Chapter4-49: Ancient Ruins

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2354 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1430 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Please don’t let it discourage you!”

Lilith patted the vice dean’s shoulder lightly, speaking gently like she was some benevolent life coach.

“It’s nothing shameful being a little weak in your old age. Here, lift your head up. Even if you don’t buy my knife, you could at least go home and take care of your grandkids.”

The vice-dean lifted his head stiffly. He looked at Lilith, then at her hand that was on his shoulder.

He gingerly lifted his hand and grabbed her arm.

“Got you…”

The vice dean’s face turned sinister as he yelled, “I GOT YOU!”

After saying that, his hand gripped onto Lilith’s like a vice. He freed his other hand of the broken sword and quickly gripped her elbow. Lilith’s entire arm was locked by the vice dean. Half of her body was pulled out of the black crystal and she couldn’t move.


I messed up… I didn’t expect this old fart to pull something like this. Damn, I’m still suffering from the sequelae that Elder White gave me a few days ago. I’ve got no strength to shake him off!


Upon hearing that, some of those martial practitioners came forward and prepared themselves for close-quarter combat but the vice dean yelled at them.

“Don’t worry about me! Just use spells or long-ranged skills! Any ultimate skills you have that can kill this demon!”
“No buts! If this old man can bring peace to the world, it’s worth it!”

The others exchanged hesitant looks with each other. There was conflict in their eyes.

“Stop thinking! This demon is strong, I won’t be able to hold her any longer!”

“Daaaaamnn… Do you have to sacrifice yourself like that? We can always shake hands, make peace with each other and go our separate ways.”
“Absolutely not! A wanted criminal with a bounty of one billion… When I saw the wanted poster, I thought the Luminous Theocracy was just being dramatic. But now, I know that you’re definitely worthy of this figure!”

Blood slowly leaked out from the corner of the vice dean’s mouth. The crystals holding battle qi and magic in his body started to crack after he unleashed the attack that pushed him over his limit from earlier.

If this went on, the vice dean would not only cripple himself, he might even lose his life!

“Hey, hey, let’s not do this. Why do you have to make me a foul villain who’s going to be beaten to death in a lame story, while you are the sidekick whom the hero brought along as his glimmer of hope but ultimately had sacrifice yourself just because the hero triggered the ‘I’ll return to my hometown to marry my sweetheart after winning this battle’ flag before the war?”

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The vice dean’s grip on Lilith tightened and he smiled. “If I can defeat a villain like you with my life, it’s been worth living this life…”

The vice-dean turned his head sharply and shouted at the others, “What are you all standing there for? Do it!”


Soft cries gradually grew louder until they harmonized. Although most of the people in the field were tough, they couldn’t stop their tears at this moment.

Lilith was stunned.

H-H-H…How did things turn out this way? I only want to escape quickly. How did this turn into a cliché plot of a hero fighting against the demon king?

“Vice-dean, you’re a hero!”

Someone finally came forward. It was none other than Lilith’s senior martial brother, Elder White. Elder White didn’t immediately launch an attack. Instead, he threw a question at the masked Lilith.

“Golden Demon, let me ask you one last question: What happened to Lilith?”

Lilith was at a loss for words when suddenly asked about herself in front of everyone. Or more like, she didn’t even have the time to think about how to answer such a question.

“Is that so…? I understand.”
“Huuuh? What did you understand?”
“Lilith… My junior martial sister… She’s gone, right?” Elder White’s eyes turned red.


She didn’t even say anything and was now thought to be gone. Senior martial brother, there’s something wrong with your logic!

Elder White raised his head and tried to stop his tears from falling. “I didn’t expect that I’d have to go through the pain of losing two important people within the same day. My junior martial sister is gone and my old friend is unexpectedly going to leave me too. God, you are too cruel to me!”


Lilith wanted to take off her mask so badly right now and give Elder White a… no, a hundred hard slaps across his face!

Why does he keep saying that his junior martial sister is gone? Do I look like I’ll keel over and die so easily? This horrible old geezer!

While Elder White was lamenting about deaths, he pulled out a three-meter-long spear out of nowhere.

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With the spear in hand, he let out a low growl. His old and frail body suddenly swelled up like it was inflated, his skin turned jade-like and his grey hair slowly turned black.

In just a short moment, Elder White completely rejuvenated into a tough man in his forties. His muscles were brimming with explosive power.


Elder White threw his spear. It flew toward Lilith with a long streak of black tail behind it, so fast that the distance between it and Lilith vanished almost instantly.

The spear was thrown with Elder White’s pure physical strength. There wasn’t even any battle qi instilled in it. Its terrifying power was evident by the way it tore through the air.

Even so, the spear still stopped in the air, about less than half a meter away from Lilith.

All because the black crystal wall between it and Lilith was an insurmountable barrier.

“Actually I’ve been wanting to say this since just now…”

The black crystal moved with Lilith’s thoughts and instantly turned into a sphere, enveloping Lilith and the vice dean in it.

“Even if I can’t move, I can still control the black crystal. So what’s the point of restricting my movement?”
“Of course there’s a point. More like, I’ve been waiting for you to do that.”

Lilith suddenly realized something, but it was too late.

A scroll fell out of the vice dean’s large sleeve and it was flashing, obviously activated.

Lilith’s cheek twitched. She used scrolls a lot, so she didn’t expect that she would have one used on her one day.

The world was indeed unpredictable.


The magic was activated and the violent explosion in the narrow space instantly engulfed all lives within the black crystal sphere.


The crowd rushed forward though they knew it was impossible for the vice dean to survive the explosion. Even so, they still clung to that one glimmer of hope.

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Hoping that the vice dean would still be alive.

However it was at this moment, a powerful suction came from the heart of Dragon God Lake. The black crystal sphere that fell on the ground was forcibly sucked over.

“What’s that?” Someone exclaimed.

Unbeknownst to anyone, a huge golden door had appeared in the heart of the dried-up lake.

The door was opened slightly, and the powerful suction came from it.

Everything happened so fast that no one could react in time. They could only watch as the black crystal sphere got sucked by the door.

And just when the vice dean and the golden demon Htilil were about to be sucked into the golden door together, the black crystal sphere they were in suddenly vanished. The vice-dean changed direction under the action of some external force, and flew toward everyone.

On the other hand, Golden Demon Htilil was sucked into the door.


Elder White caught the vice dean. He quickly assessed the vice dean’s condition and only breathed a sigh of relief after confirming that the latter’s life wasn’t in danger.

“Cough, cough…”

The vice-dean struggled to open his eyes with a conflicted expression on his face. “That golden demon… actually saved me.”

Professor Marlin frowned upon hearing that. “The golden demon is rumored to be extremely cruel. Lilith’s sacrifice has proven that. Why would she save someone for no reason?”

He looked at the golden door. “Could it be related to this? But what’s this door for and where does it lead to…?”

“The Ancient Ruins…”

Professor Kumar stared at the golden door intensely, “This is… the legendary Ancient Ruins.”


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