Chapter 4-72: Strange Face

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2007 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1164 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Her hair flowed in the night breeze, like willow branches gracefully swaying under the moonlight.

However, Lilith never felt any air flow since the moment she stepped foot in this little world. The weather didn’t seem to change here because it was always a sunny day with a few clouds in the sky.

If that was the case, then where did this wind come from?

Furthermore, the direction of the wind seemed a little weird. It felt like…


Lesiah’s alarmed cry rang out from behind.

As expected, from below?

Lilith quickly looked down. Her hair stood on end as soon as she managed to get a clear view of what was under her feet, much like a cat in the face of danger.

It turned out to be a strange and huge human face.

Judging from his appearance, the wretched face looked like it belonged to a middle-aged man. Except that it was magnified more than ten times, so it looked ten times even more wretched. Just his face alone could send chills down a girl’s spine.

Lilith’s full attention had been on her surroundings and the sky because of the black sun and the unknown wind. As a result, she failed to notice whatever was under her feet.

The human face grinned widely, then let out a very strange laugh when he realized that Lilith finally noticed him.


It was only then Lilith realized that the breeze that had been blowing on her turned out to be the breath of the face under her feet.

Her face contorted in horror, like she just remembered something bad.

The human face cackled even louder, as if he was extremely pleased with Lilith’s reaction.

However, the laughter stopped abruptly halfway through and turned into a shrill scream like someone had suddenly switched the tracks.

“You damn pervert! How dare you peep at the bottom of a girl’s skirt in such a wretched way!!”

Lilith stamped her foot on the face. Her entire body glowed with the luster of jade. In order to maintain the balance of magical power and battle qi in her body, she abandoned her meridians to put herself in White Jade Style state all the time. The terrifying force even shook the ground.

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The face seemed like he wanted to say something, but Lilith stamped her foot on his face again.

“You were blowing on purpose to get a clearer view right?! If I didn’t wear pants today, you would have succeeded!”
“On top of that, you’re hideous!”
“You’re hideous!”
“You’re hid-…”

The face under her feet screamed shrilly and finally spoke. “I know I’m hideous! Do you have to keep repeating that?!”

Lilith folded her arms. “Don’t you know that important things should be repeated three times?”


“Looks like I have to teach you arrogant foreigners some manners!”

The human face opened his mouth wide, with a frighteningly furious expression on his face.

Lilith sensed danger and quickly jumped away. A pale and skinny hand shot out of the huge mouth and grabbed Lilith’s leg.

“Gagaga. Little girl, you shall become my treat today. It’s been a long time since I had meat…”

The hand that latched on Lilith’s leg pulled hard in attempt to turn Lilith into a delectable treat in his mouth.


“Huh? Why won’t you budge?”

No matter how hard the face tugged, Lilith’s petite figure wouldn’t budge even an inch.

“You’re really rude. How could you insult a lady’s weight?”
“I didn’t say that. I was just wondering why you wouldn’t budge.”
“If you can’t do it with one hand then you can use both.”
“Good suggestion.”

Another hand shot out from the face’s mouth and grabbed Lilith’s leg.

It gave another hard tug.

“Huuhh? Why isn’t it working?”
“Not even with both hands?”

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Lilith looked surprised. “How strange. A lady like me never weighs more than fifty kilograms.”

“R-Really? How come I can’t pull even fifty kilograms?”
“Let me help you out.”
“That’d be great, you’re really a nice person.”
“It’s nothing like that.”

Lilith grabbed onto the hands with a kind smile.

“The world will only be filled with love when we all help each other.”

And then…


The face’s scream echoed through the sky.

Because Lilith pulled the two hands out.

“Oh my. Mr. Face, why are your arms so weak? Even a weak lady like me could f̲u̲c̲k̲ them up easily. Are you alright?”



Lilith looked at the pale arms she was holding, which turned out to be the tongues of a monster. They were twitching crazily like they had just been electrocuted.

“Well, that was unexpected.”

She fought off a wave of disgust and dropped them without any delay, then stomped on them like bugs.

The arms were trampled into a mass of disgusting flesh, as though they were boneless.

The parts that didn’t get trampled on were still twitching crazily like maggots.

The sight left two streams of bloody tears cascading down the huge face.

“Little Thing, I must kill you today!”
“Come forth, evil spirits!!”

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The face let out a frightening cry, summoning a few white phantoms.

They were dressed in white and their eyes occasionally peeked through their disheveled tresses.

They looked very similar to those female ghosts from Lilith’s previous life.

The evil spirits that the face summoned gradually drew closer to Lilith. Before they even reached her, Lilith could feel her scalp going numb.

“Do you think these things can stop me?”

Lilith looked at the evil spirits disdainfully, then swung her fist at one of them.

Although it was a half-hearted punch, it was no less than a full-force punch that Lilith could deliver under normal circumstances thanks to the strengthening effects of the White Jade Style. Her fist broke through the air, emitting an ear-piercing buzz.

Sadly, it did nothing.

Her fist connected with nothing but air. It directly passed through the evil spirit.

Lilith’s eyes widened in shock.

An illusion?

The evil spirit raised her arm and curled her fingers into claws that flew toward Lilith violently.

Lilith was still stunned, but an alarm went off in her heart. She quickly backstepped to evade the evil spirit’s assault.

However, the delay in response gave the evil spirit an opportunity to grasp her on the arm briefly.

A bruise immediately appeared on her arm. It would seem like not even the strengthening effects of White Jade Style could do much in this situation.

And not only that, she was freezing.

It was just a slight touch, but she felt as though every ounce of warmth in her body was sapped. Despite being usually resilient to cold, Lilith couldn’t stop herself from pulling her clothes tighter around her.


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She couldn’t touch these evil spirits, yet they could still harm her.


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