Chapter 4-209: Thoughts

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2322 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1394 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Lilith absent-mindedly picked at the food on her plate. Truth be told, she did not have much interest in what the vice dean had told her.

After the experience in Cornelia’s dream, she felt that she had grown up. She was no longer the kid who found joy in bullying her enemies. Therefore, beating up her supposedly unbeatable seniors on an arena ring in the academy was no longer something that could interest her.

Yes. She had a family (not true) now. She should be more mature and composed instead of acting recklessly out of her self-interest.

She must think of others.

With that in mind, Lilith set her fork and knife down. She clasped her hands and rested her chin on them. With an extremely serious voice, she said to the vice dean, “Can… I recommend another candidate instead?”

“Hmm? You have someone in mind, Lilith?”
“Yes, this person is even stronger than me.”
“Is that true?”
“Of course.”

The vice dean was a bit surprised. To be honest, if the former student representative, Durance, had not recommended Lilith so strongly, he would not have believed how much power dwelled in this petite girl in front of him.

With the idea that having one more candidate meant having one more variant on the outcome, the vice dean decided to personally deliver his invitation to Lilith. Since the Great Celestial Rite was the grandest festival in the Holy Dragon Empire, the outcome of the tournament would very likely affect the future of the academy. Hence, they could not afford to lose.

Besides, to be able to hand out a hundred million gold coins while still keeping her background a secret from the academy, this Lilith was definitely not simple either.

And now, the person whom the former student representative strongly recommended had another recommended candidate and also outright claimed that this person was more powerful than her.

When did so many outstanding students appear in the academy without their knowledge?

The vice dean let out a soft sigh at his own oblivion and incompetency.

He was even starting to look forward to witnessing how powerful the person who was recommended by the former student representative was, and whether she would be able to light up the eyes of a knowledgeable high ranking saint like himself.

The vice dean agreed with a nod.

“All right. If the candidate you are going to recommend is willing, then he may participate in your stead.”

Lilith clapped happily but then suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, by the way, have you considered the conditions I gave?” she asked the vice dean.

“Uh…” The vice dean’s cheeks suddenly began to twitch visibly. The atmosphere fell silent for a moment before the vice dean broke it with a bitter smile. “Well, you have already helped the academy to pay off that one hundred million. How can I say no to you?”

Lilith nodded.

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Though he was a little dim, it looked like the vice dean could be considered a “good person” in general.

Oh well, she never really had to pay the one hundred million in the first place either.

“The first condition. That little girl named Cornelia who is with you… Although she is still young, the academy never really specified the age of admission. In fact, it is common to see one or two students who are far from the average age here every year. We are fine with having her name in the registry temporarily. If she seeks to improve her cultivation with the academy in the future, she will still have to undergo an examination. This is an iron rule in the academy that cannot be broken.”

“Not an issue.”

Lilith smiled slyly. “But I believe that you will acknowledge Cornelia’s capabilities very soon, Vice Dean.”

“Is that so? Then I shall look forward to it. As for the second condition… To be honest, this condition makes me somewhat suspicious of your intentions.”

The Vice Dean’s world-weary eyes glinted and asked in a serious voice, “If I may ask, why do you insist on being… an elder in St. Caroline Academy?”

Lilith crossed her arms and said matter-of-factly, “Of course it’s so that I can show off… I mean… broaden my horizon. The higher you go, the further you see, right? I believe that becoming an elder will allow me to gain more insight into the academy and help with my personal development. After all, getting to the top has always been my aspiration.”

The vice dean nodded slightly, but Lilith was not sure if he bought her story.

“Well, I can allow it if it’s just a nominal elder without any real power.”

“Eh?” Lilith was caught off guard by the vice dean’s direct answer.

She initially thought that the vice dean would be adamant in denying her request. Little did she expect that he would agree so easily. Lilith was even ready to compromise and settle for a lower position, such as the president of Student Council or Disciplinary Committee.

Although he only agreed to make her a nominal elder without any power, anyone knew that the “elder” position definitely came with some power.

The vice dean probably noticed Lilith’s surprise and continued explaining, “It’s because Lilith can be considered the academy’s benefactor.”

What he did not know was Lilith was also the culprit that forced the academy to hand over a hundred million gold coins in the first place.

“Next, about the third condition.”

When the vice dean said that, a grave expression appeared on his face for the very first time. It even made Lilith subconsciously tensed up.

“The information you requested on the academy’s first dean… I will have to apologize for my incompetency.”

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Lilith could not help but frown in puzzlement. “So, even the basic information about him is confidential?”

The vice dean shook his head.

“No, I am not deliberately withholding information about the first dean. The truth is that the first dean himself is an existence shrouded in the fog of mystery to the academy too.”

“What do you mean?”

The vice dean fell silent for a moment, seemingly trying to sort his thoughts before continuing, “Long story short, it means that we only know that the first dean existed a thousand years ago. He founded the academy and even left some belongings behind here. Apart from that, neither his appearance, gender nor even his name was recorded. Every mention of him, be it in the historical records of the Holy Dragon Empire or St. Caroline Academy, was brief and not of much use.”

After saying that, the vice dean let out a deep sigh. “I do not know for what reason you are searching for information about the first dean, but my desire to learn more about him is definitely stronger than yours. The current dean actually spent a full twenty years just to find out more about him, but all his efforts ended in smoke. If he hadn’t wasted the most important stage of his life on this, he might have attained the nebulous Deity realm by now, given his immense talent.”

Lilith fell into a deep thought.

The academy only knew of this person’s existence but not his name, appearance or gender. And there was not even a single trace of clue left behind. This sounded exactly like the Titan’s king.

No. Compared to that, the situation seemed worse for the academy. At the very least, Titan 12138 still remembered their king’s face and name. She just could not share them because some unknown power restricted her from doing so. The first dean however, nothing about him or her was known.

Even so, Lilith did not believe that this was just a coincidence. The entrance to Cornelia’s dream world was at the Dragon God Lake. The titan clan’s king as well as the first dean were figures that existed a thousand years ago.


The titan clan’s king left behind oolong tea, the Little Apple folksong and the imitation holy sword.

The first dean left behind the Veutalia Cannon. Several elders inherited form-fitting clothes and cloaks from the previous generation of elders.

All these were pointing to something… Perhaps, these two individuals were the same person. The same one who transmigrated from Lilith’s previous world…

That overpowered senior of hers.


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