Special: A Day in Lesiah’s Life (1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2103 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1199 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The first light of the day flooded into the lavishly decorated room through the luxurious golden silk curtains and shone upon the large round bed in the heart of the room. Soft pink veil flowed from the ceiling to the ground. Even so, one could still make out a slender and lovely figure on the bed.

“Your royal highness, it’s time to get up.”

The bedroom door suddenly swung open. A strict-looking middle-aged woman came in, dressed in black and white maid dress. She stood up straight and clasped her hands in front of her.

This person was none other than the person-in-charge of the royal household and the head servants who managed thousands of servants in the palace. And of course, she was also taking care of Lesiah’s day-to-day needs.

The head servant approached the bed and proceeded to report the almost never changing daily assignments to the slender figure on the bed.

“Your royal highness, these are your plans today: Breakfast at 7:10 while finishing up the remaining tasks from yesterday. Tasks for the day should be handled from 7:30 onwards along with any unfinished tasks from breakfast. Parade around the city at 10 while finishing up any unfinished tasks. Lunch at 12 while finishing up any unfinished tasks. An audience with Duke Roger at 1.30 while finishing up any unfinished tasks from lunch…”

The head servant frowned at the lack of movement on the bed, then strode forward and parted the veil.

The person sleeping on the bed was sprawled across the bed. Her tender arms and one of her long legs were uncovered. The quilt on her was all bunched up into a ball along with her pajamas, leaving a large patch of her dazzling fair skin and even half of her supple breasts exposed to the air.

The unsightly scene didn’t frazzle the head servant at all. She remained a neutral face at the upsetting scene that could potentially damage the reputation of the royal family like she had long gotten used to seeing it.

She took out a spectrum stone and captured the lovely scene on the bed like she had done it too many times, then sent it to everyone in the palace along with a message.

“Attention: Her royal highness has escaped as usual and left an inflatable doll on her bed.”



“After her! Don’t let the princess escape!”

As the most dignified building in the empire that housed the royal family, the royal palace of Macedonian Empire naturally employed a large number of servants to upkeep the place. Not only that, one of the former kings left behind a tradition of employing only female servants and had all of them work in a maid costume.

These servants were known as the ‘Maids of White Stockings’.

It was at this very moment, all of these maids demonstrated their professionalism.

“Team A, form the third set of magical formations to intercept her royal highness!”
“Team C, make haste in setting up the trap, the princess will be driven over to your side soon.”
“Team B, do not lose your target or else your year-end bonuses are as good as gone!”

The head servant hurried down the endlessly long corridor swiftly with a group of maids who exuded unusually powerful auras despite being dressed in maid costumes.

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The head servant’s eyes were locked on the girl who was fleeing into the distance while she calmly issued orders through the spectrum stone in her hand.

Like the most seasoned, calm and cunning huntress, she knew the fastest and most effective way of driving her prey to desperation.

And as expected, Lesiah was indeed slowly driven to desperation by them.

The servants flanked her and closed in on her from both ends of the corridor.

A maid with sun-kissed skin, who was taller than an average man, slowly approached Lesiah as she took out a huge mace from under her skirt.

“Your royal highness, you have successfully skipped work for twenty-nine days this month. If we let you succeed again this time, we will really bring shame to the Maids of White Stockings.”
“Is that so?”

Lesiah was unfazed by the situation that was nothing more ordinary than an afternoon tea to her.

She glanced at the familiar faces of those who had surrounded her, then at the head servant who was rushing from the distance.

“I’m really sorry, but I must leave today no matter what.”

The princess flashed them a confident smile, then pulled out a pocket-sized magic scroll tucked inside her sleeve.


The maid with a mace in hand and closest to Lesiah widened her eyes at the menacing magic scroll that was already activated.

“IT’S AN EXPLOSIVE SCROLL!” she warned everyone else.

The other maids instantly got into a defensive stance upon hearing the warning and quickly put up all kinds of battle qi or magical barriers before they crouched down and braced their heads.

Their speed of reaction was swift and skillful, like they had been to the drill and experienced the situation countless times.

“You all fell for it!” The princess made a face at them.

The activated pocket-sized magic scroll did explode, but not with the force that the maid with mace had anticipated. A large amount of white smoke instantly filled the entire space instead, obstructing everyone’s view.

Due to Lesiah’s identity, no one dared to move recklessly without knowing her specific location.

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“There’s no way a pocket-sized magic scroll like this could hold really powerful magic. Rather than stopping me, you all should go back and study the basics!”

Lesiah chuckled before her footsteps faded into the distance among the white smoke.


The white smoke was cut open by fast-moving blades and it shocked Lesiah. As a rank ninth warrior, she didn’t even have any room for reaction. However, the target of these special daggers wasn’t her. They merely grazed her hair before their tips were buried into the other end of the corridor a hundred meters away.

The hilts of the daggers were still glowing red and showing subtle signs of melting from the heat generated by the high-speed friction with air.

Fortunately, there was no battle qi instilled into the daggers. Otherwise, half of Lesiah’s head would have been blown the moment they ‘grazed’ her hair.

Her silver-white strands fluttered down to the ground in front of her eyes. She gulped and turned around, only to meet the gaze of the expressionless head servant.

“Ahaha, good morning, Miss Sheila. You suddenly look ten years younger compared to last night.”
“I think I would look much younger if your royal highness could stop skipping work every day.”
“I told you I’m not skipping work. I’m trying to find a work-life balance in pursuit of ultimate efficiency in work. In my opinion, this method will also suit all of you very well, especially every morning. Hence, I shall allow all of you to rest until noon before clocking in to work.”
“And of course, your wages remain unchanged,” she added on to the end of her sentence.


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