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Chapter 4-73: Shiloah, The Eccentric Man

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2401 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1435 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Gagagaga, the evil spirits I summoned are very powerful. Little girl, I’d advise you to just resign yourself to becoming my dinner!”
“Go on dreaming!”

Lilith stomped her foot on the huge face, inducing another painful howl from it.

“I may not be able to get rid of them, but I can still kill you.”
“Gagaga, don’t waste your time. I may feel pain, but I won’t die. You won’t even be able to injure me.”

Won’t die? Won’t even be able to injure?

Lilith furrowed her brows and looked at the face under her feet.

Despite being trampled countless times and howling in pain countlessly, there wasn’t even a scratch on the human face save for the footprints.

“But didn’t I just pull your tongues out?”
“Gagaga, I borrowed those. I guess those aren’t mine.”
“You borrowed… the tongues?”

Lilith’s cheek twitched. The world was indeed full of wonders.

“Did you have to howl like that if they were borrowed?”
“Gyahhh, that’s precisely the reason why I’m so pissed! It’s your fault that I can’t return someone else’s belongings on time! What if this incident leaves a dent in my relationship with Little Hand?!”

The human face was obviously fuming at the mention of that incident. His emotions that had just subsided returned again.

“Do you want Little Hand to think that I’m a shameless scumbag who never returns someone else’s belongings after borrowing them?”
“I guess that leaves you with only your face then!”

Lilith stomped on the human face again and then rubbed her throbbing temple.

Damn, she didn’t expect this monster to have integrity.

This made her look like she was the villain.

But then again… Who is Little Hand? By the sound of it, she sounds like his lover?

The thought of such a hideous face could even find a lover sent a wave of disgust through Lilith. She didn’t even dare to imagine how that Little Hand looked like.

The evil spirits’ movements were slow. But since there were many of them, they formed a circle around Lilith and were slowly closing in on her.

“Be careful, Lesiah. Don’t let them touch you.”

Lilith tried to warn Lesiah who was weaker than her, but didn’t get any response.

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Was she so mad at me that she didn’t even want to reply?

Lilith turned her head around, only to find that Lesiah was nowhere to be seen.

She escaped?

Right under her nose?

How could that be possible? She was a dragon with extremely keen senses. There was no way she wouldn’t realize someone around her had gone missing!

“Gagaga, that little girl with you sneaked away with a secret technique that could reduce her presence.”
“A secret technique to reduce presence?”
“Gagaga, correct. It’s different than usual techniques for escaping. It doesn’t conceal her presence or make her invisible. It turns one’s presence into something akin to that of a rock by the road. She sneaked away when you were trampling on my face like crazy. It’s only natural you didn’t notice.”

Lilith’s cheek twitched.

No wonder why she didn’t remember that she was in the presence of someone else though she was supposed to be conscious of a girl named Lesiah after what happened last night.

“Gagaga. These secret techniques are not only difficult to cultivate, but they also turn out to be of little value most of the time. I must admit that the little girl is a talented one, for the fact that she is willing to put the effort in cultivating that.”
“Then why didn’t you stop her when she sneaked away?”
“Gaga, stop her? For what?”

The human face cackled creepily. “My only target is you. Someone will entertain her eventually.”

As soon as he finished saying that, the evil spirits that were moving slowly suddenly rushed toward Lilith, as though they just heard that she was the murderer of their family.



The fire light on the horizon grew even more conspicuous against the crimson sky. Lesiah’s pretty face looked extremely rosy in the light, like the most delectable red apple that had just ripen.

Her furrowed brows on her stunning face further increased her charms. After all, everyone had a soft spot for a damsel in distress. Perhaps even the coldest hunk in the world would give in if he saw the look on her face.

Unfortunately, the strange person standing before Lesiah was definitely not a hunk.

He was nearly three meters tall, but he was as thin as a bamboo pole. His tattered black cloak made him look like a corpse wrapped in a shroud to Lesiah. He wore black and white makeup on his face that was so thick that it would probably crack even if he only knitted his brows together.

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“Good evening, beautiful Princess Lesiah.”

The eccentric man put a foot out, bent his back leg, placed a hand on his chest and bowed slightly like a gentleman. But his disproportionate figure made it look extremely comical.

Instead of returning the gesture, Lesiah took a few steps back. “Who are you? Why do you know my name?”

“Ohoho, how rude of me. As a gentleman, I should have introduced myself before greeting others.”

The eccentric man shook his head as though he was blaming himself for his poor conduct.

“My name is Shiloah, one of the guardians of this world. As for how I know your highness’ name…”

A weird smile crept across the eccentric man’s lips. “Of course, that’s because I am omniscient.”

“Omniscient…? But I don’t think omniscience exists in this world. Perhaps it’s better to say that omniscience is a paradox in itself.”

“Ohoho, as expected of a princess who took charge of an empire at the age of eighteen. You are indeed a witty one.”

Shiloah raised his head and spread his arms in an exaggerated manner like he was performing a rite of some sort. “Ohoho, such beauty and wisdom. How I wish I could invite you to dinner. You’ll definitely make the perfect main course.”

Lesiah felt a sudden chill down her spine. She quickly drew out a longsword from her storage ring. However, not even the cold glint on it could dispel the fear in her heart.

This strange man named Shiloah gave off an invincible aura by just standing there.

It felt like the first time she faced Golden Demon Htilil. Despite the absence of her saint-realm aura, Lesiah couldn’t even find the courage to battle her.

Damn, she wouldn’t have escaped if she knew this would happen. Staying with Golden Demon Htilil was way better than facing this monster alone.

“Ohoho. I sense both fear and regret in your heart now, despite the little excitement I sensed when you first laid eyes upon me.”

Shiloah approached Lesiah. When he raised his hands again, the nearly one-meter-long sharp claws on his fingertips looked like the sharpest blade in the world.

“However, those rich emotions are what makes you a delectable feast.”

Lesiah tightened her grasp on the hilt of her sword. She knew that the longer she dawdled in front of a powerful enemy that far exceeded her in strength, his overwhelming aura would put her in a more disadvantageous situation.

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With that being the case, it would be better for her to strike first.

Hence, she thrust her sword at Shiloah with lightning speed.

Macedonian Empire’s royal sword technique, Silver Moon Style… Shattering Star!

The sword light scattered into the air like countless shiny star fragments. Hidden among the starlight was a sword aura that was powerful enough to cut through metal and shatter rocks.

They surrounded Shiloah, trained on his vital parts.

“Nice sword technique. Too weak, unfortunately.”

With a wave of his hands, Shiloah’s sharp claws easily blocked the starlights that were dripping with murderous sword aura.

His action however caused Lesiah’s lips to curl into a smile.

She was fully aware that this skill wasn’t powerful. But how about adding this trick to it?

The longsword in her hands suddenly shone brightly.

“This is…”

Shiloah’s eyes widened in shock.

“Correct, this is the ultimate move of Silver Moon style, the Macedonian Empire’s royal sword technique! I’ll blind your f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g eyes!”


Her blade shone brighter and brighter…

Until Shiloah couldn’t even keep his eyes open.

It was at this time, Lesiah used one of the secret techniques that she had cultivated for a long time… Extreme Vision!

With this, she could still see in this blinding light.

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And this was her opportunity to… run!


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