Chapter 4-64: Unexpected

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2765 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1667 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“What?” Lesiah responded like she had just received the biggest insult. “Nonsense! You have no idea how many times I’ve escaped death by relying on my talent! How dare you call it useless!”
“Well… weaker opponents won’t be able to run away from you anyway and stronger opponents can tire you out as I did. Tell me how useful your talent can be?”
“No need to even talk about opponents who are way stronger than you. Just think about it, a saint-level expert would just tear through space and catch you. Do you think your delicate body can withstand teleportation?”
“If you were a mage, then this is an amazing ability to keep a distance from your opponents so you can beat them with your long-ranged spells. But too bad you are a close-combat warrior, tsk tsk…”

Lesiah looked like she just received a huge blow.

“So, I’d advise you to just give up. I won’t do anything to you anyway. I just want to keep my identity a secret for now and keep a low profile.”
“Nonsense! I’m very sure that you’ll violate me when you have me in your captivity, then use this opportunity to crush my pride and dignity so that I will become your obedient slave, right?!”

Lilith’s cheek twitched. “Where did you get those ideas?”

“Hmph! It’s all in the books! Don’t think I don’t know what you villains are thinking! Just the fact that I’m a princess alone is enough to excite you, right?!”

Lilith narrowed her eyes in response and smiled wickedly, “…Seems like you really need to be disciplined.”


At the end of her sentence, Lilith charged toward Lesiah once again at full speed. Even so, the distance between them still remained the same — about a few dozen meters apart.

“You can still speak? Looks like this isn’t enough.”

Lilith further increased her speed. The distance both of them covered was as good as running more than a dozen marathons. However, Lilith failed to notice that a mysterious force was actually making her run in circles on the same spot.

It was at this moment, Lesiah suddenly turned her head around. Her lips curled into a wicked smile.

“You fell for it, Golden Demon Htilil.”

Lilith was slightly taken aback as she suddenly realized that the air around her seemed to have thickened. This sudden huge resistance was also slowing her down.

She was certain that she had been breathing in air, but her lungs were burning like she was choking on water.

No, this feeling surpassed the level of choking on water… She felt as though thick cement was being forcibly poured into her lungs. If it wasn’t for her powerful body, she’d be suffocating by now and the intense pain would have knocked her out cold.

This is… A magic spell that turns air into liquid?

Lilith quickly expelled the ‘air’ in her lungs and held her breath, but the lack of air left her feeling dizzy very soon.

The body of a dragon might be powerful, but it still belonged to the category of a living being. They could hold their breath for a long time, thanks to the massive capacity of their lungs and ability to breathe through the skin.

Since Lilith was forced to exhale all the air in her lungs, the size of her lung capacity no longer mattered. And the ability to breathe through skin was a special ability that would only be available when they transformed into a dragon due to their colossal size.

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Therefore, Lilith was currently in an extremely dangerous situation.

Every living creature would lose its strength when its body lacked oxygen. On top of that, Lilith was already floating in midair due to the sudden increase in buoyancy. Without a point to apply force, she couldn’t use her strength even if she had any left in her.

Hence, she could only flail her limbs uselessly like a duck.

There was no longer any trace of panic left on Lesiah’s face. Instead, she smiled confidently as she always did. “Seems like even a peak saint-level monster would become a harmless kitten when she couldn’t breathe. How is it, Golden Demon Htilil? Do you like the trap that I’ve set for you?”

Lilith moved her gaze down and noticed an unfolded magic scroll that was faintly glowing light blue.

A trap? She definitely didn’t have any time to set a trap when she was being chased by me. In other words… This self-proclaimed princess had anticipated this situation from the very beginning?

“Hmph, I already have a hunch that something had happened to Coleman since he didn’t immediately respond to me. That’s why I set a trap here and lured you here. Hoho, you’re still too naive, Golden Demon Htilil. I hope you didn’t think I’m actually that pathetic little princess. I admit that you’re indeed a terrifying enemy, but I can still easily defeat you with my intelligence.”

