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Chapter 4-210: Visit

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2267 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1367 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The owner of the imitation holy sword and the first dean of St. Caroline Academy were perhaps the same person— the transmigrator who hailed from Lilith’s previous world.

This was the final verdict.

Although that person’s whereabouts remained unknown at this point, Lilith had a feeling that she was not dead yet. After all, transmigrators were usually overpowered. This was common knowledge.

Yet for some reason, her predecessor’s existence was forcibly erased by some kind of power. All information about her was lost in the long river of time, impossible to be recovered.

The current dean of the academy was said to be a peak saint. If even he could not find any trace of her, then what were the odds for Lilith?

Oh well, Lilith figured she should just let nature take its course.

She let out a silent sigh.

Lilith only wanted to find out about her predecessor out of curiosity since she was a fellow transmigrator and also a missing puzzle piece in Cornelia’s dream world. Since the information was lost, she could only give up her endeavor.

After all, the ability to silently erase every trace of a powerful existence on a world scale and even extending to other worlds, was not something that the current Lilith could comprehend.

It would seem like this world, where the demigod was the highest attainable realm, was not as simple as Lilith had imagined.

Although the vice dean arrived later, he only had the appetite of an ordinary human. He put the last bite of food into his mouth, then stood up and left a few copper coins on the table.

“I’ve said everything that needs to be said, so I shall take my leave now.”

Lilith acknowledged with a nod.

The vice dean gave Lilith a small smile but did not seem angered by Lilith’s impoliteness. He nodded to her other two companions, then turned around and left.

As soon as the vice dean left, Lilith felt a piercing gaze from somewhere.

“Alright, feel free to ask away,” Lilith said as she set her cutlery down and straightened up.

Hearing that, Brea immediately rushed over. She grabbed Lilith’s neck and started shaking her hard. She opened her pure eyes as wide as possible to show Lilith her inner turmoil.

“Whoa, Lilith! When were you this close with the vice dean? What were those conditions about? Does that mean I have to call you Elder Lilith in the future?”

“Elder Lilith? That has a nice ring to it.” Lilith’s lips curled into a smile. “Well, it’s not a big deal. I just did a small favor for the vice dean, and agreeing to those conditions were just the rewards he gave me in return.”

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“Are you sure those rewards could be exchanged with a small favor?!”

“Don’t mind the little details. Brea, you should be thinking about something else…” Lilith drew closer to Brea’s pretty face and said in a beguiling voice, “With my protection in the future, you can do~ whatever~ you~ want~ in the academy~.”

“Whatever I want?”

Brea stood rooted to the spot, her cheeks gradually turning rose red. As an introvert who had never broken any rules, she failed to understand the true meaning of “doing whatever you want”.

“As long as I’m around, there won’t be any problem even if you peek into the male bathroom in the future.”

Lilith leaned closer to Brea and whispered into her ear like a devil.

“W-What…? That kind of thing…”

Steam visible to naked eye rose from the top of Brea’s head, and her eyes swirled.

“I can’t do that kind of thing! People will think I am a perverted girl!”
“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine as long as Elder Lilith is around~”
“R-Really…? But…”

Brea shook her little head like she was drunk, even her speech started slurring.

Brea’s cute reaction spurred Lilith on to tease her more, but another person’s reaction surprised Lilith even more.

“Hehe, peeking into the male bathroom…”

Her eyes sparkled and her cheeks turned rosy. She even started panting a little as drool leaked out of the corner of her mouth.

Most importantly, she was none other than…

“Uhh… Thea?”

The saintess from the Luminous Theocracy.

“Huh?! What is it?”

Thea quickly wiped away her drool and straightened up. Her actions were so smooth that Lilith almost thought her eyes were playing tricks on her earlier.

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However, the rosy color that remained on the saintess’ cheeks told her that everything Lilith saw was real.

The former saintess definitely got excited when she said they could peek into the male bathroom whenever they pleased!

“Why do you keep staring at me, Lilith? Did a flower bloom on my face?” Thea asked calmly.

Her eyes were clear and devoid of unholy thoughts. Even the surrounding light elements were attracted to her. They all gathered around her, shrouding her in a faint layer of glow.

She was perfect, flawless, holy and glowed softly like the stars. A fitting image for someone who was a divine messenger.

Even so, she could not fool Lilith’s profound eyes. Only those who had experienced darkness could understand the horror of darkness. Similarly, only those who had experience in being a pervert, could understand how a pervert behaved.

Hence, to Lilith, who had extended her claws at Lesiah while disguised as a perverted loli countless times, all these manifestations were too familiar.

Lilith patted Thea’s shoulder and exclaimed emotionally, “I see. It seems like I’m not the only one who has changed during this period of time.”

She sighed, like how an old father would when he realized that his daughter had finally grown up.

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about Lilith.”

Although Thea tried hard to deny it, Lilith still felt immensely happy for her.

After all, the way Thea acted just now was so much better than the saintess who always had to fake a smile.


Unfortunately, time did not permit Lilith to find out what exactly happened to Thea during the time she entered the dream world for now. The regular exam for the seniors was fast approaching, and she still had things she needed to do before that.

“Is this Elder White’s residence?”

In front of Lilith was an ordinary wooden house that was far from luxurious. It looked a bit old, with various green growths covering the walls. The wooden house was located deep in the forest, giving it an air of mystery.

Various stone equipment that seemed to be used for training laid out in the open space in front of the wooden house. However, they were all already covered with moss and looked like it had not been used for at least a few years.

“What are you doing here?”

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A slightly guarded and familiar voice came from the side. Lilith turned around and found that it belonged to Diana, the president of the Disciplinary Committee.

“Yo, my martial niece. Why are you not welcoming me? I came all the way to visit you!” Lilith crossed her arms in front of her chest and teased her.


A throbbing blue vein appeared on Diana’s temple, but quickly disappeared. Diana forced a smile on her face.

“My apologies, I can’t welcome Martial Aunt here for the time being. Please turn around and leave now.”

With that, Diana entered the wooden house without waiting to see if Lilith was really going to leave.

Something was not right.

That was what Lilith’s instinct told her as she watched Diana’s back disappearing into the house.

Her attitude toward Lilith now and not long ago were like she was two completely different people.

Lilith refused to believe the saying that women were quick to turn hostile to others due to their unpredictable mood swings. There must be some reason behind Diana’s sudden change in attitude toward her.

Therefore, Lilith naturally set foot in the wooden house uninvited to follow Diana.

As soon as Lilith was inside, she could not help but wrinkle her nose.

Her nostrils were assaulted by the pungent smell of herbs, as well as an odd scent of something decaying.


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