Chapter 4-66: Oolong Tea

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2178 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1426 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Oolong tea?”

Given Lilith’s noble background in her previous life, she naturally… had tasted things like oolong tea.

If her memories serve, oolong tea was also known for being a weight loss tea. Since Titan 12138 mistook her for their king, then this transmigrator from a thousand years ago was probably a female too. Hence, it was no surprise for her to take care of her body figure.


“This tea has been buried for a thousand year now, is it still good?”
“I have no idea either. Why don’t you open it up, my king?”
“Are you sure? This was something she left for you all.”
“Haha. Do you have any idea what you just said, my king? This is something you left behind, of course you have the right to open it.”

Lilith shook her head. Who was the one who didn’t have any idea what they were saying here?

But since Titan 12138 insisted, it should be fine for her to open it. In any case, she was also very curious about the oolong tea that had been buried here a thousand years ago.

Without any hesitation, Lilith peeled the seal off. As soon as she did, an intoxicating fragrance wafted into her nose. Soon enough, the other titans started gathering around here.

Titan 12138 took a deep whiff and reveled in the scent. “As expected of the goods that my king left behind. Just a whiff and I feel ten years younger.”

Lilith stood on tiptoe. She looked at the clear liquid in the jar and blinked in confusion.

Was this how oolong tea looked like?

Even so, she very quickly cast her doubt aside and turned to the old titan. “Do you have a scoop and bowls?”

“Yes, of course.”
“This oolong tea still looks fine. Why don’t we divide it amongst ourselves?” Lilith smiled.
“But…” Titan 12138 hesitated a little. “This is yours, my king. Why are you sharing it with us?”
“No buts. I’m the king. If I want to share, all of you shall take it. Bring me the scoop and bowls quickly.”
“Right away.”

Soon enough, the titans came over with their own bowl and Titan 12138 handed Lilith a wooden scoop.

“Come, come. Bring your bowls over. Since you guys can’t reach, I’ll scoop for you.”

It was now Lilith could finally enjoy flaunting her privilege of being taller than everyone else.

It didn’t take long for her to fill everyone’s bowl. “Go ahead and taste it. How is it?”

Titan 12138 took the lead to empty her bowl. Her wrinkled face flushed as soon as the oolong tea filled her tummy. “TASTY!” She exclaimed with a hiccup.

The other titans followed her example and emptied their bowls in one go. All of them also looked drunk like the old titan after that.

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Lilith looked at the titans, then at the remaining oolong tea at the bottom of the jar. There was still about a-fifth of it left. She licked her lips, “Since I’m bigger in size, I guess I can drink all that is left over.”

“Hic… Of course you can… Hic… You’re the king.”

Since Lilith had her full attention on the remaining oolong tea, she failed to notice the unusual behavior of the other titans. She tipped the jar and started chugging it down like a whale.


In the king’s “royal bedchamber”, there was a massive bed placed right in the middle of it. It occupied about half of the room and could easily accommodate up to seven or eight people. The bed seemed to be made of various wood found around the village. Even in the darkness, it was emitting a beautiful pink glow.

According to the titans, this was the ‘royal bed’ that they had specially crafted for their king.

At this moment, Princess Lesiah and her other companions were all tied to the bedposts.

The ropes seemed like normal hemp ropes, but there was some substance smeared on them. A numbing sensation spread from their limbs to every part of their body, rendering them unable to circulate battle qi and magical power.

Fortunately, they could still move normally.

“C… Come closer…”

Lesiah stretched her long leg out, trying her best to reach the dagger that was hanging at the waist of her companion who was on the other side. No matter how hard they tried to draw closer to each other, there was still a considerably huge gap between them thanks to the massive size of the royal bed.

“Come close just a bit more!”
“Your Highness… This is as far as I can reach…”

The male knight who had the habit of carrying a dagger on him looked like he was about to cry.

It wasn’t because he nearly broke his wrists while forcibly twisting his body to get closer to the princess, but because he also had to turn his head away so that he couldn’t see the princess in her embarrassing state.

Just for the sake of passing his dagger, he had to twist himself into a pretzel. It was difficult.

Not only that, he would be greeted by the princess’ murderous gaze if he slipped up.

But of course, Lesiah wasn’t naked right now. No matter how evil Lilith was, there was no way she would tie a young girl up here without a care in the world.

In fact, she was considerate enough to dress Lesiah up in a one-piece swimsuit which was not just a size too small for her.

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It went without saying that this was one of the outfits that the Queen of Dragons had meticulously picked out for Lilith. On Lesiah’s slender body and two certain ample parts of her body, the swimsuit which was tailor-made for Lilith was…

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And of course, Lesiah was aware of that. When she stretched her leg out to reach for the dagger on her companion’s waist, she couldn’t stop her face from flushing red.

But then again, she had just recently survived a lifetime’s worth of shame. This was nothing compared to that.

Their top priority now was to escape from here, no matter what.

Luckily, her efforts were not in vain. Just when the knight was about to pass out, Lesiah finally managed to reach for his dagger.

She wedged the dagger between her toes and nimbly pulled it out. Then with her flexible body, she sent the dagger under the bed with her feet.

“Coleman, catch!”

Under the bed, there was actually one more person whose limbs were all tied up because Lilith ran out of bedposts to use. Coleman successfully caught the dagger with his mouth, then wriggled his way toward Lesiah like a caterpillar.

Coleman moved his head sideways with much difficulty in a slow attempt to cut the hemp rope that bound Lesiah’s wrists with the dagger in his mouth.

It was extremely difficult for him to use his strength in his current position. Although it was only a piece of normal hemp rope, he was barely making progress.

Lesiah frowned when she heard what sounded like digging noises.

She tried listening closely and her countenance instantly contorted. “Hurry up, Coleman! They seem to be digging a pit to bury us all! They even said to make the pit bigger!”


Coleman moved even harder. As a mage, he was physically weaker. On top of that, he even sustained some internal injuries when Lilith threw a hill at him. Despite the pressing situation, the progress was agonizingly slow.

No one knew how long had passed, but the hemp rope was finally about to break.

Hot tears welled up in Coleman’s eyes, as his neck was about to break like the rope too.

But hope was just right in front of his eyes.

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Lesiah’s face lit up with an impish glee when she felt the rope loosening.

That damn Golden Demon Htilil. I only fell into your hands because I was too careless and for that, I suffered such a great humiliation. I won’t forget this. Just wait till I go back and bring three peak saint-level experts to battle with you! I’ll definitely make you pay for everything! Wahahaha!!!

“You better not run away by then…”
“Who better not run away?”

Lesiah stiffened as soon as her lips curled upward.

She lifted her head with much difficulty, only to find her archenemy, Golden Demon Htilil, standing in front of her.


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