Chapter 4-38: Taking A Walk

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2142 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1324 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

It was evening and the sun was setting.

The path back to the dorms was getting busy with students who were returning after school.

The strange thing was that very few of these students were new faces. Most of them were the seniors and they all shared a common characteristic —


They looked like they just experienced several wars. The fatigue was clearly visible on their faces. They were silent and lifeless, like walking zombies.

Some even had smudged blood on them. It seemed like they were too lazy to deal with them, so they just wandered around while reeking of blood.

It was hard to imagine what they went through.

As the best academy on the main continent, St. Caroline Academy pursued a freestyle education. Aside from attending the basic course that would be conducted by the class teacher on time, the students were free to pick the rest of the classes based on their own interests or circumstances.

After all, the path of cultivation was different for everyone — warriors, mages, or dual users. The academy didn’t want to kill the students’ potential either.

However, this kind of freestyle education could cause freshmen to slack off.

Being one out of a hundred to pass the entrance exam and join the most reputable academy on the main continent, only to find that no one would micromanage you and there was no cruel competition as imagined, even those with high self-esteem would relax.

Oh, so the best academy isn’t that much of a big deal.

— They might have this kind of thought.

There were also students who reduced to the state of cooping themselves up at home every day, doing nothing except for playing games and snacking during their first year. As a result, the management of St. Caroline Academy came up with a countermeasure after a rigorous discussion.


The freshmen still didn’t know what kind of hell was waiting for them.

However, hell was still very far away for them. There were about a few more months for them to waste but for the seniors, hell was right in front of them.

In just two days…

There would be two comprehensive tests in each term, which was referred to as a three-day free annual trip to hell by the students.

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In these three days, the academy would use various extreme ways to assess the student’s achievements.

As for the methods they employed to assess the students…

Well, the previous test was to survive three days in the northern frozen tundra in only underwear.

Two-thirds of the students were frozen into popsicles, while the remaining were frozen to idiocy. After the test, there were idiots running around in the academy for a whole month.

In order to not become the next popsicle or idiot, the seniors started their special hell training without knowing how the academy would torture them next.

This was also why almost all the seniors were so exhausted during this period.

Thinking about it now, apart from making the freshmen get familiar and get a sense of belonging in the academy, the academy probably held the academy festival before the official opening of the school with the idea of ​​offering the seniors their last meal.

That was probably also why there were so many people confessing at the Lovers Street during that time.

Lucia from fifth-year was no exception.

As a member of the Student Council, Lucia still had to attend to her task in the Student Council on top of her special training. She was working way harder than the other students.

On top of that, the Student Council was becoming more and more miserable under that certain someone’s dictatorship. It was getting increasingly difficult to persevere there.

This made her feel physically and mentally exhausted lately.

It was no wonder why the Disciplinary Committee broke away from the Student Council and became an independent student organization.

Putting aside the Disciplinary Committee, even she had the same idea recently.

But for Lucia, she didn’t fear any difficulties or obstacles, as long as she still had that trace of comfort in her heart.

Right, that was the only thing that could comfort her exhausted soul.

A harbor like the arms of a mother that gave her warmth and comfort.

Lucia stood on tiptoe, trying her best to reach the bar on the small window above her head.

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Almost. She was almost there.

She could already see the beautiful mist wafting out of the window.

She could already hear the moving sounds of nature on the other side.

Just a bit more!

Damn it. If it wasn’t for the fact that she would be detected by a special magic circle if she used magic here or someone would hear if she made the tiniest noise, she wouldn’t be stopped by this mere two meters of distance!

The small window was no more than two meters above the ground. It was only a few centimeters away from Lucia’s fingertips, yet it was a moat that she couldn’t cross.

She stretched as far as she could but she still couldn’t touch it.

If she knew, she would have trained herself physically while practicing magic.

Lucia retracted her hand angrily and raked her brains for ways to cross this moat while subconsciously chewing on her nails.

Damn it. She wouldn’t be stuck in this situation if someone hadn’t thrown away the stone that she used to stand on.

Lucia was fuming while she began looking for something that could become a replacement for her stepping stone.

She turned her head around, only to find a petite young girl who had been standing behind her unbeknownst to her.

It was a young blond girl with blue eyes. Her skin was as fair as jade and her face was as delicate as a doll.

If she didn’t lack the figure, she would’ve been a peerless beauty that would make even the gods jealous.

Lucia was slightly taken aback. What an adorable girl. She almost couldn’t contain her urge to pinch her doll-like face.

But she felt like she had seen this girl somewhere before.

Lucia’s gaze traveled downward and noticed the sword-shaped badge on the girl’s chest.

“The Disciplinary Committee!”

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Lucia nearly yelled aloud. “Why would a Disciplinary Committee’s member appear in such a place?”

It was at the same time, Lucia finally remembered who the girl in front of her was.

The one who defeated the demon wolf Elliot from the sixth-year and stamped out one of the three cancerous groups in the academy, the Inhumane Club, as soon as she joined the academy.

The one who called everyone maggots at the opening ceremony and caused public outrage.

It was even rumored that she had some unexplainable relationship with the chief disciplinarian, Elder Mord.

By now, there probably wasn’t anyone in this academy who didn’t know her name.

Vice President of the Disciplinary Committee, Lilith.

Goddammit, why was the vice president of the Disciplinary Committee in this kind of place? That shouldn’t have been the case.

Lucia felt like God was playing a huge joke on her. The last person she wanted to see now was someone from the Disciplinary Committee.

Much less the vice president.

Damn it. I just want to find a trace of spiritual comfort under the double pressure of academy and work. What have I done to make God treat me so unfairly?

Lucia secretly lamented.

Lilith gave the senior girl in front of her a weird look. “Excuse me, what are you doing here?”

“Huuuh? I’m not doing anything. Just taking a walk. Just a walk.” Lucia acted dumb. “Is the Disciplinary Committee going to make this their business too?”

“Of course not, but I really want to know…”

Lilith pointed to the huge door nearby.

“How did you end up walking all the way here to the men’s bath?”


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