Chapter 4-188: Unwilling Mom

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2301 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1286 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Lilith refused to believe her eyes at first.

She straightened up from the pot, shook her head, then gazed into the void and squinted at some hideous creatures killing each other.

Now that she was done with distance gazing, Lilith decided to do a full set of eye exercises.

After she was done with the eye exercises, she closed her eyes then inhaled… Exhaled… Inhaled… And exhaled… deeply for ten times.

After confirming that she was in her best condition, both physically as well as mentally, and her eyes would absolutely not play tricks on her, she calmed herself down then eagerly bent over the pot.

The loli must be an illusion, all I want is my boiled egg!!

Unfortunately, there was no egg. It was still that little adorable white-haired loli. She seemed to be only four or five years old. She had a pair of huge and pure doe eyes, and anyone would be tempted to pinch and rub against her chubby cheeks to their freaking heart’s content.

No matter how harmless and lovely this little girl looked right now, there was no doubt that her name was Cornelia.

The very same deity-level expert who nearly killed Lilith.

At this moment, a tempting idea started brewing in Lilith’s mind… What if she put herself in a near-death situation, so she could go kick the Dragon Eater in her a̲s̲s̲?

Was this what the Dragon Eater meant by being a nice person to her all the way? And this was the gift she left for Lilith?

She might as well tie Cornelia up and send it to Lilith. That way, at least Lilith had a formidable ally by her side.

What was the Dragon Eater thinking, giving her a loli version of Cornelia?!

Lilith clenched her teeth and seethed. Although it was quite nice that this deadly enemy who nearly killed Lilith before had turned into a harmless and adorable creature, it also meant that this loli was a drag.

Did the Dragon Eater send her to Lilith so that she could care for her?

Why did Lilith have to take care of a drag who happened to also be her former enemy? What was the benefit in doing that?

No, she would definitely not do that!

Lilith made up her mind. She had decided to find a chance to escape and let this adorable girl fend for herself!

Hmph, there’s a reason why I am known as the cruel and cold-blooded Lilith! I, Lilith, will not even flinch even if I have to watch a cute little loli getting eaten by those ugly creatures in the void!

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While Lilith was secretly planning to cruelly abandon Cornelia, she suddenly noticed the latter kicking her two short legs and swimming toward her direction.

She spread open her short arms at Lilith, wearing a reliant expression on her chubby little face.

Lilith instinctively sensed that something was wrong.

So she immediately pulled away from the pot until she was more than ten meters away. She stared at the pot warily, ready to run away at any moment.

Unfortunately, Lilith had underestimated the Dragon Eater’s sick interests…

When Little Cornelia saw Lilith suddenly disappearing when she had almost reached her, she pouted and looked very upset…

And then…

The pot exploded.

It did not just blow up, it was directly blown to smithereens by some kind of power that did not belong to the mortal realm.

Lilith could not react in time and her brain could not even process what happened in front of her. Then she suddenly felt something soft and warm colliding into her like a cannonball. The impact got her ribs protesting loudly in pain.

One could only imagine how eagerly the little loli threw herself into Lilith’s arms, for Lilith’s body to feel pain from the impact.

Before Lilith’s body could recover from the huge impact, her mind received an even heavier blow.

Like a koala bear, Little Cornelia wrapped her arms around Lilith. She was looking blissful while rubbing her little face against Lilith’s chest, that was probably sunken in right now. At the same time, the greatest and most gentle word in the universe passed Cornelia’s lips.


It struck Lilith like lightning.

Her brain instantly went blank.

When Lilith slightly regained her senses, her brain first thought about the creation of this great universe, then why lolis were the greatest creatures in this world. Then she thought about the best things about a loli, followed by Lesiah’s body measurements… and then lastly, the profound meaning contained in that single word she had just heard.

And also the heavier responsibilities that came together with it.

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Those were not something that Lilith could handle right now.

Her hands trembled on Cornelia’s smooth skin. With her shaky voice, Lilith asked, “What did you call me…?”

Little Cornelia tilted her head, seemingly unable to understand the question. Even so, she repeated the word with her squeaky voice, “Mommy…!”


Lilith nearly fainted on the spot.

Lord have mercy on her! If she had to count, Lilith was only a child who was less than four years old. How did she become a mother to someone out of the blue?

No, this was not right!

She was never a motherly person. There was no way she would easily accept being called a mother so suddenly.

And she had always yearned for the fragrance of lilies… The romance between two girls! She would never tolerate children that reeked of the stench of mating.

Suppressing her urge to cuss, especially at the Dragon Eater, Lilith gently lifted Cornelia’s head. She lowered her head and squeezed out a kind smile.

“Um… I’m not your mommy.”

Little Cornelia blinked in confusion.

“Look, you have white hair. I have blonde hair. We don’t even look like each other. This means we’re not related to each other…” Lilith explained patiently.

Little Cornelia followed Lilith’s hand and looked at her own white hair, then Lilith’s blonde hair. She tilted her little head and furrowed her brows together, seemingly understanding the difference between them.

Lilith was delighted and continued to strike while the iron was hot. “So, your mommy is a very, very gentle woman who has white hair like you and loves you very much. I am just a passerby who is not related to you in any way. Not only that, we even have a bad history between us. Do you get it now?”

Little Cornelia nodded as if she understood, but wrapped her arms tighter around Lilith.

Lilith grunted as she felt her chest sinking even more. She suppressed the frustration in her heart and forced another smile. “Well, go and find your real mom now. Otherwise, I’m gonna smack your little butt.”

“Eeeeyah!” Cornelia turned her head to the side and looked like she was saying, “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you! You’re my mommy no matter what you say.”

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The veins in Lilith’s temples throbbed, but she continued suppressing her anger. She craned her neck and whispered into Cornelia’s ear, “Are you going to make your mommy sad?”

“Eeeeyah!” Little Cornelia turned her head to the other side again.
“Keep that up and you’re gonna regret it…”
“You’re okay with your mommy abandoning you?”

Little Cornelia immediately shook her little head vigorously like she was saying:

I can’t hear you, lalala~ I only have one mommy! I don’t know the person that mommy is talking about!


It was then Lilith finally snapped. She pinched and pulled Little Cornelia’s chubby cheeks and shouted at her, “I told you I’m not your mommy! Why are you so dumb, brat?!”


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