Chapter 4-48: Unstoppable Sword

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2576 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1636 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Lilith secretly watched the crowd through her mask’s eye holes.

The dumbfounded expression on everyone’s faces, including the vice dean, brought her immense satisfaction.

Hm, not bad. They’re all stunned by my grand debut.

Lilith put away the swaying black flame in her hand, then swept the tablecloth she wore behind her.

“Hmph, ignorant fools! You choose to fight rather than playing nice when you have the chance. Are you scared, now that you have witnessed how powerful I am?”

Everyone stood rooted to their spot. Lilith even noticed the cold sweat gradually appearing on their foreheads through her super vision.

Haha, I indeed made a shocking appearance! Even the experienced teachers in this academy are frightened!

“Oh well. As a magnanimous person like myself, I was only trying to teach you guys a lesson and punish you a little. As long as you bow your head and call me Daddy, I’ll forgive all of you!”

Lilith stuck her chest out and turned her chin up, arrogantly showing that she was a man with a big heart who wouldn’t hold grudges on worms like them.

However, she was panicking on the inside right at this very moment.

Although the black flame she borrowed from the other ‘Lilith’ in her body was indeed extremely powerful, Lilith had totally zero confidence in whether it could stop such a large and powerful crowd.

Hence, she could only intimidate them first before looking for an opening to escape.

However, the opposing party didn’t respond for a long time. Instead, dozens of gazes roamed over Lilith as though they were trying to confirm something.

Lilith felt chilly. She was the one trying to intimidate, why did she feel like she was the one being intimidated instead?

“So… So what now? Or you guys want to call me Uncle?”
“How about Big Brother? Big Brother will do! Just call me Big Brother and I promise, I’ll forget about the whole thing!”

The vice-dean stared at Lilith for a long time before his eyes suddenly widened. The expression on his face changed greatly as he cried, “Golden Demon, Htilil!”

At the same time, other people seemed to have also confirmed something. They exchanged glances with each other discreetly, then silently switched positions and got into some sort of formation to surround Lilith.

It was Lilith’s turn to be dumbfounded.

What? Demon? Since when did I become a demon? And what’s with that name? Htilil sounds lame.

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“How can you insult people like that, old fart! You and your family are the demons!”
“You still want to deny that? You foul villain!”

The vice-dean pulled out a wanted poster with Lilith’s face on it.

No. It should be Htilil, who was wearing the same mask.

The bounty offered was an unprecedented figure of… one billion gold coins.

Exactly the same amount that Lilith had just offered. It was hard to believe that such an amount of money was offered for just a wanted person.

Lilith was also slightly taken aback when she saw the wanted poster. Then something instantly clicked in her mind.

Damn! The Pope! That scheming old b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!

Although Lilith knew that he wasn’t happy that she had abducted Thea, she didn’t expect that a dignified Pope like him would give her a low blow by offering a bounty of one billion gold coins to capture her. He must be thinking that since no one would be able to capture her and there was no need for him to prepare the money, he could offer a bounty as high as he could think of!

Not only that, he even gave her such a lame name! Golden Demon Htilil!

S̲h̲i̲t̲! That damn old b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! What kind of a man would deal a low blow like this?! If he has balls, he could challenge me directly. I promise I won’t use anything other than demigod level scrolls!

Lilith gnashed her teeth in anger and cursed inwardly.

“I didn’t expect that the Golden Demon Htilil, ranked top in the Slaughter List with a bounty of one billion gold coins, would sneak into our St. Caroline Academy to transcend her Heavenly Tribulation and blew up our sacred lake in the process.”

The vice dean’s expression was far grimmer than just now. “To think that a heinous villain like you would be able to step foot into peak saint realm, the Heavenly Dao is truly unfair.”

“What now? Would you believe me if I told you that the whole thing about me being wanted is just a misunderstanding?”
“Do you think I’ll believe it?”

Well, logically not, but…

“But I want to say that although I’m wanted, I’m a good person. I’ve never done anything bad!”

After hearing that, the vice dean stared at Lilith for a long time before letting out a sigh.

“I’ve never met someone so shameless before.”
“Destroying the Luminous Theocracy’s only goddess statue and blowing up their most lively street in Aeria. There’s even a rumor that you’ve abducted their saintess and you still dare to say that you’re a good person?!”

