Chapter 4-47: Run Away

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2502 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1458 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Buzz… buzz…

Thea, who had gone to bed early because of the sequelae of using the Goddess Descent Skill, was suddenly awakened by the spectrum stone that she had set to vibration mode.

“Who is it that disturbed my sleep…?”

Thea reached out to the spectrum stone drowsily and opened it. As soon as she did, a row of bold and red words flashed in front of her eyes.

“What should I do if I get ganged up on?! I’ll be online and waiting! Urgent! — Lilith.”
“Lilith, are you even afraid of getting ganged up? To think that you’d disturb someone’s beauty sleep over trivial stuff like this. Horrible!”

Thea mumbled under her breath angrily, but still responded through the spectrum stone. “Fight back!”

Just when Thea was about to lie back down and continue sleeping after sending the reply, another text came through the spectrum stone.

“I can’t, I’m outnumbered!”
“Run then. Sheesh, what’s wrong with Lilith tonight? She’s acting like she lost her brain.”

A few seconds later, she got another reply.

“I can’t, my identity might be exposed!”
“Exposed…? What have you done again this time?”

Thea suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Cover your head and run then. Remember to conceal your presence, don’t leave any trace behind.”

Thea let out a sigh and put down the spectrum stone.

Sheesh, Lilith is really a troublemaker.

Although Thea was a bit worried, Lilith probably wouldn’t die given her tiny but powerful body.

Forget it, I’ll sleep. My life matters more.


Thea was about to lie down again but realized that Brea was standing beside her bed, staring into the distance in a daze.

“Brea, what are you doing?”

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Brea jolted in shock.

She turned her head around slowly, still having that dazed look on her face. Her mouth moved, but Thea wasn’t sure what she was mumbling about.

She frowned but quickly realized something. She had forgotten that she had this habit. Upon removing her earplugs, she could finally hear what Brea was saying.

“The D-Dragon… God Lake is gone… Blown up…”

Thea blinked.

The Dragon God Lake got blown up? How could it be?

Even though she was from Luminous Theocracy, she knew the significance of Dragon God Lake to the academy and Holy Dragon Empire. Who was bold enough to blow it up?

Not only that, it was totally blown up despite its size. The text from Lilith suddenly flashed across her mind.

“Ganged up on…”
“Can’t expose identity…”

Thea shut her eyes and nodded stiffly.

Oh, so that’s what happened.

She turned her head back, dragged her exhausted body and started packing.

“Thea, What are you doing?”
“Packing up, getting ready to run away.”
“Run away? Why?”

Thea turned around and placed her hands on Brea’s shoulders.

“Brea, Lilith can do anything she wants because she’s tough, but not us!”

Brea expressed her confusion at Thea’s words.

“I’d advise you to run too. This incident is so serious that probably everyone close to Lilith will be implicated.”
“Huuuh? Did Lilith do something bad again? Even so, we don’t have to abandon her like this either!”
“Don’t have to?”

Thea pointed behind Brea with an indescribable expression on her face.

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“Haven’t you seen it just now?”

The academy was shrouded by mist. It was no longer possible to see what was going on at the Dragon God Lake clearly. Even so, students like Brea could still sense the terrifying aura coming from that direction.

Brea turned her head around stiffly, seemingly understanding what Thea was trying to say.

“Given the severity, if you’re not going to run, then are you waiting to get beaten up?”


Among the element turbulence, Lilith read the text from Thea and mumbled to herself. “Cover your head and run… cover your head and run…”

Oh right, I can disguise myself!

Lilith took out the demon mask she used before and put it on, then pulled out a tablecloth from her storage ring and wrapped it around her body.

“This way, they probably won’t be able to recognize me. Not only my face, but even my body is also covered. Yep… I’m really a genius. But… what should I do about my presence?”

Lilith couldn’t help scratching her head in distress.

This situation was different from the previous ones. Although her opponents weren’t peak saint-level experts, they were close to being one. Concealing her presence using a scroll like she did before definitely wasn’t going to work. She’d easily be exposed.

Besides, the saint-level and above scrolls that her mother gave her were all powerful offensive spells.

They were really suitable for someone like her who would directly attack whatever she found annoying.

“Well, there’s a way… but the price of that… Maybe I should just give up and call for help. Going out there and admitting my mistake at this point will definitely get myself killed. No, no! I came to this academy to study! Most importantly, I haven’t even learned a single word from the dragon language until now. If I call for help, mom will definitely raze this whole place to the ground. How can I still learn anything after that?!”

Lilith hesitated for a moment before finally making up her mind. Under the vice dean’s lead, the teachers and professors outside the element turbulence were closing up on her.

“You guys better remember that you owe me your life!” She hissed through her gritted teeth.

After saying that, Lilith pulled out a shiny golden dagger from her storage ring and plunged it right into her heart!

“Yo, we meet again.”

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She was dazzled for a moment before her consciousness was brought to that place inside her body — the place where the other ‘Lilith’ was.

The other ‘Lilith’ looked at Lilith with a complicated expression on her face. “For you to come here twice within the same day, just what have you done?”

“No, no, no. I came here this time by committing suicide.”

The other ‘Lilith’ looked even more confused. “Are you an idiot? Or did this kind of near-death experience awaken some sort of strange fetish for you?”


“Then why are you here?”

Lilith went closer to the mirror and twiddled her thumbs in front of the other ‘Lilith’. “I came… to borrow that flame.”

“Didn’t you reject it last time? Even saying stuff like something bad will happen if you borrow it.”

The other ‘Lilith’ lied down lazily in the mirror and rubbed her smooth chin. “It’s only been a few hours and you came back shamelessly. Did something interesting happen outside?”

“Nothing interesting. Everyone wants to survive. Can you just borrow me for a short while since we’re neighbors sharing the same body?”

Upon hearing that, the other ‘Lilith’ broke into her signature strange-looking smile.

“Yes of course. It’s no big deal, we’re neighbors.”

The other ‘Lilith’ flicked at Lilith. A ball of black flame passed through the mirror and into Lilith’s forehead.

“I’ll give you a big one this time, just in case.”
“Thank you, I’ll repay you next time!”

The other ‘Lilith’ stretched her body. “Okay, now get out of my sight. Your stupid face pisses me off.”

Well, you look exactly like me!

Lilith thought inwardly, but didn’t show the slightest expression on her face. “Okay, I’m leaving now…” she grinned.

The world around her spun and Lilith regained her consciousness.

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At the same time outside the element turbulence…

The vice dean frowned at the lack of activity among the element turbulence. “What’s going on? Why is nothing happening?”

“Did he escape?”

“I guess even a peak saint-level expert can only escape after getting outnumbered like this,” Elder White said.

“Impossible. With so many of us watching, not even a seasoned peak saint-level expert like the dean could escape, let alone a newly promoted one like him!”

“Good if he hasn’t escaped!”

Elder White stared intensely at the element turbulence while saying that, wishing so badly to skin the guy who destroyed the Dragon God Lake!

He finally found an apprentice, oh no, a junior martial sister, who could learn his martial skills. Yet it was all gone before he even did anything. Anyone would be jumping up and down in anger!

It was at this moment, the situation suddenly changed.

It was like a black hole had appeared in the element turbulence. It swallowed up both the element turbulence and the phenomena caused by the disarrayed elements.

A figure appeared in everyone’s sight, accompanied by arrogant laughter that resonated across the sky.

“Hahahahahahahahaha!! You little s̲h̲i̲t̲s̲ asked for this! You guys are really going to step all over me unless I teach you a lesson eh?!”


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