Chapter 4-32: Discarded Pawns

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3311 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1535 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The demon mage was caught by Mr. Miguel, which meant that this little farce caused by Lilith’s late arrival had officially ended.

But of course, Lilith wasn’t going to admit that all of this had anything to do with her.

“This obviously has nothing to do with me. If Carol didn’t run into them when they’re having their little secret meeting, these demons wouldn’t have reacted that way. Besides, Mr. Miguel, you’re also partly responsible for feigning amnesia to deceive your naive students. You’re shameless for doing all these things to trick your students!”
“Do you not feel any guilt?”
“Not at all.”

Mr. Miguel had no interest in arguing about this with a student like Lilith. He turned his head to interrogate the mage.

“What is the purpose of your infiltration?”
“Hey, hey, purpose? What purpose? I don’t know anything.”
“You’re still going to act dumb at this point?”

Mr. Miguel kicked the mage in his stomach angrily, and the mage instantly curled up like a shrimp in pain.

The fact that he didn’t contribute much and even got beaten by his own students to this made Miguel extremely annoyed.

“Hey, it’s useless for you to beat me up. I’m not acting up. Lord Ogre was the only one who knew about the purpose of this infiltration to St. Caroline Academy.”

Under the hood of the black robes was a frail old man. He looked so emaciated that his eyes appeared to be deeply sunken and his eyeballs looked like they would fall out at any time, which was very terrifying.

However, he didn’t seem to be lying…

Mr. Miguel frowned.


He looked at the headless corpse lying by Lilith’s feet. “How did he die?”

“He asked for it.”

“I’m asking how? There are plenty of ways to die.”

“What else could it be? He did something he shouldn’t have… then his head exploded by itself with a bang,” Lilith replied innocently.

Of course she couldn’t say anything about the ring. Someone from the academy might inspect the ring…

The Dragon Queen wouldn’t differentiate between friends and foes. Anyone who touched her precious daughter’s ring with their filthy hands must die.

In any case, she wasn’t really lying.

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“Forget it. I don’t want to investigate how you killed a saint level expert either. It’s not surprising for someone rich like you to have a few treasures up your sleeve, but I hope you won’t use those dangerous things on your classmates. Not even once.”

“Of course. I have only used my fists on my classmates so far.”

“…Try not to use even your fists if you can.”

Mr. Miguel subconsciously rubbed his forehead. He still remembered how extremely terrifying were the two impacts he suffered from Lilith. If he hadn’t secretly protected his head with battle qi during the second time, he probably would’ve lost his memories for real.

Although the fact that Lilith’s true form was some sort of demon beast or monster was no longer a secret among the teachers, they still couldn’t help but wonder what kind of ferocious beast could possess such powerful physical strength at such a young age.

Could she be a dragon?

But of course, that was just a thought. Although the people of the Holy Dragon Empire were borderline fanatical about dragons, it might not be the case when they met a real one. If a real dragon really appeared, it would definitely cause great panic.

Besides, Miguel would never acknowledge Lilith was a dragon in his heart.

That was because real dragons were powerful, magnificent, and perfect creatures. How could it be a problematic student who only knew how to throw money and punches around?

If she was really a dragon, that would be a devastating blow.

“By the way, did you notice that our class was missing one person while we were playing the cat-and-mouse game?”
“Missing? Nope.”

Miguel recalled the number of students he captured in the forest today then replied confidently, “Everyone except you three was caught.”

“That’s weird then,” Lilith was puzzled. “That Ogre I met just now looked exactly like one of our classmates.”
“What? He looks like someone in our class?”
“Yeah, why?”

Miguel slapped his head as though he figured out something important.

“Oh no!”
“What’s wrong?”
“You mentioned that Carol was caught in this for running into their rendezvous with the spy from our academy. The three demons are now here, two dead and one injured. So the next question is, where is the spy?”

Realization dawned upon Lilith.

“Mr. Miguel, you mean to say that the spy had disguised himself as the student whom Ogre disguised as and slipped away?”
“Most likely…”

Mr. Miguel frowned deeply. The fact that there was a spy in the academy was more troublesome and worse than the infiltration of demons.

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Any slip-ups or failure to identify the spy in time would lead to huge losses and even put the safety of the students in jeopardy.

But as it stands, they didn’t even know which tier the spy belonged to in the academy.

It wouldn’t be much of a problem if the spy was only an ordinary teacher like himself. But if he was a professor or an elder who had access to the academy’s secrets, then the academy might be facing the biggest crisis since its founding.

“Damn! If I knew, I wouldn’t let those little rascals leave so soon!”

When Miguel sensed a demonic aura here just now, he evacuated all the students for the sake of their safety. Little did he know that his precaution would end up becoming a huge mistake.

The only clues left now was Carol, who was still unconscious, and the mage in front of him. However, it was still unknown as to how much the two knew about the spy.

“I’m so useless.”

For the very first time in his life, Miguel blamed himself.

The barrier that the enemy set up was right in front of him.

And his enemy was also right in front of him.

Yet he failed to see or do anything.

He was the failure of a teacher.

“Right, right, you are really useless. I think your classes are useless too. Why don’t you give me the privilege of skipping your class when I feel like it, so that I can…”

Before Lilith could finish speaking, she felt the sky spin.

“Ouch, that hurts!”

Miguel dusted his hands and sneered, “I may not be that powerful, but I have no problem in taking care of little rascals like you. And don’t even think about having the privilege of skipping my classes.”

Lilith sprung back up and pointed out indignantly, “Is this how you treat the great hero of the academy? If it weren’t for me, those demons would have hurt many innocent students.”

“We didn’t plan on hurting anyone…”

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The mage suddenly spoke up darkly, “It was you three who suddenly barged through our barrier and left me with no choice.”

“Nonsense! If that was the case, then how do you explain the words on the old crooked tree?”
“The words on the old crooked tree? What words?”
“You’re still playing dumb?”

Lilith pointed at the rather conspicuous old crooked tree nearby and the extremely conspicuous words on it.

“Get ready to pay the price for your arrogant speech, you arrogant flat-chested b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”

Miguel couldn’t help but be amused at this. It was very obvious who the person in this statement was referring to.

“See that? The words on the tree and the magical aura left on it? I only fell for it because of the trap you guys set on it!” Lilith gritted her teeth.

“Hey, hey… How… could that be?”

The mage had an unbelievable look on his face. “Lord Ogre did use that tree as one of the barrier supports, but we didn’t carve anything or leave any traps on it.”

All of a sudden, the mage seemed like he had a thought crossing his mind before his body started trembling violently.

“Hey… I see now… From the moment we were discovered… we were discarded…”

After saying that, a black insect about the size of a fingernail crawled out from the mage’s collar and quickly slipped into his mouth.

“Oh no, stop him!”

Miguel sensed that something wasn’t right and tried to stop him, but it was too late.

Black substance came out from the mage’s mouth, nose and eyes.


Lilith unleashed a healing scroll, but it was no use. The mage fell to the ground. A strong horrible stench escaped his body and he instantly stopped breathing.

“S̲h̲i̲t̲, too careless.”

Miguel regretted that he didn’t immediately do a body search and this actually gave the mage the ability to commit suicide.

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He didn’t expect the mage who appeared to be terrified of death would suddenly commit suicide either.

“Seems like that spy has planned to discard his pawns.”

Miguel picked up Carol who was still unconscious. “The spy’s next target is very likely to be Carol. To ensure her safety, I’ll take her to the vice principal immediately. Lilith, you bring Thea and Brea back to the dorm first.”



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