Chapter 4-31: The Girl’s Counterattack

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2311 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1426 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“No… No… Lilith… Thea… Help…”

A helpless girl cried and wailed in the hellish place.

“Someone… Come save me… quick…”

However, her words fell on deaf ears. There was no one else in this dimension aside from the demon mage in black who set this up.

No matter how hard Brea tried shouting for help, no one could hear her. No one would come to save her either.

Instead, the sounds she made excited those disgusting insects even more.

“Hey girl, didn’t I tell you that it’s futile to shout for help? Why do you insist on doing so? Can’t you just stay still and let my little cuties devour you?”

The mage was doing a strange dance that looked like some kind of ritual.

The strange insects crawled all over Brea’s delicate body, but none of them sunk their fangs into her yet. They all seemed to be waiting for the mage to complete his ritual.

However, waiting for death like this was even more tormenting.

“Please, I beg you… Get these insects away from me…”

Brea made her final desperate plea weakly. Her body had long been paralyzed from extreme fear.

“Hey, hey. How many times do I have to say it? No, no, no, no, no!! My little cuties will never come back until they fill their bellies.”

The mage wagged his skinny finger, like he was admonishing a naughty child.

At the same time, the black mage danced faster and faster as though he was approaching the end of the ritual.

“Soon! Everything will be over soon! Little girl, you’ll finally become the delicious meal served on a silver platter to my little cuties.”


Brea suddenly fell silent.

She lowered head to conceal her expression. She stopped struggling too and just allowed those disgusting insects to crawl all over her body. Even if they made terrifying noises, she remained motionless.

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“Hey, hey. What’s wrong, little girl? Did you die from fright?”
“Hey! Don’t die! My little cuties don’t eat corpses!”
“Hey, you can’t be that weak…”

The mage grew anxious. For the sake of keeping his identity under the wraps, his little cuties hadn’t had a good meal over the course of his long stay in the Holy Dragon Empire and they were long famished.

Now that there was finally a healthy little girl who would be a feast for them, she ended up being frightened to death?! Why do my little cuties have to suffer such a tragic fate?!


The mage’s eyes instantly lit up. She’s still alive? It seems like God hasn’t forsaken me yet!

“Hey, little girl. Don’t be afraid. My little cuties are very gentle, it won’t hurt.”

Of course it wouldn’t hurt, because she would be devoured by his little cuties within an instant.

Of course, the mage wasn’t a fool to say that out loud. The most important thing now was to assure the little girl, so that she wouldn’t die from fright before his ritual was completed.


However, Brea seemed to be so frightened that she was no longer in the right state of mind. Not only did she ignore his words, but she also kept repeating the same sentence like a broken record.

“Why… Why… Why…”

The mage in black robes frowned.

Did she really lose her mind?

Well it didn’t matter as long as she was still alive.

Just when he was about to speed up the ritual to avoid more troubles from arising…

Brea suddenly snapped her head up. Her eyes turned bloodshot as she shouted at the mage, “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO FORCE ME?!!!”

After saying that, Brea grabbed the centipede that tripped her earlier and shoved it into her mouth without any hesitation.

The centipede was decapitated before the mage could even react in time.

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Crunch, crunch, crunch…

Tastes like chicken. Crispy.

To the mage, it sounded no different than hearing his own child being skinned and eaten alive.


Brea completely ignored the mage. She finished off the centipede in two or three mouthfuls, then proceeded to grab another insect and swallowed it alive.


The mage no longer cared about his ritual and ordered his little cuties to start eating.


Brea let out a low growl. The insects that swarmed up to her hissed and started to quickly retreat as though they just met their predator.

The Brea who was paralyzed from fear was now replaced by a powerful warrior. With her high speed movements, no insects that she targeted could escape their fate from becoming Brea’s food.

“I didn’t want to do this… I didn’t want to do this… But… Why did you have to force me?”
“Hey… Just what kind of monster are you…?”

The mage trembled violently. He never witnessed such a terrifying scene in his entire life.

He raised them. They ate, slept, tortured and killed humans together. His ruthless little cuties never left his side. They were like his own children, but all of them were being devoured alive by the devil in front of him.

What could be more terrifying to watch than that?

“They’re so cute! How could you bring yourself to eat them?!”

The mage rushed toward Brea with tears in his eyes. Magical power erupted from his body as he tried to stop Brea from mutilating his little cuties.

It was at this moment, the sky suddenly cracked.

The mage lifted his head to look at the sunlight that seeped through the cracks in the sky in disbelief.

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“How is this possible?! How could the barrier set by Lord Ogre disappear this quickly? Could it be…”

The most impossible, yet only possibility that could explain the situation in front of him suddenly popped into his mind…

“Impossible! Lord Ogre is a saint rank expert! There’s no way he would be killed off by someone just like that!!”
“Nothing is impossible. He was seeking death.”

The mage turned his head and followed the voice, only to discover that it belonged to Lilith.

She held the unconscious Carol in her arms. A headless corpse laid beside her feet.

Lilith kept her eyes on the mage as soon as she arrived and tried her best to not look at Brea who was indulging in the ‘terrible feast’.

She expected nothing less of the woman who conquered all eighteen challenges of the Dark Cooking Club. Eating insects was just a walk in the park for her.

Even the president of the Dark Cooking Club would sigh in defeat if he was here witnessing this.

“H-How could it be…”

The mage was able to identify right away that the headless corpse was none other than the main person in charge of this operation. He was also the strongest among them; the saint rank expert who set up this barrier, Lord Ogre.

With his head gone, he was undoubtedly dead.

“Li…lith, I’m dying…”

Thea laid weakly on the ground nearby, looking like every ounce of energy had been squeezed out from her. Beside her lay the corpse of a huge purple python.

It seemed like the three of them weren’t that far away from each other; they just got separated by the barrier.

“Lady Purple… is dead too?!”

The mage felt his head buzzing. This was more than all the shocks he received in his life added up together.

No, he must escape first!

Otherwise, he would be trapped here and then be eaten by that monster!

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The mage looked at his little cuties that were scuttling away while hissing. He gritted his teeth and then stomped his feet angrily.

Farewell, my little cuties. Daddy loves you all, but the enemy is too much of a sicko!

A large amount of smoke spewed out from under his black robes, instantly concealing his figure.

Just when the mage was about to escape, he was punched by a huge fist.

Mr. Miguel shook his fist and scanned the messy scene with a frown. “Can someone tell me what happened here?”

Lilith quickly dropped Carol, then smeared Ogre’s still warm blood on her face and lowered herself to the ground like Thea.

“You finally came, Mr. Miguel… If you came a step too late, you probably won’t see us anymore…” she sobbed.


Miguel looked at the headless corpse, the python with a huge dent in its skull and the mage in black who ran into his fist while fleeing.

“Why do I feel like… that’s not the case…?”


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