Chapter 4-186: Humbled

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2145 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1279 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The road ahead of Lilith stretched on. Lilith trekked alone on the half continent, leaving a trail of small footprints behind her on the dry sand.

When Lilith was escaping with the ancestor’s power before, she did not feel anything. It was only now that she realized this continent was absurdly huge for someone who had not attained saint realm like herself.

At least with her two short legs, it was not possible for her to explore every corner of this continent within a short period of time. Therefore, finding a passage leading out of this continent was just wishful thinking for now.

And before that, there was a problem she had to take care of first.

Rumble, rumble…

Since just now, there had been this strange noise coming from behind Lilith. It sounded like something round rolling behind her…

Lilith seriously pondered over it for a brief moment, before drawing a conclusion—her ears must be playing tricks on her.

There was no doubt she was the only person on this continent right now, so what else could be making that noise? Her ears must have been acting funny since the Dragon Eater was in control of her body for too long just now.

Yes, that must be the case!

She was definitely not followed by that strange egg behind her. Wait, she had not seen any eggs at all, nope!

Lilith continued walking, the strange noise came from behind her again. The faster she walked, the faster that thing rolled too. Lilith started sprinting and the noise behind her started booming like thunder too.

It was to the point that Lilith could no longer ignore it.

Veins throbbed in Lilith’s temples. Feeling fed up, she turned around and roared, “Why are you following me? I’m not your mom!”

She froze as soon as words left her mouth. That egg… was still half buried in the sand, like the first time she saw it.

Even the distance between them remained the same. It was almost as if everything that happened just now was just a hallucination.

Was she really hallucinating?

Lilith rubbed her eyes, then confirmed that the distance between the egg and herself indeed remained the same.

Most importantly, the egg was still buried in the ground. Could it bury itself in the sand the moment she turned around?

Lilith scratched her head, then turned around and continued walking. She then heard the damn noise starting again. She whipped her head around, but the egg remained motionless again on the spot.

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As soon as she turned her head back and started walking, the noise started again. She turned her head around. The egg was still. She repeated a few times, and it looked like the egg really had not moved at all. Or at least, Lilith did not observe any changes.

The rolling noise started again. But this time, Lilith ignored it. She started sprinting, then leaped into the air. While she was in mid-air, she spun 180 degrees and turned around.

“Haha, gotcha!”

Much to her embarrassment, the egg was still buried in the same spot and at the same depth. It remained still, like it was silently mocking Lilith for acting weird.

Lilith frowned at it and said in exasperation, “Am I… really hallucinating?”

Lilith turned around again and of course, the rolling started too.

This time, she pretended not to hear it. She walked at a brisk pace while humming and skipping along the way.

A faint golden light flashed across her eyes. She gradually increased her speed until she became a blur.

Even the loud rumble that boomed like thunder quickly faded away as the distance between them increased.

A few moments later, Lilith’s lips curled into a cold smile when she saw what was not far ahead of her. She stomped her feet down hard, causing the ground underneath her to crack. Shifting her weight to the side, she did a 90 degree sharp turn.

Unfortunately, that thing behind her did not manage to do the same in time because Lilith did not even stop and turn her head around this time. As a result, the huge egg flew out of the continent.

Lilith placed her hands on her waist, then laughed arrogantly. “Nice try for a mere egg! You’re a few years too early for that, wahahaha…ha?”

The smile froze on her face, because the huge multi-colored egg suddenly started spinning after flying out a short distance.

The friction between the huge egg and the air left a trail of blaze behind its path. The egg curved strangely in midair, changing its trajectory and was now flying toward Lilith.

A boomerang ball?!

Lilith was dumbstruck and rooted to the spot.

Putting aside the fact that this egg could roll and dig in the ground, she could not believe that it could spin in air too. That was absurd..!

While Lilith was pounding her chest while lamenting the existence of so many absurd creatures in the world, that huge colorful egg was fast approaching her.

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Lilith smiled coldly at it. A mere egg trying to hit itself on a rock? Was it sick of living? Lilith reckoned that her head was a lot harder than a rock! It was as hard as iron!

Seeing that the egg showed no signs of changing its direction, Lilith raised her noble head too, like a rooster that was about to crow.

Come! I shall teach you, a lowly egg, that there are some people that you can’t mess with in your life! This is you seeking your own death! Don’t blame me for what will happen next, ahahaha!


The egg hit Lilith squarely on the forehead. The arrogant look froze on her face, but she did not even yell in pain. More precisely, she could not even sense the pain in time.

Everything in front of her immediately turned black as she fainted, foaming at her mouth.

Looking at Lilith, who was motionless, the colorful egg shook as if in doubt. It then rolled noisily to Lilith’s side and rubbed itself against her cheek. The smudge of golden blood on the egg looked even more dazzling against its colorful eggshell.


On the lifeless continent, a plume of smoke was seen rising.

Sporting a huge lump on her head, Lilith fanned a fire in front of her like crazy with a bejeweled feather fan.

A huge pot was placed over the fire, with an egg on it.

Needless to say, that egg was none other than the suspected divine beast egg from the Dragon Eater. It was also the first egg that could humble Lilith’s iron head.

When Lilith regained consciousness, she was enraged by the fact that she had been defeated by a mere egg. That was why she decided to cook it.

She happened to be starving too. This divine beast egg must be very nourishing.

With that thought in mind, Lilith started fanning faster. If this was a normal flame, her fanning speed would have probably extinguished it.

However, this was no ordinary flame. It was a magical flame that Lilith started with her poor dragon language, fueled by exquisite silk cloth in her storage ring which had been passed down years. As she fanned more and more vigorously, the flame burned brighter and brighter too.

Very soon, the water in the pot boiled.

Lilith looked at the egg. It was rolling around in the pot just now, but now it had gone still. She wiped the drool from the corner of her mouth.

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After all, she had never eaten any divine beast egg before this.


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