Chapter 4:67 – Aftermath of Getting Drunk

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2524 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1459 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“W-Where… did you come from?”
“Where? The entrance… of course.”

Lilith pointed to the royal bedchamber’s entrance that was wide open. Since the titans weren’t technologically advanced, the so-called ‘entrance’ was just a hanging piece of leather from an unknown beast. Hence, no one knew when the leather fell off since everyone was so focused on escaping.

“When I came in isn’t important… at all. But what you were saying about someone better not run away is…”
“I didn’t say anything. You must be imagining it.”

Lilith suddenly came closer, then slapped the side of the bed fiercely and stared into Lesiah’s eyes. “You were talking about me right? I heard all of it.”

The princess felt a squeeze in her heart.

She heard all of it? Will she…

However, Lilith suddenly patted her on the shoulder. “I didn’t expect you to be this… passionate. This is our first meeting… and you want me to stay the night.”


It was only now Lesiah noticed that the Golden Demon Htilil seemed to be acting a little different than usual.

Her eyes were glassy, she was unsteady on her feet and she had a foolish grin on her face.

Although her body was still glowing with that strange luster of jade, it still failed to cover the red tint on her cheeks.

And most importantly…

She carried a strange scent on her body. As someone who frequently attended banquets, Princess Lesiah’s keen senses allowed her to immediately identify the scent.


Lesiah’s eyes widened.

She’s… drunk?

Would someone with a powerful demonic beast-like physical body, no, more like… Would a peak saint-level being get drunk this easily?

“Hahaha! This oolong tea… that had been buried for a thousand years… was so damn good…”

She’s definitely drunk! And also, why is it suddenly so quiet when there’s supposedly a bonfire party going on outside? Could it be…

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Lesiah’s eyes instantly lit up. If those indigenous people were drunk too, this would be the best opportunity for them to escape!

*But… *

She turned her gaze to Lilith, who was grinning and staring at her.

We have to take care of this one first.

A confident smile crept across Lesiah’s face. She never had any problem sneaking away from home under the noses of a fifty-year-old knight commander and her three-year-old sister. How challenging could sneaking away from a drunk beast be?

It would be as easy as pie.

“My beautiful Lady Htilil, it’s getting late. Isn’t it time for bed?”
“You’re right, it’s bedtime.”

Lilith lifted her head and nodded at the ceiling above her head. “The moon has set, it is indeed bedtime.”

Lesiah was overjoyed at Lilith’s response. As expected, it was easy to trick people who were drunk. All it took was just a word with them.

However, her happiness only lasted briefly because Lilith suddenly pulled her and pinned her on the royal bed.

Lilith easily broke the tough hemp rope that Coleman tried so hard to cut earlier, like it was just a piece of straw.

She locked her burning gaze on Lesiah. “Why don’t we… sleep together?”


She traced her finger along the princess’ soft skin that was not covered by the tight one-piece swimsuit, from her collarbone and then all the way down. The touch of her fingertip left goosebumps on Lesiah’s skin…

Just when Lilith was about to reach a certain sensitive part, Lesiah grabbed her hand and yelled at her. “I know you’ve been dying to do all these nasty things to me! But let me tell you this: I will never yield to you!”

She tried to push Lilith away, but the latter didn’t budge even an inch.

It was evident that the gap between their strengths was too significant.

“You’ll never yield?”

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Lilith pressed her palm on the bed, the bedframe shook and made a loud creak.

Then there was what sounded like Coleman crying out in pain.

Lilith’s other hand moved past Lesiah’s twin peaks and found its resting place on the princess’ flat tummy before she started caressing it.


Her action drew out an extremely adorable and shy moan from the princess. All Lesiah could do was watch on helplessly as the Golden Demon did what she wanted with her body

“You said… you’ll never yield?”

The way Lilith looked at her made her aware of the danger she was in.

She gritted her teeth and braced herself for the impending storm ahead…

Yet Lilith stopped unexpectedly. “I guess… I was rushing it… too much.”

She gave up?

Lesiah could finally release the breath that she had been holding.

Her chest heaved as she took deep and relaxed breaths, causing it to appear even more conspicuous.

But Lilith pulled Lesiah up instead, then pushed her up against a corner and slapped her palm on the wall, hence executing what was known as a classic kabedon.

The princess had no room for resistance at all.

She couldn’t and didn’t dare to either.

The handprint left on the wall beside her shoulder was simply too frightening.

“Since that is the case… Why don’t we start over again from the beginning, my beautiful lady?”
“Hmm? Why do you only keep staring at me with your little eyes that are brimming with vigor but wouldn’t talk to me? Are you… feeling shy?”
“…Umm… Can you stop talking to my breasts? It’s kind of embarrassing.”

Lilith took a folding chair out of nowhere, stood on it and started all over again, pretending that everything never happened.

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“Submit to me, gorgeous… and I shall name you the queen.”

Just when Lesiah was about to retort, a thunderbolt struck the small space without any warning. Its unstoppable aura of destruction instantly drained the blood from the princess’ face.

With a wave of Lilith’s hand, her black flame appeared and devoured the thunderbolt.

“Don’t be afraid, gorgeous… I will never… let anything harm you.”

By the time Lilith finished saying that, her hands had found their way to Lesiah’s delicate body.

Watching the bolt of thunder that had once again appeared but devoured while feeling the offensive hands that she couldn’t pry off from her, Lesiah was about to have a mental breakdown. But still, she wanted to put up the final struggle.

“There’s… many others here…” she said tearfully.

“No problem.” Lilith turned her head and shouted at someone outside. “Titan 12138, take these extra wheels away!”

“Right away.”

Titan 12138 came in, swaying on her feet. There was still a lot of strength left in her seemingly old and frail body. With one hand dragging each person at a time, it took her only two trips to take out all the four big wheels under the princess’ gaze of despair.

Right before the old titan stepped out of the room, she didn’t forget to turn her head and flashed Lesiah a cryptic smile.


“How about now? Are you going to submit to me now?”

Thunder struck again but this time, it was devoured by the black flame before it even made a sound.

Fear grew in Lesiah’s heart along with despair. Even her tone softened involuntarily.

“B-But… Didn’t you say girls can’t do anything to girls?”
“Hmm… Did I?”

“Yes!” Lesiah nodded vigorously as she clutched onto her last straw of hope. “You did, you did!”


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Lilith scratched her head, then looked like she suddenly recalled something. “Right, I have an idea!”


Lilith lifted her hand. A ball of swaying black flame danced in her palm, like a jumping fairy.

“Other than the black crystal form that you all probably knew, my black flame has another form.”

“W-What… is it?” Lesiah suddenly had an extremely bad feeling.


The black flame turned into a pool of black liquid in Lilith’s palm and began flowing along her arm until it was covered entirely.

The liquid solidified and turned Lilith’s arm into a ferocious dragon claw.

“It seems to be able to alter my body structure at will. In fact, it can turn into anything that I’m familiar with. See…?”

Lilith stretched out her hand in front of Lesiah.

“I used to hang around with dragons a lot, so I can turn it into their body parts, complete with the functions.”

She waved the dragon claw in the air, then gently scratched the wall behind the princess. The simple action instantly left a few deep claw marks on it.

Lesiah stared at the ferocious claws dumbly for a long time then dully asked, “I don’t get it… What does that have to do with anything…?”

“You don’t get it?”

Lilith chuckled sinisterly. “Well, dragon’s body structure isn’t the only thing I’m familiar with.”


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