Lesiah’s silver front hair clung to her forehead messily due to sweat. That strenuous exercise that far exceeded her physical capability from earlier had her rubbing her sore legs.

Lilith watched her with a cryptic look on her face.

“Hoho, what a frightening look on your face. Do you think the eldest princess of the Macedonian Empire would be intimidated by a powerless beast? You’re too naive.”

Lilith suddenly grinned.

The princess was taken aback and discreetly took a few steps back. “Oh well, I guess my peak rank nine magic [ Air Prison ] won’t be able to keep you down for long. My top priority now is to send out information about you. Yup, that’s right. I’m doing a strategic retreat for the future of mankind, not because I’m scared.”

Despite announcing that so righteously, Lesiah turned around and fled without wasting even a second.

Lilith moved her thoughts slightly. The black flame bloomed like a fire flower and swayed in the air.

In the next second, it completely devoured the spell effects around Lilith.

Lilith gasped for the sweet and pure air, then turned her gaze to Lesiah who had just escaped.

Think you can run away from me?

She had only taken a few steps when the soles of her feet suddenly sank.

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A powerful explosion came from the soles of her feet. It threw her balance off and blew her away instantly.

Landmine? That princess actually predicted this? Quite impressive. But it’s useless.

This extent couldn’t even break her defense.

Lilith did a midair flip and flew toward Lesiah unscathed.

The distance between them gradually reduced. It would seem like Lesiah had deactivated her [ Absolute Distance ] ability to improve her chance in escaping, but this also gave Lilith a chance to catch up to her.

But she felt a sudden pain around her neck.

Lilith lowered her gaze and it was only then she noticed a transparent metal string that was barely visible to the naked eye.

The string was so sharp that it left a bloody cut on her neck, despite having White Jade Style activated.

Lilith’s gaze slightly darkened as it took her only one look to identify the owner of the string. The Divine Strings, a counterfeit artifact that was known to be able to split space. If it wasn’t for the strengthening effects of White Jade Style, she would be headless by now.

It was hard to say if that would kill her, but Lesiah would definitely be able to seize this opportunity to successfully escape.

Lilith squinted at the princess who was running away faster than a rabbit.

“I, Lilith, would admit that you are indeed the best at escaping.”

But still…It’s useless.

Lilith raised her arm.

The black flame transformed into a giant black palm and flew in Lesiah’s direction.

It reached Lesiah in almost an instant, as though it devoured the distance between them.

The princess gritted her teeth at the sight of the black giant palm. With a wave of her hand, a few dozen precious scrolls, tools, weapons and pills were thrown toward the black giant palm in hopes that it could buy her even a little time.

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However, they were all useless.

Her precious collection barely did anything to deter the black flame, which she virtually had no knowledge of. She could only watch as the black giant palm loomed over her in terror.

Lilith held her breath until the black flame transformed into a spherical cage.

It had only been less than ten minutes since the old man named Coleman was captured and Lilith found this girl who proclaimed herself as a princess. Yet, this girl was able to react so quickly and set the best trap for Lilith based on all the information she gathered.

Not only that, but she was also able to set up even more traps during the short period of time when Lilith struggled with her Air Prison.

Lilith must admit, she was indeed extremely impressive.

If it weren’t for White Jade Style and the black flame, Lilith would probably die here.

Thinking of that, Lilith suddenly recalled a problem.

Although she could use this unknown black flame by nature for some reason, she still didn’t know how to control it well.

The black flame’s ability was to devour and the speed was completely controllable. However, could this ability be activated and deactivated or…

It was actually a passive ability that would only devour when it touched an object?

It would be good if it was an active ability. If it was a passive…


Lesiah’s extremely miserable scream suddenly rang out from the black flame cage.

Lilith felt a squeeze in her heart. Did it…

She hurriedly dispelled the black flame.

While she was expecting the terrifying sight of Lesiah’s bloody and mangled corpse that was partly devoured by the black flame…

It was instead…

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A butt-naked Lesiah whose clothes were all devoured by the black flame.


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