Chapter 4-33: Training Begins

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2114 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1304 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

After parting with Mr. Miguel, Lilith didn’t stay any longer either. She took Thea and Brea directly back to the dormitory.

Due to being separated by a barrier, Lilith didn’t know what exactly happened to the two of them. Even so, she could still pretty much guess from their current condition.

“I’m dying… I’m dying… I feel like my body is hollowed out.”

This was over-exhaustion from using a forbidden skill.

“Sobs… it was you who forced me…”

This was shutting off from accepting the reality of eating insects alive.

“Sheesh, can’t you girls be more mature like me?”

Lilith carried both of them on each of her shoulders. She tossed them on her bed, then put her hands on her hips and reprimanded them, “Quit complaining after going through just a small setback.”

“It’s not a small setback! I have only used the Goddess Descent Skill a few times in my entire life, but I used it three times within this month! Three times! Anyone would feel hollowed out from that!”

“You’re too weak so you have to use that Goddess Descent Skill whenever you run into an enemy. Who else can you blame for that?”

Well, it wasn’t like she was qualified to say this either since she also barely got away by relying on her bloodline.

Brea, who had shut herself off, couldn’t help but say, “Thea is right. This isn’t a small setback at all. For a lady, eating that kind of disgusting insect is as unacceptable as flashing her panties on the street.”

“No, no, people like you are obviously used to the level of flashing your panties on the street.”

After all, to Lilith, the level of disgust of conquering the eighteen dishes from the Dark Cooking Club was on par, if not superior, to those strange insects.

“Okay, okay, have a good rest first. I’ll leave you two alone now.”
“Are you going out, Lilith?”

Thea couldn’t help but ask curiously. After experiencing something like that, anyone would want to get a good rest.

“Yeah, I still have lessons to attend.”
“Huh? I didn’t hear about any afternoon classes!”

Lilith shook her head. “There are no classes in the afternoon, but I have my martial training class.”


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In the dojo of the western district, not too far away from the incident that happened earlier…

Lilith made a beeline for this place after leaving the dorms.

Someone was already waiting in the dojo.

“I thought you’d need more time to prepare, J-Junior Martial Sister.”

That person was none other than Elder White, who arrived in advance after receiving Lilith’s message. He just accepted his apprentice… on behalf of his master in the morning and his junior martial sister came in the afternoon. He was elated by her initiative in learning martial arts.

“What’s the matter, junior martial sister? Did you encounter something that made you change your mind this fast?”
“Not really, I just got abused.”
“How rare it is for junior martial sister to admit that you got abused.”
“How would you know it’s rare? We have only officially known each other for half a day,” Lilith retorted with a pout.
“Haha, Diana told me about you. Prideful people often find it difficult to admit defeat, let alone their failure.”
Elder White stroked his beard and continued, “But since you have admitted your failure, you must be determined to change. This is a good thing for martial arts.”

Lilith was silent.

Did she fail?

She had long admitted this. From the very beginning, she was very well aware of her own weakness.

Ever since she left Dragon Island, she had experienced a lot of battles.

She never lost any duels and contests.

However, when it comes to offensive skills, she’d easily fall into the enemy’s traps.

Just like that saint-level expert in the underground auction, Thea who used Goddess Descent Skill and Ogre from earlier.

Brute force was useless to them.

Although she always managed to avert disasters by relying on the scrolls in her ring or her powerful speed of recovery, the incident today made her realize that there were also times when she wouldn’t be able to fish out a scroll in time.

Apart from that, her pride wouldn’t allow her to be engaged in a one-sided fight where she was on the losing side.


“Please start teaching me martial arts, senior martial brother.”

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This was the first time the dragon princess named Lilith ever begged for help ever since her arrival in this world.

It was an earnest and sincere… plea.

“Haha, I’d teach you even if you didn’t beg. After all, you’re my first and last junior martial sister.”

The old man laughed heartily, like it had been a long time since he was this happy. The frustration that dwelled in his heart dissipated as Lilith officially started studying from him.

“Well then, let the first lesson begin. Give me your hand, junior martial sister.”
“So that I can feel your bones.” The old man rolled his eyes and explained impatiently.

Lilith was repulsed by the idea of giving her hand to Elder White, the old pervert from her impression.

However, she could only tolerate this for the sake of learning martial arts.

“As expected, a fine successor. I guess Old Flint didn’t lie to me.”

Elder White’s eyes lit up as he felt every inch of Lilith’s hand with his rough hands, especially around the joints and crevices between her fingers.

A wave of disgust assaulted Lilith as she immediately exploded on the spot.

“Nonsense! Why would a person who cultivated martial arts be perverted? I’m just trying to feel your bones to assess your aptitude.”
“Does that involve feeling it up to the crevices between my fingers?! You think I’m a three-year-old kid that you can easily deceive?! You’re not only an old pervert, you’re also a perverted lolicon!”

Lilith tried to escape from his grasp, but Elder White’s hands latched onto hers like maggots on bone. No matter how hard Lilith tried, she couldn’t break free. Instead, Elder White’s demonic claws seized the opportunity to go higher.

Lilith grew anxious as she watched him getting closer to a certain sensitive part of hers. Was her untainted and pure body about to be defiled before she could even do anything?

Not only that, the offender was her senior martial brother, an old pervert!

Not even a TV series would go for this kind of plot!


She flung her free hand at Elder White with all her strength.

The old man pulled away, but received Lilith’s fist with his other hand instead of dodging it.

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The expression on Lilith’s face contorted as what connected with her fist didn’t feel like flesh.

It was hard, like she was punching steel. Not only did it not cause any damage to the target, but the impact also hurt her fist too.

Elder White chuckled. “Look closely now, this is the first thing you’ll be learning.”

He gently pushed Lilith’s fist with the hand that he used to block it and her usually invincible small fist was effortlessly repelled.

Lilith was extremely shocked. She had never lost to anyone in terms of strength before, yet he lost to the skinny old man in front of her.

Did he have to slap her in the face so soon? That was really demotivating.

Besides, Elder White’s hands didn’t look like they belonged to an elderly man.

They were smooth, velvety and fair. Lilith couldn’t even help but sigh at how delicate, perfect and jade-like they were.

“This is one of my two ultimate skills, White Jade Style.”

Elder White chuckled gleefully, looking rather proud.


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