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“…” Lilith couldn’t refute that…

“Hmph. If you still want to deceive us at this point, then you’ve proven yourself to be extremely evil. For world peace, we can’t let you go no matter what you say today!”
“… Let’s not. We don’t know each other that well. I don’t feel comfortable being treated to dinner on our first meeting.”

The vice-dean pulled out a meter-long sword. He waved it lightly and space was instantly split open. It was evident that the blade was sharp.

“Isn’t it a bit wasteful for us to use such a good sword to chop veggies for dinner? I have a lousy kitchen knife with me here. Why don’t you use it instead?”

Lilith took out the ‘lousy kitchen knife’ that was studded with gold and diamonds and tremblingly passed it to the vice dean.

Yet the vice dean responded to Lilith’s gesture by pointing the tip of his one-meter long sword at her mercilessly.

“Are you making fun of me?”

“Am I? Of course not, I’m not! Don’t talk nonsense. We’re all civilized people here. It’s not good to resort to violence. Besides, we’re in school now. Let’s not set bad examples to the kids here,” Lilith said jokingly.

“I’m resorting to my sword.”

The vice-dean stopped speaking. The sharp blade in his hand flashed and exploded with sword energy that scraped the sky.

“S̲h̲i̲t̲! Don’t force me, old geezer!”

The black flame flickered then suddenly morphed into a black crystal wall that surrounded Lilith.

The sword that was bursting with energy that could split the ground couldn’t even leave a mark on the black crystal.

“Hahaha! Is that all you’ve got, old geezer? You can’t even harm a hair on my head!”

Lilith slapped her own butt and mocked the vice dean. “What were you thinking, fighting at your age? Go home and take care of your grandkids!”

The vice-dean remained unprovoked as if he had expected that. “Do it!” he commanded.

Professor Marlin, who was ready to sprint into action ever since Lilith revealed herself as the Golden Demon, then yelled, “COME!”

Countless mysterious runes circled him and expanded outward, quickly forming a large array that enveloped everyone.

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“Everyone, channel your magic power or battle qi into the large array!”

The vice-dean stood right in the middle of the array, silently feeling the massive amount of battle qi and magic power from his colleagues pouring into him. However, the black and white crystals in his body were starting to show signs of cracking from the immense amount of power.

“If it’s going to break, then so be it! Losing my decades of cultivation means nothing if I could slay the cruelest villain on the main continent with my own hands!”
“Hey, hey, hey! No need for that! I’m not a villain! Don’t waste your decades of cultivation!”
“Hoho, which villain would ever admit that they are a villain?”

The vice-dean raised his sword again, his aura had long surpassed the peak of saint realm. Yet the divine realm was a seemingly unattainable realm that couldn’t be reached by just purely relying on strength.

Therefore, he wasn’t in the demigod realm. Even so, it was more than enough to cut down his enemy!


The vice-dean swung his long sword, sending a burst of sword energy up the sky before bringing it down with determination!

It was as if everything in the path of his sword was nothing.

Who could possibly stop this? No one! It’s unstoppable!




And so…


A crisp sound was heard. Under everyone’s hopeful gazes… Under Lilith’s desperate gaze… It broke… The vice dean’s sword… broke. And the black crystal remained unscathed. Everyone fell silent.

Lilith blinked and took out her diamond-studded kitchen knife once again.

With a serious face, she said, “This valuable knife is extremely durable. It’s made of 24k pure gold and encrusted with 138 real diamonds. Beautifully shaped with a sharp blade, yet easy to hold and safe to use. It’s a must-have item for slaying enemies and chopping up veggies. Old man, you’ve got a strong body and look like a promising candidate to cultivate the kitchen knife techniques. How about I sell it cheaply to you? If you buy it now, it’ll come with a three-year warranty and seven-year free maintenance. Definitely a great investment.”


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Lilith stuck a hand out from the black crystal and rested it on the vice dean’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. “Don’t worry. Once you buy my knife and perfect your skill, you’ll definitely have a one in a thousand chance of leaving a scratch on this thing. Please don’t let this discourage you!”


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