Chapter 4-187: Hatched?

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2273 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1446 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The water in the pot reached a rolling boil. Lilith watched the huge colorful egg submerged in the boiling water while absent-mindedly wiping the drool at the corner of her mouth.

Hehe… hard boiled egg… looks really delicious.

I, Lilith, am probably the only one in this world who would boil such a precious thing like a divine beast egg. If someone else sees this, they might just die from shock.

But no matter, Lilith was never the kind of person who would care about what others think of her. Even if thousands of people gathered around and looked at her strangely, she would still gracefully cut this egg open and eat it. After all, she was already used to this kind of thing in her previous life.

Ahem, don’t overthink it. Being the ruler of an empire had honed Lilith’s ability in putting on a flawless poker face.

But of course, since there was no one else on this continent, her amazing talent was useless.

At the thought of that… Lilith started worrying about how she could get out of this place again.

The chances of discovering an exit seemed to be extremely slim. The only ones that could help her was the ancestor or Sae, but she could not even reach them. The demigod-level scrolls that her mother gave her were so powerful that they would instantly destroy this entire world if she used them. As for the saint-level teleportation scrolls… Lilith had no idea if she could cross this world’s barrier with them but she did not know where they would bring her either, since she could not specify a destination.

The probability of being teleported to an unfamiliar location was definitely much higher than returning to where she came from, so Lilith did not dare to take the risk.

After this series of events, Lilith pretty much understood that the world she stayed in before was only a very small part of this so-called “great world”.

The world outside of hers must be really exciting, but Lilith was not mentally prepared to explore the great world yet.

Besides… there were still people in her home world waiting for her return.

Lilith’s lips curled into a warm smile as various possibilities flashed through her little head. In the end, she thought to herself…

Should I… try dying again?

She immediately shook her head vigorously. It would be too humiliating for her to beg that person again so soon! Besides, death was no trivial matter like eating or drinking. The process was actually very painful.


At the thought of eating and drinking, Lilith’s tummy started protesting loudly. The extreme hunger disrupted her train of thought.

Forget it, I should fill my tummy first.

Lilith turned her attention back to the big pot in front of her again…

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Such a huge egg should take a very long time to cook, right?

The longer it was being cooked, the more delicious it would be—this was a conclusion that Lilith reached after eating countless food in the mountains and the wild.

This world and her home world was different. The creatures here had a lot of magic power or battle qi in them. As a result, their flesh was also extremely tough. If they were not cooked for a longer time, they would turn out rubbery and difficult to chew.

However, if the cooking time was managed well, the meat which was refined by magic power or fighting qi would be indescribably delicious.

The more Lilith thought about it, the more hungry she became. She was staring at the pot with anticipation, while trying to fan the flame with the feather fan in her hand as fast as she could.

A few moments later, when Lilith decided that the egg had been cooked for long enough, she pulled out a set of cutlery from her storage ring. She then proceeded to set up a dining table, complete with tablecloth and lit candles. She also opened a bottle of 100-year-old red wine to gargle…

Just when she was about to scoop the huge egg out from the pot…

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

The egg started shaking violently, accompanied by some kind of sharp knocking sounds.

Lilith stood dumbstruck as she stared at the egg with wide eyes.

The colorful egg shook more and more violently, as if a switch on it had been flipped. The movement caused the boiling water to splash everywhere. A few drops even accidentally landed on Lilith’s face…

Lilith just continued staring at the pot, as if she could not feel the boiling hot water on her face.

In this situation, people with common sense would have guessed what was happening…

But Lilith immediately shook her head violently. She calmed herself down, wiped her face and sat up straight. The expression on her face turned serious. She closed her eyes and started murmuring as if she was hypnotizing herself,.”No, this isn’t happening… No eggs hatch in boiling water… This is all an illusion caused by extreme hunger…”

Unfortunately, Lilith was forgetting a point—boiling temperature of water did not bother her. What if that egg was actually a divine beast egg and this was the optimal temperature for it to hatch?

Of course, Lilith was going to continue playing dumb even if this had come to her mind.

Crack, crack.

This time, it was the sound of eggshell breaking.

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“Eggshell cracking is a very normal occurrence when eggs are boiled. Right, just like chicken eggs when they are overcooked. A divine beast egg should be similar to chicken eggs… so… I must have overcooked it… That must be it…”

Lilith nodded firmly, then covered her ears.


Splash, splash…

Even so, a young, tender voice… and also the sound of water splashing caused by some kind of creatures that could move were still unavoidably picked up by Lilith’s extremely keen ears.

“Gwaaaaaah, looks like I’m really too hungry! That won’t do! If this continues, I’ll definitely be blinded by illusions! In order to prevent that from happening… I shall dig in!”

With a determined look on her face, Lilith picked up a knife and fork. She charged toward the pot, like a general about to go out to the battlefield. Her eyes were still closed while she chanted some kind of mantra, as if that would make the egg in front of her become the way she wanted it to be.


From the sound alone, one could tell that it was a lovely creature making it and hear its great confusion. However, Lilith ignored it and went straight to jabbing in the pot with a pair of fork and knife.

Aaaah, I don’t care, I’ll definitely finish you off today!


Lilith frowned. She had been jabbing in the pot for a long time but failed to find anything in there.

Instead, she heard something akin to a little loli’s melodious giggles…?

Huuuuh? What the hell?

Why would there be a little loli in this hellhole?

Well, there was definitely one beautiful, gentle, generous and virtuous loli here, but Lilith was definitely not giggling.

Did hunger really get the best of her?

In order to find out what was going on, Lilith slowly opened her eyes.

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Her pupils shrank but quickly returned to normal again after they adapted to the hot steam. It was then everything was in her plain sight.

A strand of white hair, which was floating in the water, was the first to enter Lilith’s field of vision..

The pure white hair was so familiar that Lilith immediately tensed up. Her golden eyes immediately lit up too. She almost thought that the hair would turn into countless needles sharp enough to pierce a dragon’s bone and fly toward her.

Lilith’s eyes traveled along the long white hair, only to find something different about it.

It was not that long and it was attached to a much smaller head.

Lilith heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was just an ordinary little loli.

After all, she really did not want to cross paths with that person again. The memory of being tortured by her was still extremely fresh in her mind. Besides, she was not a *********.

However, in the next moment, Lilith was stunned. To be more precise, she was shocked.

The little loli that had been swimming in the water, skillfully evading the assault of Lilith’s knife and fork. She faced Lilith, and that was when Lilith finally got a clear view of her face.

Those eyes, nose, lips, ears and face…

She was no doubt the younger version of Cornelia!!


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