Chapter 3-34: Dirty Tricks

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2265 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1383 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“How’s that? Impressive, right?”

Elder White waved his jade-like hand in front of Lilith’s eyes complacently, almost like a child who was showing off his candy.

“Well it is indeed impressive, but…”
“I don’t need skills that strengthen physically.”

Lilith rolled her eyes. As the Dragon Princess, she was considered one of the best among dragons. Physical strength had always been her forte, so skills like that were of little value to her.

She was here to study skills that could make up for her lack of skills, so she had no time to waste on these useless things.

“Hehe. Don’t say that, junior martial sister. You’re indeed physically much stronger than an ordinary human. However, that’s not enough. My White Jade Style can allow you to reach the limits of your physical body. Think about it, isn’t it wonderful to be able to move with power that could split mountains and rocks?”

“Move with power that could split mountains and rocks? Wouldn’t that make me a human T-Rex? No, I insist on being a graceful lady! I don’t wanna do stuff like that!”


This little brat is nothing like a lady!

Elder White took a deep breath before continuing slowly, “It looks like you will only be able to grasp the beauty of this skill through a spar. Alright, I’ll suppress my realm to a rank six warrior and the only skill that I’ll be using is only the White Jade Style. Let’s have a serious spar, shall we?”

“I’ll pass.”
“If senior martial brother loses, you’ll definitely lose your honor. So let’s not do this for the sake of your honor. Respecting the elder is one of my virtues.”

Lilith said it with such vigor that it almost seemed like she was actually a goody-two-shoes.

“…Is that so?”

Elder White fumbled around his chest for a while then took out two pieces of paper. He waved it around on purpose to attract Lilith’s attention.

“That’s really a shame. I was actually thinking of using these two coupons that Diana gave me as the prizes. They’re good for a shoulder and leg massage. Since junior martial sister isn’t interested in sparring, I guess I’ll just keep them and enjoy them by myself.”

“Oh, what are you talking about, senior martial brother? Shouldn’t martial practitioners like us support and compete with each other while striving for the top? How can I refuse your sincere invitation to a spar?”

Lilith had already gotten into the stance. She was throwing punches and kicking around, eager to get into action. “What are you waiting for, senior martial brother? Come at me, I won’t show any mercy.”


“Let me make it clear first, I’m neither doing this for those two coupons nor the humiliated look on President Diana’s face when she had to massage my shoulders and legs in front of everyone. I’m only fighting you for a noble reason.”

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Elder White copied Lilith’s stance — his knees slightly bent, his fists clenched and moving with light steps. This was perceived as the standard boxing stance by ordinary folks.

However, these were all superfluous for true warriors.

Showing your offensive stance before the start of battle or defensive stance in advance was akin to exposing your Achilles heel to the enemy — it did more harm than good.

Elder White was only doing this to show Lilith that he wasn’t going to use any skills other than White Jade Style.

Seeing that Elder White was ready, Lilith aimed directly at his abdomen with her fist mercilessly.

Her fist moved with lightning speed.

The corners of Elder White’s mouth lifted slightly. As expected of a demon beast or monster in disguise. Her strength was indeed beyond that of a human, but he was going to show her her place today.

He suppressed his realm to rank six and welcomed Lilith’s incoming fist fearlessly. He reached out, held the fist with his jade-like palm and was going to apply the same force like he did earlier.

“You think I’d fall for the same trick twice?”

Elder White’s expression changed slightly when he realized that there was no power in Lilith’s punch.

A cunning expression was then revealed on Lilith’s face as her body fell forward. Relying on the advantage of her petite figure, she wormed her way into Elder White’s arms.

Elder White didn’t even have the time to register the softness in his arms. His countenance instantly contorted because he realized what Lilith was going to do.

“Don’t blame me for this, senior martial brother.”

Lilith smiled cruelly.

She then hit that important part of a man with her knee.


A scream cut through the sky.

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A large flock of birds in the forest nearby was startled.

Lilith held her knee and rolled on the ground while grimacing in pain.

“Hey old man! Didn’t you promise to keep it to rank six?! That was definitely a saint realm!”

“Who told you to pull such a dirty trick?! This old man nearly peed his pants!”

Elder White was clutching his crotch. Although nothing serious happened, Lilith still scared him out of his wits.

“I don’t care, I don’t care! You violated the rules by going over rank six! I won and you lost! Hand over the prizes!”

“Who did you learn all these dirty tricks from, you little rascal! This old man needs to have a chat with that person who gave you all these bad influences!”

“Don’t change the subject! Hand over the prizes quickly, or I’ll tell the whole academy about the unforgivable things you did to me with that thing of yours until I couldn’t stand up!”

Elder White was taken aback by the statement he heard and immediately yelled, “How dare you slander me that way, you little rascal!”

“Slander? What are you thinking about? Your thing fractured my kneecap and I couldn’t even stand up! That was absolutely unforgivable!”

Lilith then pretended like realization suddenly dawned upon her and drawled, “Oooooh… Don’t tell me you thought of that, you old pervert!”

Elder White choked up, unable to defend himself. With things going south, he had no choice but to hand over those precious coupons he painstakingly got from Diana for the sake of preserving his innocence.

As soon as Elder White took them out, a smile instantly bloomed on Lilith’s face. She jumped up and reached out to grab it, looking nothing like a person with a fractured kneecap.

“How dare you deceive me, you little rascal!”

Elder White’s face was flushed with anger. He would undoubtedly be the butt of a joke if anyone found out that someone his age got tricked by a little girl.

“I didn’t deceive you, my kneecap really did fracture just now!”

Lilith turned around and jumped a few times on the spot.

“It just got healed instantly.”

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Seeing the aggrieved look on Elder White’s face, Lilith didn’t forget to take another jab at him.

She mimicked the way Elder White showed off his martial skill earlier and said, “Hehe, impressive, right? Sorry, you can really do whatever you want with a powerful speed of recovery.”


Elder White clutched his chest, suddenly having difficulty in breathing.

He was pissed that he got made a fool by a little girl.

How could he face his old friends and brag to them about how amazing the successor he found was?

Putting that aside, even Diana would make fun of him for a few days if she knew about this.

He was truly… humiliated.

Now that he lost, Lilith would definitely be even more reluctant to learn the White Jade Style.

“Alright then. Can we begin the lesson now, senior martial brother?”

Lilith dusted her hands after having enough fun. “I suddenly feel like learning that White Jade Style.”

“Huh? Why?”

Elder White almost couldn’t believe his ears. Was Lilith someone who would change her mind so easily?

“I suddenly have this immense interest in the skill that could make a man’s thing as hard and invincible as a rock.”

With a twisted smile on her face, Lilith continued, “At the same time, I also have this strong suspicion on your original intention when you created this skill, senior martial brother.”


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