Chapter 4-178: Agreement

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2159 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1259 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“In my place?”

It took Lilith a moment to register what she heard. She took a few steps back, protecting her chest as she warily looked at the Dragon Eater, who had an excited glint in her eyes.

“You’re not trying to take over my body, are you?”

“Take over? I don’t do such low-class things. Don’t worry, I’ll never ever hurt you. Have I not told you before? I’m the only person… who will always be on your side.” The Dragon Eater said sincerely. Due to the fact that she was wearing Lilith’s face, the expression looked extremely strange on her face.

Lilith even felt creeped out.

“Hmph, how can I be sure that you’re not just saying that for the sake of achieving a certain goal?” Lilith snorted coldly.

Lilith still felt she should stay on her guard around this strange “roommate” of hers with an unknown background that was living inside her. Otherwise, she might find herself in a situation where she was helping her count the money that she got from selling Lilith.

Lilith could not sense that the other person was lying. But then again, if even she could tell, then she had a reason to suspect.

“Oh my, you still don’t believe me?” The Dragon Eater lifted her head and looked at the faint light source above them with a troubled expression on her face. After a brief silence, she continued, “Even if you don’t believe me, you should at least believe your ancestor, right?”

“Gramps? What does this have anything to do with him?”
“He should have given you a drop of blood, right?”

Lilith nodded, while squinting at the Dragon Eater. How did this Dragon Eater know the ancestor had given her a drop of his blood essence? Lilith thought this place was isolated from the outside world.

When the Dragon Eater noticed Lilith’s skeptical gaze, she rolled her eyes and pointed above them.

“I know because one of the important functions of that blood is to monitor me… So don’t go thinking I’m so blind that I couldn’t tell that thing is a drop of blood.”

“Monitor?” Lilith also looked up and squinted. The light was dazzling to the point of blinding before but now, it was extremely dim. Now that she took a closer look at it…

It was indeed a drop of blood floating in mid-air.

Lilith had known for a long time that the light source that looked like a little sun was her ancestor’s blood. However… this was the first time she realized that it had gone so dim after entering this place so many times. It was almost as if all its power had been depleted.

“Keeping an eye on me is probably as important as protecting you to that ancestor of yours. As long as he hasn’t given up on protecting you, he won’t stop keeping an eye on me. But now, that eye has disappeared. Do you know what that means?”


Lilith stroked her smooth chin thoughtfully before her face was drained of colors. “Damn, does that mean I’m in deep s̲h̲i̲t̲?”

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The Dragon Eater smacked her own head and wailed, “How did you manage to stay alive for this long? With your intelligence, you’d only be an insignificant little boss that would ultimately be killed by the protagonist if you were in another story!”

“No, no, no.”

Lilith placed her hands on hip and laughed arrogantly. “There’s still a difference between me and those cannon fodder! I can act recklessly because I know I won’t die so easily! Those canon fodders who act recklessly with the protagonist… are just dumb.”


Dragon Eater sighed in resignation. “Since the surveillance is gone, it means that your ancestor has run out of options and is allowing me to step up in this matter.”

“Or maybe gramps just got his glasses smacked off his face and got poked in his eyes so he doesn’t have the capacity to keep an eye on you.” Lilith kept her guard up.

The Dragon Eater felt her head hurt. This little girl’s brain might not be smart, but she was extremely cautious. Even in this situation, she still had not resorted to taking chances.

It seemed like she never changed after so many years.

“In that case, I’ll let you feel at ease.”

The Dragon Eater suddenly became serious. She tried to say something but before she could even utter a syllable, strange golden runes appeared on her skin.

Like little worms, the golden runes crawled under her skin. Every movement they made caused the Dragon Eater extreme pain. In just a few seconds, she was drenched in sweat and her face was pale.

The golden runes quickly disappeared, but the Dragon Eater still looked terrible.

“Did you see that? I only tried saying something I shouldn’t have said, and I have to endure pain akin to being thrown into boiling oil. If I tried taking over your body, I would probably be tortured by these runes to death before I could even do that.”

Looking at the Dragon Eater’s pale face, Lilith was finally a little convinced by her words.

After all, Lilith had often endured great pain, so she knew that the Dragon Eater was not faking it just now. The pain she suffered was definitely real.

For a being that could make a deity bear a grudge against them to make such a face, the level of pain must have been truly horrible.

“Can’t you make your decision quicker? Your ancestor probably won’t be able to hold on much longer.” The Dragon Eater pressured Lilith one last time.

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Lilith clenched her fists tightly.

The Dragon Eater was right. Did she even have the luxury to choose at a time like this?

In the end, things turned out this way mostly because of her own selfishness. And the ancestor had to waste the power that he saved up to protect her.

Although Lilith felt repulsed by the idea of letting an existence of unknown origin control her body… she was left with no other option.

“Fine, I’ll… agree.” Lilith stared right into the Dragon Eater’s eyes as she uttered every word. “I hope you won’t try to do anything funny.”

“Got it.” Upon hearing that, the Dragon Eater looked like she had expected that answer for a long time. She bowed to Lilith in an exaggerated fashion like a gentleman.

“I will definitely see that everything is properly handled.”

Lilith’s vision blurred and then the Dragon Eater appeared in front of her, wearing that creepy smile.

Lilith was shocked. So that mirror that she had always thought was a cage was of no use?

But on second thought, that mirror could not even stop the Dragon Eater’s black flame. How could it possibly stop her?

Perhaps the only thing that could harm her was the strange golden runes on her body.

“Tsk, tsk. What an adorable face.” The Dragon Eater lifted Lilith’s face by her chin and clicked her tongue, like she was admiring a piece of art.

Lilith immediately blew up.

She had always been the one teasing others this way, how could she allow someone else to do that to her?


However, before Lilith could do anything, she suddenly realized the familiar and beautiful face that she would see in the mirror every day suddenly enlarged in her vision.


Her lips were covered by another pair of lips. The sensation drew a strange noise out of Lilith…

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