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Chapter 4-213: Meeting Another Princess

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3027 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1893 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The battle on the arena stage was already in full swing.

In order to speed up the contest as much as possible, hundreds of other battles were happening concurrently at the other arenas in the academy. On top of that, professors proficient in healing magic were on standby and breaks between each battle were extremely short. With that, the duration of the contest with several thousand participants was surprisingly shortened to just a few days.

“Will such a tight arrangement affect the students’ performance?” Elder Mord could not help but question when he saw the exhausted students under the arena stage.

The vice dean stroked his beard and said, “No, this can be considered part of the test for the students. After all, stamina is also a very important criterion in both daily life and actual combat.”

“I see your point now,” Elder Mord replied respectfully. “Stamina is indeed especially important for male students. As expected of the Vice Dean, your perspective on things is far superior than the rest of us.”
“Elder Mord isn’t too bad either. You actually managed to read between the lines of my statement.”
“Haha, oh you flatter me.”
“You’re being modest.”
“You two old men…. were definitely talking about something filthy, right?”

A cold voice suddenly interrupted their shower of compliments, causing the two faces that were smiling as brightly as the sun on a warm spring day to stiffen immediately.

The atmosphere instantly fell silent.

The vice dean and Elder Mord looked at each other with doubts in their eyes.

How did… such a young girl figured out what they were talking about?

“Haha, this old man has absolutely no idea what Lilith is talking about.”

The vice dean subconsciously wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and smiled. “What do you mean by filthy? I haven’t the slightest clue what you’re talking about.”


The two then found themselves scrutinized by an extremely penetrating gaze.

However, Lilith soon lost her desire to prod any further. Once again, she returned her attention to the intense battle on the arena stage.

“Forget it, I don’t have any evidence anyway.”

While saying that, she secretly stuffed the spectrum stone that had recorded the two’s banter into her chest pocket.

“After all, I’m not that knowledgeable in things like that.”


Lilith was not sure if it would be of any use in the future, but it was always good to gather more blackmail materials on the senior officers of the academy. Maybe one day they would come in handy. She would be able to extort Mordy with it and make him submit to her very soon.

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If she were lucky enough to pull the same on the vice dean, then the academy was as good as in her hands.

No wonder smart people throughout the ages loved using this method to usurp power. It was indeed thrilling.

Lilith closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then looked up at the sky and let out an emotional sigh.

Women and power are indeed the most desirable things in this world.


Cracking dirty jokes during a chat had always been an extremely normal thing between men who shared a close relationship with each other. As long as it was done discreetly enough, no child would be able to catch any of it. However, Lilith appeared to be very well-versed with it. It was almost as if she was highly experienced.

For a moment, the atmosphere turned rather awkward. The vice dean had to forcefully change the subject in order to break the awkwardness.

“Ahem, who do you think will win, Lilith?”

The contest had finally reached the final stage. This meant that after this contest, the five winners among the remaining ten contestants would be the academy’s representatives during the Great Celestial Rite.

On the arena stage, the battle between a werewolf and a beautiful girl in a gorgeous dress was reaching its climax. The werewolf stood at least three meters tall and had a huge body covered with jet-black fur.

Lilith was caught by surprise when she recognized that the werewolf was none other than Elliot, the demon wolf who led the Inhuman Club and had a run-in with her back then.

Strictly speaking, Lilith recalled that Inhuman Club was hers after kicking them in the a̲s̲s̲ back then. Too bad she had been too busy to care about the club that she had almost completely forgotten about by now.

“If you ask me who will win… then I’m pretty sure it’ll be that young girl.”
“Oh, what makes you say that?” the vice dean asked curiously.

Based on the current situation on the arena stage, the demon wolf Elliot was clearly winning. Under his torrent of attacks, the girl could only stay on the defensive. Every blow Elliot delivered was slowly forcing her to back up until she was almost at the edge of the stage.

From the looks of it, it seemed like another attack from the demon wolf Elliot would push the girl out of the stage and get her disqualified.

In this situation, anyone would think that Elliot had a better chance of winning. Yet Lilith strangely believed that the girl would win instead.

Could it be that… she noticed something unusual?

Lilith rolled her eyes to express her disdain at the vice dean for asking such a brain-dead question. Even so, in the spirit of a fellow colleague, she explained patiently, “That girl is a martial warrior, right? To be able to retain such gracefulness when fighting as a warrior in a skirt is an indication that she is not only holding back, but also holding back a lot of her strength.”

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The vice dean was taken aback. Although Lilith’s perspective was extremely unique, she had no doubt made a brilliant point.

