Chapter 4-36: Bestowment

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2060 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1352 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“You really don’t have battle qi?”
“Not even a tiny bit?”
“Not even a tiny bit.”
“Not even a teeny tiny bit?”
“Gosh, you’re annoying! No means no!”

Lilith pushed Elder White’s face that had come too close to her away in annoyance.

“How can that… be…?”

The old man slumped to the ground as though he had lost every ounce of energy in him. He even looked like he had aged a few more years.

“Sorry, guess I can’t inherit your White Jade Style, senior martial brother.”
“If that’s the case…”
“If that’s the case… then this old man will have no choice but to use the last resort.”
“L-Last… resort? Why does that sound rather terrifying ?”

Lilith hugged herself and shivered because she could sense a great malice.

It felt as though her naked body was being stared at by a hundred perverts at the same time. It was an extremely terrifying feeling.

“Don’t be afraid, junior martial sister. It won’t hurt too much.”
“I’d be damned if I’m going to believe that! You’re one sinister old man!”

Elder White slowly approached her, with a very kind smile on his face.

However, Lilith didn’t think that Elder White could still keep smiling like that after enduring such a blow. Anyone who could still smile after a blow like that was definitely a lunatic!

And this person had completely lost his mind!

Lilith turned around and fled.

But how could an immature chick like Lilith outsmart the unfathomable Elder White? She only managed two steps before being caught again.

“Don’t be afraid, junior martial sister. I just want to perform a bestowment on you. Don’t you want to obtain thirty years of skill in exchange for nothing?”

“Totally not!” Lilith shook her head frantically. But no matter how she struggled, she couldn’t escape the Elder White’s skinny hands that were like eagle’s claws.

The so-called bestowment involved an expert forcibly channeling battle qi into another person’s body to bring about the effects of muscle-tendon changing and marrow cleansing to power up that person.

Those who received an expert’s bestowment could save years or even decades of hard work in training. It definitely looked like a sweet deal.

However, in reality, realms didn’t represent strength in this world.

Unless an ordinary person went through the levels of life, such as attaining the saint realm and then divine realm, the so-called realms was nothing more than an indication of the amount of magic or battle qi that a person could hold in their body.

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After all, a drop of water moving at high speed could still break the stillness of a small water puddle.

Hence, it wasn’t uncommon for a low-level person to defeat a high-level opponent by relying on their outstanding experience and skills in the academy. Just like how a fifth-year student like President Diana could beat the demon wolf Elliot from the sixth-year.

Not only that, but bestowment could also affect a person’s foundation and hence causing it to be unstable.

Therefore, bestowment wasn’t a popular method for cultivation growth in this world. It was even considered an evil and contemptuous method.

Naturally, Lilith wasn’t willing to accept that.

There was also another important reason why Lilith didn’t want to receive a bestowment.

The ninth level was a huge moat.

The saint realm was above it and the mortal realm was below it.

At this time, the size of her dantian was basically unable to expand any further.

Since Lilith never used much magic since she was born, the magic power in her body was naturally abundant. Under such circumstances, Lilith would need to directly condense the magic in her body into crystal before entering the saint realm. Otherwise if battle qi was forcibly channeled into her…

“No way, no way, no way, no way, no way!! I’ll be crushed to death!!”
“Don’t be afraid, junior martial sister. I believe you’ll definitely be able to break through your own limits!”
“Breakthrough my a̲s̲s̲! I’m just a kid! How can that possibly happen?!”

Lilith almost wanted to kneel on the floor.

I’m just a kid, do you have to be this cruel to me?

However, Elder White looked like he was already possessed. He didn’t even heed Lilith’s words.

He placed his huge hand on Lilith’s back, forcibly channeling a wave of pure battle qi into her body.


Lilith felt as though she was about to burst into flames. As soon as the battle qi meshed with the magic in her body, they boiled like dripping water into boiling oil.

Up until now, Lilith had experienced the sensation of dragon’s blood boiling countless times. But comparing that to this was like comparing a little bunny to Godzilla.

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After the scorching heat came an extreme swelling pain. Battle qi and magic were pretty much incompatible with each other, so Lilith’s body turned into a battlefield. A chaotic war where a thousand enemies were killed and a thousand soldiers self-destructing ensued.

Her body was about to be torn apart.

If it was someone else who didn’t have a powerful body like Lilith, they would have exploded on the spot long ago.


“Use magic! Quick! Use magic! As long as there’s enough space for the battle qi in your dantian, the two energies wouldn’t clash as violently!”

“F̲u̲c̲k̲ using magic! I only know level one or two spells! It won’t deplete as fast as it recovers so it’s useless!”


Elder White looked at Lilith with unprecedented fear in his eyes. “Given your magic power… you only know level one or two spells?”

“Yes, only level one or two! I know what you want to say that I’m a wasteful person who only knows how to splurge my valuable treasures! So what?! Let go of me! I’m going to explode!”

Elder White fell into despair upon hearing that. He thought that he still had a glimmer of hope, but this last glimmer of hope was extinguished too in the end.

However, a sudden suction force came from Lilith’s body. Just when Elder White was about to remove his hand, he found that it was stuck.

Lilith’s countenance contorted slightly.

The drop of ancient blood that had been slumbering for a long time in her body stirred slightly. Half of the magic in her body was instantly absorbed by it.

The half-empty space was then naturally filled by the battle qi.

Elder White was naturally overjoyed when he sensed the abnormal changes in Lilith’s body. He started working even harder to channel more battle qi into her body.

The magic and battle qi that were once incompatible with each other unexpectedly stayed in their own territory obediently under the suppression of that drop of ancient blood.

The dantian was filled up and the suction force was gone.

The drop of ancient blood then fell into silence again, as though it had eaten its fill.

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Elder White looked at Lilith from top to bottom with an excited look on his face. “How is it, junior martial sister? Can you use battle qi now?”


Lilith turned her head around and ignored him.

How dare he forcibly channeled battle qi into her body just now despite her refusal. If it wasn’t for the drop of ancient blood in her, she might have really exploded right on the spot.

Elder White smiled apologetically. “My apologies, it’s all my fault. I was possessed. You can tell me what you want, I’ll buy you anything, even if it’s a sacred artifact.”

“Hmph, stupid poor man. You think I can’t afford a sacred artifact myself? I have no problem getting ten or even a hundred sacred artifacts myself, so I don’t care! In any case, I won’t forgive you!”


Damn these rich people!

Elder White’s cheek twitched as he fished out a black notebook from his chest pocket.

“So you don’t want this?”
“What’s that?”

Elder White looked around, then whispered secretively into Lilith’s ear. “This is… Diana’s diary when she was going through her eighth-grade syndrome phase.”


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