Chapter 4-65: Transmigrator

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2016 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1222 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus


Lesiah crouched on the ground and held her knees, trying her best to cover the most precious parts of her body yet failing miserably.

Her creamy fair skin was practically glowing under the dark night sky.

When the princess noticed that Lilith’s golden dragon eyes were fixed on her, tears instantly welled up in her eyes.

“I knew it… You’re planning to do all those shameful and nasty things to me all along!”

Being stripped naked by her enemy in the public was a great humiliation to Lesiah, the eldest princess of the Macedonian Empire.

Even so, she steeled herself to stand up and bare her delicate body before Lilith’s eyes. Despite suffering such a great humiliation, she shouted like a courageous and unyielding warrior, “I will never yield to you! Don’t go thinking that baring my naked body in front of you alone will destroy my dignity. This is nothing to me! I am the eldest princess of Macedonian Empire and I will never yield to a foul villain like you!”

“Your Royal Highness?”

It was at this moment, Lesiah’s three other companions suddenly appeared after splitting up earlier. They all had an anxious look on their face, as though they had just hurried all the way here after hearing the explosion just now.

When they saw Lesiah standing in front of Lilith, sticking out her chest and holding her head up high despite not wearing even a single article of clothing, all of them instantly froze in place like they had just seen something unbelievable.


None of them even noticed Golden Demon Htilil who was standing at the side.


Even Lesiah found this situation unbelievable too.

She stared blankly at her subordinates who suddenly appeared and for the first time, realizing how chilling her companions’ presences could be.

“How did things turn out this way… But do you think I’ll yield just because I’m outnumbered? I-I… am not this fragile…”

Lesiah’s body trembled violently and tried to cover her important bits with her hands. Even so, a large part of her was still exposed. She was flushed from the tip of her ears to her neck, like a ripe tomato.

It was obvious that she was just acting tough.

“I… won’t yield!”

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Just when all this was getting too much for Lilith…

“Our king! I finally found you! Are you alright?”

She turned her head around, only to find that the voice belonged to none other than Tian 12138.

Not only that, she wasn’t alone.

It was the entire tribe — more than a thousand titans and Coleman, who was the first to get caught among them.

A huge crowd had just gathered here.

Surrounding the butt naked Lesiah.

When people noticed the naked princess, almost everyone turned their curious gaze on her.

“I-I see now… Golden Demon Htilil… So you have planned this…?”

Lesiah’s lips trembled along with her voice, “H-How… dare you humiliate me this way… but I… I can… still…”

It was then Titan 12138 came forward. She threw a glance at Lesiah and frowned, “Where did this girl come from? How shameless of her to not wear anything in the broad daylight. You really tainted our king’s eyes.”


That was the last straw for Lesiah.

Despite swearing that she wouldn’t yield, the princess’ eyes rolled back and she fainted.


Lilith scratched her cheek awkwardly as she looked at the unconscious princess. “I haven’t even done anything yet…”



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At the titan’s settlement…

A huge bonfire was started in the heart of the village. The burning flame rose more than ten meters high. For the very first time, this little world was illuminated so brightly under the night sky.

In this lively atmosphere, the titans sang and danced around the bonfire to celebrate their victory over the day of darkness and the return of their king.

Even Titan 12138 rejoiced and sang a song on the stage.

“Allow me to sing our folksong that has been passed down since ancient times… You are my little little apple~”

“Wait a minute!”

Titan 12138 only sang the first line before Lilith interrupted her in shock. “This song… who taught you that?”

“You, our king, of course!”
“No, I didn’t…”

Lilith was slightly taken aback before she realized that Titan 12138 wasn’t referring to her, but their original king.

The king who helped the titans to survive the day of darkness a thousand years ago. They put their faith in her, but she abandoned them.

So it turned out that their king really existed. And most likely, she was also a transmigrator like herself. Lilith could hardly believe it.

By right, discovering someone from her previous world should be something to be celebrated. But according to the titans, this person had gone missing a thousand years ago.

Even so, Lilith had a feeling that this person was probably still alive. Based on how things usually were, transmigrators were powerful. It wouldn’t make sense if this person couldn’t last over a thousand years.

Therefore, this person must be living her pretentious life to the fullest in her harem somewhere in this world.

Erm… Just the thought of that made Lilith want to punch her in the face.

But oh well, she’d push this to the back of her mind for now since this person came from the same world as her. Yup… she definitely wasn’t worried about getting her a̲s̲s̲ whooped by this person just because she came to this world first a long time ago.

“Did she leave anything else behind?”
“Uhm… Did I leave anything else behind before I left last time?”
“Hmm… I think you left this memento for the tribe leader.”

Titan 12138 pointed to the spotless white silk cloth on her body.

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“Isn’t she too stingy? How could she leave just a lousy piece of cloth to her minion? Stingy people like her should just die.”

As soon as Lilith finished speaking, she felt the strange gaze from other people around her.

Titan 12138 grabbed Lilith’s hands and looked at her tearfully. “My king, you can tell us what’s bothering you. We will be happy to share your burdens. There’s no need to vent your pressure by scolding yourself.”


Lilith had forgotten that the titans thought of her as the king from a thousand years ago.

The old titan scratched her head then suddenly spoke up, “I remember now. I think you left one more thing behind back then.”

Lilith’s eyes instantly lit up. “What is it?”

“Come with me, your majesty.”

Titan 12138 led Lilith to behind the ‘royal bed-chamber. She poked around one of the corners with a wooden stick for a long time before she suddenly pointed to a certain spot. “It’s here.”

She then beckoned forth a few younger and stronger titans who were at the bonfire.

“You guys, dig here and dig deeper. I remember that thing was buried quite deep here.”
“Right away.”

Through teamwork, the younger titans managed to very quickly uncover the said item thanks to their rank five power.

Lilith recovered the item from the pit and stared at the huge jar that was half her height. “What is this?”

Titan 12138 thought for a moment then continued with much uncertainty, “I think it’s called… Oolong tea?”


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