Chapter 4-39: Do It Openly

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2107 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1180 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“How did you end up walking all the way here to the men’s bath?”

Lucia choked on her words. This bathhouse was near the male dorms, but it was far away from the female dorms. No matter how one looked at it, it was impossible for a girl like her to take a walk all the way here.

“I was just… taking a walk, and somehow… I ended up here.”
“You’re trying to peep, right?”

Lucia shuddered when she heard that. “How did you know?”

“Based on the way you were reaching for the window, you’re either trying to prison break or peep. Since this isn’t a prison, it’s quite obvious what you’re trying to do.”

Lilith put her arms in front of her chest. “I didn’t expect to run into a female pervert who’d want to peep into the men’s bath. As the vice president of the Disciplinary Committee, guess I can’t catch a break with the declining morals in this academy.”

It’s over. I really got caught red-handed.

Lucia couldn’t help shuddering. Being labeled as a female pervert who was peeping into the men’s bath wasn’t something that a fragile girl like her could bear.

She almost felt like she could see herself being outcast, insulted, and despised by everyone. She’d have to spend the second half of her life in misery being labeled as a pervert.

“Why are you here, Vice President Lilith?”
“Huh? Why do you ask?”
“If I’m going to lose, I need an explanation at least. I’ve taken into consideration the Disciplinary Committee’s patrol time, the boys’ bathing time and even prepared the best escape plan. My plan should’ve been foolproof. I just don’t understand why Vice President Lilith would suddenly appear here, at the men’s bath, at this hour! That simply doesn’t make any sense!”

Lilith was speechless. She didn’t expect to encounter a professional female pervert on top of that.

“Well… It’s not like I can’t answer you that question.”

Lilith’s eyes were darting around. “I came here to patrol as part of the Disciplinary Committee’s duty of course. Although I’ve just become the vice president and I don’t really know my way around the academy yet, I could already sense the negative vibes here. As the vice president, I naturally have to be responsible for the academy! So I didn’t hesitate to venture into the male dorms in order to extinguish the negative vibes and bring a bright future back to my academy!”

The more Lilith talked about it, the more righteous her voice became. The dazzling image of an upright and fearless vice president stood tall in front of Lucia.

Ah, how dazzling… How disgusting my behavior is in front of the honorable Vice President Lilith…

Such thought involuntarily surfaced into Lucia’s mind.

“Is that so? I see.”

Lucia fell to her knees in despair. “So what I’m doing has already affected the atmosphere of the entire academy…”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m here because your actions have already seriously affected the atmosphere of the academy.”

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“In that case…” Lucia offered her trembling hands and balled them into fists. “Arrest me…”


“What are you waiting for? Arrest me, Vice President Lilith! Arrest this pervert named Lucia in front of you! She is no longer worthy to be a student of St. Caroline Academy! Arrest me!”

Tears of regret rolled down Lucia’s cheek involuntarily. “I couldn’t bear the overwhelming pressure so I found psychological comfort in peeping. A pervert like me doesn’t deserve to exist in this world.”

“Arrest me! Put me in prison and never let me out!”
“I’m trash of society! The scum of mankind! I’m not worthy to breathe the air of this world.”

Does this girl… have a screw loose in her head? If that’s the case…

A sinister idea suddenly struck Lilith.

“What are you talking about, Lucia?”

Lilith crouched down and looked directly into her eyes. “No one is unworthy to exist in this world. Every existence must have their own reason and meaning to exist.”

“But… But someone like me…”

“Stop talking!”

Lilith delivered a slap across Lucia’s face. “You still don’t understand yourself? You just want to find excitement from an opposite sex’s body! You just want to unwind! What’s wrong with being a pervert?!!”

Lucia clutched her cheek in a daze and mumbled to herself, “What’s wrong with being a pervert…? What’s wrong with being a pervert…? What’s wrong with being a pervert…?”

“That’s right! There’s nothing wrong with being a pervert. It’s not a crime to be a pervert.”
“But… But… Didn’t Vice President Lilith come here to extinguish the negative vibes in the academy?”
“I wasn’t talking about you.”
“Not me?”
“Yes. Although I came here to extinguish negative vibes in the academy, you aren’t my target. It’s more like I ran into you by coincidence.”
“But… But that wasn’t what you said just now.”

“Lucia, you haven’t got it?” Lilith shook her head and then continued impatiently, “What did I say just now? I said you are a female pervert who is peeping into a men’s bath and has seriously affected the atmosphere of the academy.”

“Yes, I am the one who seriously affected the atmosphere of the academy. I am a criminal!”
“Indeed. As far as the result is concerned, you did affect the academy’s atmosphere. But you haven’t gotten the point yet!”
“The fact that you’ve affected the academy’s atmosphere has nothing to do with the men’s bath. It’s because you’re peeping!”
“You still don’t get it? It doesn’t matter whether this is a men’s bath or not, the important thing is that you are peeping!”
“As a student of St. Caroline Academy, the best academy on the main continent, why are you peeping?”

Lilith flung her arm and spoke righteously, “If you want to watch, then do it openly!”

“Do it openly…”

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At that moment, Lucia almost felt like she could see a door slowly opening to a new world before her eyes.

“Let me ask you this first just in case… Lucia, are you strong?”
“Well… I’m probably ranked in the top thirty among the fifth-year.”
“Then have you beaten a scene kid named Gut?”

Lucia was surprised. “He’s also a member of the Student Council, well in name only. Strength-wise, I can single-handedly suppress him.”

“Good then.”

Lilith breathed a sigh of relief. It was good that she could fight him off, at least her efforts in tricking her wasn’t a waste.

“Why do you ask, Vice President Lilith?”
“Don’t ask and don’t think about it either.”

Lilith then suddenly grabbed Lucia’s hands affectionately. “You just have to listen to me next.”


Lucia nodded in confusion.

Lilith pulled her up. She faced the wall of the men’s bath and asked in a serious tone, “Are you ready, Lucia?”

“R-Ready… for what?”

“Well…” Lilith turned her head around and smiled sweetly at Lucia. “To do this openly, of course.”

After saying that, Lilith kicked the wall with the last strength left in her.


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