Chapter 4-63: Innate Ability

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2172 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1222 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Beep, beep, beep.

Lesiah breathed a sigh of relief when the spectrum stone in her hands finally received a message, then quickly opened the spectrum stone.

“I’m here. Where are you?”
“I’m behind the boulder at the highest point where we were earlier.”

After Lesiah sent her response, she suddenly noticed something wasn’t right.

Why didn’t Coleman use honorifics in his text…?

Could it be… Damn!

Lesiah finally realized what was happening, but it was too late.

“Found~ You~!”

A devilish laughter rang out behind her. Lesiah instantly reacted by rolling forward. She couldn’t even afford to care about her image as a princess.


The boulder that Lesiah hid behind was shattered into pieces by an unimaginable force. As the dust lifted, Lilith’s petite figure that glowed with the luster of a white jade was revealed. Her face was still covered by the demon mask.

This scene further confirmed Lesiah’s previous conjecture.

Although Golden Demon Htilil’s cultivation realm was reduced, she remained untouchable by rank ninth experts like themselves, thanks to her powerful physical body!

“Where is Coleman?”

Lesiah squeezed the question through her teeth that were chattering from fear. Her bangs were soaked wet by the cold sweat on her forehead.

“Don’t worry, someone is taking care of him.”

According to her intel, didn’t Htilil entered the ruins alone?

Lesiah suddenly remembered about the short indigenous people around Htilil before…

So that was what happened. As expected, Golden Demon Htilil was well prepared to have won over the indigenous people so quickly. The treasures in this ruin were probably already hers.

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Lesiah turned her head and ran away. After learning that Coleman’s life wasn’t in danger, she no longer had any reason to stay and fight. Her top priority now was to deliver the secret regarding Htilil’s non-human identity back to everyone and summon all the leaders from various nations for another conference.

This time, they must gather two… no, at least three peak saint-level experts to kill the Golden Demon. The traps that Professor Marlin set up probably wouldn’t be enough to stop Golden Demon Htilil when she was in her tip-top condition!

Although Lesiah didn’t know what the Golden Demon was after in the ruins, she definitely wouldn’t allow her to successfully get out of here with it!

Fortunately, with her innate ability, she still had the hope to escape from here alive!

This time, Lesiah didn’t rely on any speed-boosting objects she carried on her. Instead, she sped into the distance by relying only on her long legs and her rank nine cultivation.

Lilith frowned in confusion.

Was she… looking down on her?

Even so, Lilith still gave chase. She already had enough fun. Since she had no plans of having her identity exposed, none of these people were going to leave this place.

However, Lilith was dumbfounded a few minutes later.

The distance between her and Lesiah remained the same no matter how fast she sped up, even though no mere human should be able to match up to her current physical abilities.

In terms of strength or speed, Lilith should be far superior to this human woman.

But why… Why couldn’t she catch up to her? Why weren’t these dozens of meters between them decreasing? Was she really looking down on her?

In Lilith’s anger, she leaped up into the air and landed so violently that the ground within a radius of nearly a hundred meters shattered under her feet. It was almost as though she had teleported over a thousand meters in an instant.

At the same time, Lesiah yelped in surprise, “WAIT! WAIT! TAKE IT EASY!!!”

Her figure also moved a thousand meters ahead within an instant, though her movements were extremely awkward like she was being forcefully shoved away.

Lilith stopped abruptly when she saw that.

Lesiah also stopped abruptly like she was being forcibly halted by some kind of force.

However, her body obviously couldn’t stand such ‘abrupt changes’. She rubbed her sore back and wailed, “My poor baaack…”

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Lilith rubbed her smooth chin in deep thought as she stared at Lesiah who could hardly straighten up her back. “Could you be…”

She suddenly put on a smile and started doing warm-up exercises on the spot.

Lesiah paled and her lips trembled. “W-What… are you trying to do?”

“Hmm, these old bones of mine haven’t been put to good use for a long time. Even my joints are getting rusty.”
“Nonsense! You were running for so long just now!”
“But I didn’t go all-out. When it comes to sports, it’s only fun when you go all-out.”
“That wasn’t… an all-out?”

The lights in Lesiah’s eyes slowly faded, as though she just heard something that she couldn’t accept.

“You foul demon! Don’t go thinking that this is enough to make me yield!”
“Is that so?”

Lilith licked her lips as she crouched like a sprinter before the start of a race. “Then you have to pray that you won’t be caught. Otherwise, I’ll definitely do something to you, hehehe…”

After saying that, Lilith launched herself like a flying arrow.

The gap between them still remained. Even if Lesiah’s fragile body was enhanced by peak ninth realm’s battle qi, she was still unable to endure Lilith’s full speed.

“Haha, what’s this ability of yours? Magic spell? Martial skill? How interesting! Are you going to keep running as long as I don’t stop?”
“I-It’s… not… magic… or battle qi… Not those… low… low…”

Seeing that Lesiah was struggling to speak, Lilith finally stopped.

She waited for Lesiah to catch her breath on the ground, then continued asking curiously, “If not magic or martial skill, then what is it?”

The princess threw a glance at Lilith. Although she had no desire to reply the foul demon, she had to buy time for herself.

“This is my innate ability, ‘Absolute Distance’.”

“Innate ability?” Lilith’s eyes widened in surprise. “What’s that? It sounds really cool.”

“Hmph. These are special powers that only nobles like myself will awaken to. Boorish beasts like you will never have innate ability. In fact, the chances of human awakening to this kind of power is less than one in ten million. In addition to chances of being discovered by others, you can find maybe only one among a hundred million people who has an innate ability.”

“Only one among a hundred million… Hmm… sounds really impressive.”

“Of course! Every innate ability is extremely rare, so they are as unique as those unique spells developed by Great Magisters. Not only that, there are no harsh requirements. You only need a little bit of luck. It could be said that it’s something that every warrior and mage dreams to possess.”

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Lilith couldn’t help but stroke her chin after listening to Lesiah. “That means with that ‘Absolute Distance’ of yours, the distance between us will maintain the same no matter how fast I run?”

“Hehe, that’s right. Are you scared now? Anyone I deemed as an enemy will never be able to cross this boundary. That’s why you will never be able to catch up to me today. Give up!”

“But…” Lilith tilted her head to the side. “Your ability may sound very impressive, but it’s actually completely useless.”


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