Chapter 4-37: Chase And Escape

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2154 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1371 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The look on Lilith’s face turned serious upon hearing the origin of the notebook, as she deftly put it away.

“Since you’re so sincere about it, then I won’t pursue this matter anymore. But I’ll be relying on you if I ever encounter any trouble in the future.”
“Fine, your senior martial brother, I, shall come to your aid at any time.”

Elder White had no choice but to comply with Lilith’s request. After all, it was his fault. He almost caused irreversible and serious consequences to Lilith because of his selfish desire, so he could go along with whatever she wanted.

Lilith nodded in satisfaction. Although it was a thrilling ride, everything ended well. She not only saved herself from a long and arduous training, but she was also able to stabilize the two powers in her body without any foundation thanks to that drop of ancient blood in her body.

She was sure that if anyone who trained in both magic and martial arts saw how easily she could stabilize the two powers, they would definitely cough up three liters of blood and lament about how unfair the world was.

But more importantly, she also gained both an old and a young ‘servant’.

The old one was naturally Elder White, who promised that he would readily come to her aid at any time. The young one was of course, her cute martial niece, President Diana.

With such an ultimate blackmail material, Lilith wouldn’t have to worry about Diana not obeying her.

Now that she thought about it, it seemed like the Disciplinary Committee had already unknowingly fallen into her control.

Hmm, I’m getting closer to my goal.

“Since junior martial sister already has battle qi, can we start the training?”

Lilith nodded and asked, “How are we going to train?”

Elder White took out a scroll, “You can just train according to the steps that are recorded in this scroll.”

Lilith accepted the scroll. As soon as she opened the scroll, a beam of golden light shone right onto the area between her eyebrows and then White Jade Style’s cultivation method instantly surfaced in her mind. It was all extremely strange.

Lilith closed her eyes to concentrate, and then began to carefully read the cultivation method.

According to the content in the scroll, although the requirements of White Jade Style were extremely harsh, the cultivation method was actually simple and crude.

To put it bluntly, it was to strengthen your body by forcibly fusing battle qi into your own flesh.

Rather than calling it a martial skill, it was more like a method to train your body.

However, control was an extremely important key here. If one acted too quickly and forcefully, they might explode on the spot before the fight even started.

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But if the fusion was done too slowly, it wouldn’t be effective at all. Just like how if Elder White didn’t manage to instantly strengthen his certain part earlier, then he would be clutching his family jewel and seeking to get even with Lilith by now.

“The first phase will need to be carried out with medicine. Guess I’ll have to go and make some preparations.”
“Go then, junior martial sister. You can always ask me if you encounter something you don’t understand.”

Elder White stroked his beard and smiled. To him, Lilith being able to successfully cultivate White Jade Style would be the best outcome for him. He wasn’t even worried if he would be bossed around by this junior martial sister of his.

“Well then, I shall leave now. I need my beauty sleep after a hard day’s work. The training can wait till tomorrow.”

Lilith waved goodbye to Elder White, but her face suddenly changed as soon as she took a step.

Feeling as though most of her strength had been sapped, she stumbled and fell to the ground.


Lilith struggled to stand up, but found that it was an extremely difficult feat. Her powerful body had become a burden at this moment. It felt like it weighed more than half a tonne with every move she made…

“What is going on?”

Elder White carefully looked at her with a frown, but couldn’t find any clue.

“Can I touch you, junior martial sister?”
“What do you want to do again, you old pervert?!”
“Just trying to check on your condition. Don’t overthink, junior martial sister.”

Lilith hesitated for a moment before giving her hand to the old pervert.

Elder White immersed his mental power into Lilith’s body and after diagnosing her, he said, “It’s nothing serious. Just that the battle qi and magic power are too abundant in your body. As a result, a few important acupoints are blocked hence causing poor qi and blood circulation. Don’t worry about it, junior martial sister. Once your body adapts to this state, your battle qi and magic power will start circulating. All will then be naturally solved.”

“Any side effects?”

“Not really. Just that you’ll feel weak during this period of time. For someone like you who relies heavily on physical strength, there may be a temporary huge decline in your strength.”

Elder White let go of her after making the diagnosis and continued, “I think that’s not a problem. You’re in the academy and not on a battlefield, so a temporary decline in strength shouldn’t affect anything. In other words, your body is starting to accommodate the battle qi I channeled into you. That’s a good sign.”

A smile bloomed on Elder White’s face. Now that the worst possibility of Lilith’s body rejecting battle qi had been eliminated, her training in cultivating White Jade Style could be considered half successful.

Lilith let out a sigh of relief upon hearing that too.

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As long as there wasn’t a problem with her body, then there was no issue.

As for the temporary decline in her strength, Elder White had a point. She was at the academy and not on a battlefield. It wasn’t like someone would challenge her to a fight out of the blue, right?

It wasn’t like she was a public enemy of the academy, so why would she have that many enemies?


“Vice President Lilith, you’ve kept us waiting for a long time.”
“Who are you guys?”

At the gates of the female dorms, Lilith cautiously looked at the few strange students who were blocking at the door.

“What business do you have with me?”

The leader of the group wore a splendid scene hairstyle and stood out like a sore thumb among his other similarly weird-looking companions.

“I am Gut from fourth-year.”

The scene kid took a few steps forward and walked to Lilith. He looked directly into her eyes and said solemnly, “The reason why I’m here is none other than to challenge the Lilith who dared to speak so brazenly at the opening ceremony.”

“Challenge? You brats? You really think I got onto this vice president’s seat through money?”
“I dare not. But after hearing all the rumors about Vice President Lilith, my hands are itching to fight with you.”

While Gut the scene kid was saying that, his companions blocked Lilith’s path. It seemed like they weren’t going to give up until they achieved their goals.

“Your hands are itching? I think more like your skin is itching.”

Lilith’s voice deepened, “Want to challenge me? Fine. As you wish. But don’t go crying later.”

“I can’t ask for more…”
“Huh? Elder Mord? Why are you here?”
“Elder Mord?!”

Upon hearing Lilith, the veterans who obviously had been taught countless lessons by Elder Mord involuntarily turned their heads.

However, there was no Elder Mord in sight.

“Damn! We got fooled!”

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Gut cursed and turned his head back, but Lilith was long gone.

“She escaped?!”
“What do we do, boss?”
“What else? Chase after her!”

Gut looked in the direction where Lilith had vanished to and gritted his teeth.

“We came on a mission this time! If we fail, that person will definitely skin us alive when we return!”

The others shuddered when they heard that before determination slowly filled their eyes.

Right. They must capture Lilith!

“After her!”


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