After all, the girl who did an earth-shattering handstand to perform a whirlwind attack with her legs and flashing her little teddy panties in the process last year was the reason why he ordered all female students to wear shorts under their uniforms.

Lilith was not wrong. That young girl was definitely much stronger than the demon wolf Elliot.

The situation on the stage changed.

Just when most people thought that the famous demon wolf Elliot from the sixth year was about to win, the girl suddenly shifted to the offensive. Her delicate palm turned into a blur before leaving a print on Elliot’s chest.

Elliot staggered backward several steps from the impact. Before he could react with a counterattack, a fair leg hit his waist hard.

The leg was slender and lean without an ounce of fat, but could deliver a thousand pounds of force. A muffled groan was heard by everyone in the audience before the demon wolf promptly spurted a mouthful of blood and collapsed on the ground, showing no signs of getting up again.

Lilith smacked her lips with a regretful look on her face.

The girl managed to protect whatever underneath her skirt until the very final moment. How regrettable… It seemed like her victory was easier than Lilith had expected.

“She’s no ordinary girl, right?” Lilith suddenly asked.

“Anyone who can easily defeat Elliot naturally isn’t.”

“No, I’m talking about her identity.” Lilith pointed to her gorgeous long dress. “Among all the participants, she is the only one not wearing a uniform. I won’t believe that she’s an ordinary student even if you tell me she is.”

Besides, the gracefulness that was inadvertently revealed by her gestures already gave her away.

The vice dean stroked his beard and sighed. “Nothing really escapes your eyes, Lilith. That young girl is none other than the thirteenth princess of the Holy Dragon Empire, Princess Luna.”

“A princess?” Lilith was stunned. She did not expect that her casual question would lead to the discovery of a princess.


Lilith noticed another piece of information.

“That’s right. His Majesty the Emperor has a total of thirty-nine children and Princess Luna is one of the youngest princesses and also his most favorite. I heard that His Majesty even bestowed upon her a high-grade sacred artifact, which has been passed down the royal family for generations, during her coming of age ceremony. How enviable!”

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“I could tell from the look on your face that you don’t really seem to be fond of that thirteenth princess, Vice Dean.”

Elder Mord who was standing at the side suddenly snorted and said, “Of course. In fact, I think not many… no, actually no one in the entire academy likes her.”

Lilith was surprised.

“You must be exaggerating.”

“Of course not. If memory serves, you’re still the vice president of the Disciplinary Committee, right? Are you aware that the Disciplinary Committee’s authority was derived from the Student Council?”

Elder Mord crossed his arms in front of his chest. He watched the princess who was basking in the glory of her triumph on the stage and said coldly, “Ever since Princess Luna came to the academy and joined the Student Council, she has been relying on her status to form cliques and engage in shady business. The Student Council turned into a mess because of her. Had I not pulled the Disciplinary Committee out in time back then, I fear to even imagine what this academy would become in her hands.”

Lilith raised an eyebrow. “Her actions have obviously violated the rules of the academy. Why are you all not doing anything about her?”


Both Mord and the vice dean suddenly fell silent, wearing a strange expression on their faces.

“Don’t tell me…”

Lilith leaned closer to them and winked at them. “You guys wimped out because she’s a princess?”

“Who are you calling a wimp!” Elder Mord thundered with anger, as if he had just received the greatest insult in his life. “When have I ever been a wimp?! It’s just… It’s just that…”

The vice dean continued for Elder Mord, “It’s just that Princess Luna is not the kind of brainless fool who only relies on her status. She’s just very good at exploiting loopholes. She hides behind the scenes and uses others like her puppets so she won’t dirty her hands. No one can catch her red-handed. Not even the academy. I have to admit, St. Caroline Academy hasn’t been in a good position ever since the dean departed.”

“I see, I see. I get it now.” Lilith crossed her arms and nodded as if she understood everything.

“To put it bluntly, you guys wimped out, right? Otherwise, I’m pretty sure all the professors and instructors in the academy could have easily handled one student. All of you are in the position that could easily and deliberately make things hard for her, like spanking her if she couldn’t answer a question in class. Don’t tell me you guys couldn’t bring yourselves to do this either?”

“You!” Elder Mord instantly shot Lilith a glare.

However, Lilith continued speaking without giving him the opportunity to express his fury, “Alright, since the vice dean accepted my conditions so readily, I will return the favor to all of you.”


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Seeing the puzzled look on both of their faces, Lilith smiled. “I shall do what all of you want but don’t dare to do… I’ll teach that thirteenth princess a lesson.”


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