Chapter 4-215: A Convincing Act

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2420 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1421 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Let the match begin.”

After confirming that both parties were ready, the judge commenced the match. However, neither of them moved.

For some reason, Princess Luna had her head down. The shadows perfectly concealed her eyes. On the other hand, Lilith purely felt that there was no need for her to strike first.

So far, Lilith’s opponents had all been absurdly powerful beings. Hence, she did not feel that an ordinary person like Princess Luna could possibly pose much of a threat.

Princess Luna suddenly lifted her head. A weird smile appeared on her face as she asked a question that was completely unrelated to the tournament, “Hey, Lilith. Do you still remember the biggest rule of this academy?”

Before Lilith could answer, she went on explaining, “The loser shall obey the winner. This is the biggest rule of St. Caroline Academy, and also the reason I have come here.”

After saying that, Princess Luna’s cheeks turned rosy at a speed visible to the naked eye. Her delicate legs started trembling unnoticeably under her gorgeous dress.

“Come on, Lilith. Let’s play a game together.”

The princess looked at Lilith as if blonde loli was a prey that she must capture.

“Since you dare to come onto this stage, you surely have some confidence in your own strength, right? In that case, why don’t we spice up this boring match a little?”

Lilith furrowed her brows and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Very simple. How about we bet ourselves for this match? If I win, then you shall become my possession. Likewise, if you win, then…”

Princess Luna placed a finger on her crimson lips then slowly slid it down her slender neck and then finally her ample bosoms. At that moment, everyone’s eyes were drawn to her cleavage.

“Every part of me… shall become yours, Lilith.”

Like a brightly colored viper, the teasing look in her eyes was deadly yet extremely attractive.

Princess Luna smiled when she caught the gulping noises coming from the audience with her keen hearing.

Yes, no one can resist me.

Not only because of her unrivaled beauty, but also knowing that trampling over a noble princess was no longer a dream beyond their reach.

Both men and women alike would find this unspeakable thrill of conquest irresistible, especially for those from the bottom of the social class. Just a sliver of hope that they could touch the sky was enough to make them pounce like hounds that had lost their minds.

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This had always been proven true every time.

The image of having Lilith in the palm of her hand was already floating in Princess Luna’s mind…

“I refuse.”
“Ahah, I knew it. You can’t possibly refuse… HUH?!”

Princess Luna could not help but gasp in surprise. She was even ready to say the script that she had prepared, but Lilith’s refusal caught her by surprise.

“What do you mean by rejecting me?”

Lilith frowned with some impatience.

“A rejection is a rejection. What else can it mean?”

Lilith only came on the stage to put on an impromptu performance to teach the princess a lesson on behalf of the vice dean and Elder Mord, so she did not want to get further involved in other things.

Although she must admit… the proposal that Princess Luna made was indeed very tempting. In the past, Lilith would have definitely accepted it. How could she say no to an offer that was no different than the princess surrendering herself to her?

However, she could only apologize now…

Her eyes swept over those delightful bosoms.

I, Lilith, am not who I used to be.

Her eyes swept over that slender waist.

I will never betray Lesiah just because some woman offered herself.

Her eyes swept over those long, slender thighs that were peeking out from under the hem of the skirt every time it fluttered.

No matter how beautiful this woman is, not even a single indecent thought will cross my mind.

Yes. I, Lilith, am an honest and loyal person.

Lilith gave the princess a displeased look and said, “So, are we fighting or not? My time is very precious.”

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“Heh… heh… I-I’m really starting to get more and more interested in you.”

Despite Lilith’s rejection, Princess Luna’s sense of excitement had not faded in the slightest. It could even be said that it was intensified. She was even starting to pant.

“But you can’t reject this. Don’t forget, this is the Holy Dragon Empire, and I am one of the most powerful few in this empire,” the princess said with a dangerous smile on her face.

“Reject me, and you’ll see that your friends and your family who are in the Holy Dragon Empire may suddenly mysteriously disappear one day.”

Lilith raised her eyebrow and asked, “You’re… threatening me?”

“No. I’m merely stating the fact.”

“I see, I see. I totally get it.”

This woman must be the type that never gives up until the day they stop breathing. Hehe, to think that she even dared to threaten me with my family’s safety. I’ve never seen someone like her, at least in this world. Not even your dad speaks this boldly.

“In that case, then I accept. I’ll agree to this bet,” Lilith said with a smile on her face.

Two pillars of light poured from the sky. Under everyone’s astonished gaze, the two basked in the light and then disappeared.

That was a great formation created during the founding of the academy, and also the light of the academy’s rules. It was an indication that their bet was officially in effect.

“As expected of Lilith, you really know how to do things,” the princess said, as if she had everything under control. “I hope you will make me get serious now.”

“Rest assured.” Lilith cracked her knuckles with an amiable smile on her face. “I’ll make you get very serious.”

Lilith stomped her foot on the ground, which instantly shattered under the impact. Taking the initiative to strike, she became a blur as she charged over fifty meters like it was a meter. In just an instant, she reappeared in front of Princess Luna.

It was a simple attack—a fist right in the face.

However, Princess Luna remained calm and composed.

“Do you think that I don’t know that you’re not an ordinary human, Lilith? After all the ruckus you’ve caused in the past, it was only natural that I’d do a background check on you. Well, I quickly got distracted soon after that because I was busy with my breakthrough.”

Princess Luna swiftly lifted her hand and caught Lilith’s fist, easily neutralizing the latter’s powerful attack.

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“Is that so? I feel like you don’t know anything though.”

Lilith immediately drew back after striking, seemingly having no intention to continue attacking. However, Princess Luna quickly realized something was wrong.

Her hand that caught Lilith’s fist was starting to shake uncontrollably. How could such a simple attack affect her this way?

Unfortunately, before she even had the time to mull over it, Lilith launched her next attack. It was another simple punch, without any fancy moves.

However, the light around Lilith’s fist was distorted noticeably.

Naturally, Princess Luna did not dare to take it head on this time. She moved like a breeze, easily evading her opponent’s fist. Before she could even heave a sigh of relief…

“It’s not over yet.”

A playful laugh rang in her ears, causing her pupils to shrink and her heart to race wildly.

Lilith’s speed was far superior to hers.The princess failed to even see the movements of the petite girl. All she could sense was her opponent’s presence approaching her at a high speed.


A low groan escaped her lungs. The sharp pain in her abdomen caused the princess’ vision to turn black.

Her legs gave way and she fell to her knees. Her stomach churned like there was a storm forming in it. The princess retched, but nothing came up. Transparent fluid mixed with a little blood leaked out from the corner of her mouth. She looked extremely pathetic.

Lilith retracted her fist. She clasped her small hand over her mouth, pretending to be surprised.

“Oh my. Your Highness, you haven’t even gotten serious yet. Why are you acting that way? Everyone in the audience could be my witness. No matter how convincing of an act you put on, you’re not going to extort any money out of me.”


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