady of culture.”
“State your business?”
“Literature exchange.”
“Of what kind?”

Lesiah pondered over the question for a moment.

Since this would be the last time she’d come here this month, then perhaps something a bit more exciting?

“The dirty kind,” she replied.

The shabby wooden door, which looked like it would fall into disrepair at any moment, finally opened with a creak.

A middle-aged man poked his head out cautiously and his eyes instantly lit up at the familiar face.

“Oh, you’re here! Come in please!”

He hurriedly ushered Lesiah into his house. “It’s only been a day since we last met but I have certainly missed you, my lady!”

“Let’s get straight to the business… I only want to know if the goods that I wanted before have arrived.”

“Of course…”

The middle-aged man’s eyes crinkled up, making him look even more wretched.

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“They’re all here, but… there’s quite a lot. I’m wondering if you…”

Lesiah raised her eyebrow and a satisfied smile broke across her average-looking new face.

“I’ll take everything.”


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