Chapter 4-214: Excitement

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2767 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1746 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Winner, Princess Luna!”

The judge announced the winner, yet the applause and cheers from the audience were sparse. It was almost as if most people were unsatisfied with this outcome.

Princess Luna threw a quick glance at Elliot who struggled to get up even with the help of an instructor, as well as the apathetic audience, then lost all her interest.

Ahhh, how boring.

She initially thought the famous demon wolf Elliot would bring her some entertainment, but it turned out that he was just a weak kitten.

How did this guy manage to become the president of the Inhuman Club that was known for being one of the three most toxic clubs in the academy? So even the best academy in the continent is actually a boring place?

At the thought of this, Princess Luna was bummed out.

The appearance of the Ancient Ruins was an interesting event, but she missed the fun because she was busy with her breakthrough. Just the thought missing the fun got her seething in anger.

Princess Luna came down from the arena stage, where an elegant and easygoing young man was already waiting for her.

“Great job out there, Your Highness.”

The young man seemed afraid to look Princess Luna in the eye. He hurriedly lowered his gaze and offered a towel for her to dry herself up.

However, Princess Luna did not take it. Instead, she lifted his chin with one finger and forced his gaze to meet her own.

“I should have told you this before. You do not need to be so respectful. You are the president of the Student Council. You must not act like a goon.”

“Your Highness is of noble status, I dare not overstep the boundary.” The president of the Student Council immediately averted his gaze, not daring to hold the princess’ gaze.

“Tch.” Princess Luna clicked her tongue at his reaction.

Boring. How very boring.

The president of the Student Council and the demon wolf Elliot whom she had just easily defeated, both of them bore her to death.

Was there no one in this academy that could pique her interest? Or could it be that this world itself was uninteresting?

Ever since she was just a child, everyone she met was all the same. No matter how tough or prideful they were, they would all end up like the president of Student Council after a bit of trai~ning.

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They were no different than toys fitted with a spring that could bend in every direction to amuse children.

Soooo boring.

Was there no one else who was a bit more mentally resilient? Someone who could totally make her tremble with excitement?

All she yearned for was someone who had a mind that was as resilient as steel.

After all, there was nothing more exciting in this world than polishing and sculpting someone’s mind.

“Hmm? Really?” the judge exclaimed in disbelief when he received a message off the stage.

After promptly receiving an affirmative answer, the judge’s expression turned doubtful. Even so, he still loudly announced, “First-year student, Lilith, issued a challenge to seventh-year student, Princess Luna.”

The announcement immediately caused quite a stir. The audience went wild.

To think that a first-year student would dare to issue her senior a challenge under such rules! Not only that, the person she challenged was one of the strongest in the seventh-year! Had she lost her mind?

Whether the challenger had lost her mind or not, everyone in the audience knew that a great show awaited them and that was all that mattered.

Princess Luna, on the other hand, raised her eyebrows in surprise.


Where had she heard of this name before?


“Rascal, you’re really going to challenge Princess Luna?” Elder Mord asked. His eyes were huge as saucers, as if he could hardly fathom Lilith’s decision.

“Of course. I’ve already signed up. I must go,” Lilith said indifferently, oblivious to how absurd her decision was to the others.

Elder Mord hastily turned his gaze to the vice dean. He gave the old man an urging look that was asking him to rescue this poor child who was sick in the head and stop her from doing something crazy.

However, the vice dean merely smiled and said, “Since Lilith has decided, who am I to stop you? But I thought you said you would recommend another candidate?”

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“She, well…” Lilith threw a glance under the table in front of her and said, “She’s definitely the grand finale. Before then, I’ll warm the stage up for her.”

The vice dean stroked his beard. “Then I shall look forward to your performance.”

Since Lilith was personally recommended by the former academy representative, Durance, he was certain that her performance would be beyond everyone’s expectation.

In any case, one of the hidden agenda of this tournament was to determine the new academy representative. Ever since Durance came out from the Ancient Ruins, he had been showing signs of breaking through the saint realm. According to the academy’s rules, any student who broke through the saint realm would be allowed to graduate, regardless of the year he was currently studying in. The vice dean turned his attention to Princess Luna, who had just walked off the stage.

He recalled that there were three popular candidates for the academy representative this year.

The first was Princess Luna. Although she just broke through the ninth rank, she was an extremely rare individual who specialized in both magic and martial arts. With her own exceptional talent, receiving the best teaching in the royal family since childhood, and a remarkable bloodline, her strength naturally far surpassed her peers. On top of that, no one in the academy had seen her using both magic and martial arts yet. This had surely allowed her to have an edge on the rest.

The second was a reclusive martial nerd. Now that the vice dean thought about it, this student had not been seen for two or three years. It was said that he was still living in seclusion. His current strength was unknown, but the vice dean had a hunch that he should be very powerful by now. And indeed, he unsurprisingly ranked among the top ten this time despite not fighting at his full strength yet.

As for the third, it was the president of the Disciplinary Committee, Diana, who was only studying in the fourth year. She was also the disciple and adopted daughter of Elder White, an important figure in the academy. At the same time, she was also the youngest grand magister in the continent.

She had a special affinity with magic and comprehended Omni Magic a year ago by coincidence. Since she was compatible with all kinds of magic and elements in the world, her real strength was unfathomable.

However… The vice dean could not help but feel regrettable at the thought of this.

After Elder White fell ill, she seemed to have taken a temporary leave of absence to take care of him. Because of that, she did not take part in the tournament.

No matter. The other two candidates were already in the seventh grade. In another year, she would be truly unrivaled in this academy.

To ensure fair competition, everyone was given at least two hours of break between two matches to recover their strength. However, Princess Luna chose not to rest.

This meant as soon as the demon wolf Elliot left the stage, the highly anticipated “suicidal challenge” against the seventh-year student issued by the first-year student had officially begun.

“Please get in your position.”

Following the judge’s order, both Lilith and Princess Luna entered the arena stage. They took their respective positions and stood about fifty meters apart before starting to scrutinize each other.

“Not bad. I shall acknowledge your courage.” Princess Luna was the first to break the silence. Her usual condescension was present in her tone and it irritated Lilith greatly.

Who the hell are you to be acknowledging me?

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This woman was just as annoying as Elder Mord had described. When it came to annoying people, Lilith always had her own way of dealing with them.

“Shut up, old hag.”

Lilith put her hands on her waist and stuck her chest out. With a voice that was loud enough for thousands of people in the audience to hear, she said, “Your rotten stench is choking me.”

“O-Old… hag?”

Princess Luna’s face froze and the audience went dead silent.

“You called me an old hag?”

“Yeah? Aren’t you one in front of the cutest and most beautiful loli in the world?” Lilith did not forget to strike a cute pose while saying that. “Or are you so old and delirious that you can’t understand what I’m saying?”


Princess Luna’s beautiful eyes widened in anger. Ever since she enrolled into the academy… no, for as long as she remembered, this was the first time anyone had dared to mock her in the face. Not even her father had said something like that to her!

Hoho… How…interesting.

It was then Princess Luna suddenly recalled the identity of the blonde loli in front of her.

The first-year student had subdued the Inhuman Club, and was also the first to ever become the vice president of the Disciplinary Committee in the shortest amount of time. She publicly mocked everyone during the opening ceremony. According to rumors, she seemed to share an inexplicable relationship with Elder Mord because she was never punished despite repeatedly violating the academy’s rules.

She could somewhat be considered a legend among the new generations of the academy. At one point, this Lilith even piqued her curiosity. The princess recalled that she even sent someone to bring Lilith over, but the meeting never happened in the end because of her breakthrough.

To think that Lilith was actually brave enough to stand in front of her now. Ahhh, what else could she be if not a toy that God sent to relieve her boredom?

“Ha… ha…”

Princess Luna suddenly started panting with a flushed face.

Not good.

This girl actually got her excited for once.

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She wanted to grab this delicate girl and play with her to her heart’s content so badly~

Princess Luna’s pale golden eyes were glued on Lilith. The tip of her tongue flicked across her scarlet lips seductively.

The princess could only pray that her new toy would not break too quickly.


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