Chapter 4-179: The Supreme Truth

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2509 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1479 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The void was in turmoil.

A vortex of ripples was spreading from the black orb in Cornelia’s palm. The void creased like it was pulled by its terrifying force of attraction.

The remaining few mountain-sized rocks that were originally part of the half continent that Cornelia’s palm had shattered were pulled by the ripples. They flew toward Cornelia but were instantly pulverized into dust when they were only merely a thousand meters away from her.

That effectively demonstrated how terrifying the situation was.

Cornelia stared at the golden orb in front of her and smiled coldly. She gently brought the black orb in her palm closer to the golden orb. In terms of size alone, their difference was like a grain of rice and the golden moon.

As soon as the two orbs touched, the golden moon immediately cracked like fragile porcelain.

The golden orb that had been on the verge of shattering under Cornelia’s relentless attacks, persevered like a tortoise shell. That one last attack finally put a tiny crack in it.

Although the crack was barely visible, it was extremely easy for a defensive shield like that to break once there was a crack. In fact, all it would take was just a feathery touch from Cornelia to instantly shatter it.

“What? You still refuse to use it? Keep this up… and you’ll die for real.” Cornelia drawled on purpose, as if waiting for a response from Lilith. She waited for a while but nothing was happening in the golden orb.

Lilith’s eyes were still shut tight. Her face was pale and she looked like a lifeless, beautifully crafted porcelain doll. She was curled up, but that did not stop blood from flowing out of that terrible wound in her abdomen. In the face of divine power, any so-called “immortal” body was reduced to a joke.

Although Cornelia knew that Lilith had been bleeding severely, as a deity, she could still sense a strong life force in her. She looked nothing like someone who was dying.

“Hmm. I see, you are trying to fool me by pretending to be dead. How naive…” Cornelia’s face suddenly turned fierce. She had lost all her patience by now and was pressing the small black orb in her palm harder against Lilith.

“Hurry up and use it! Take out the thing that you got from the Dragon Eater! Better yet, get that Dragon Eater out here too! I would love to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him~”

The golden spherical barrier that Gerald put up suddenly shattered and the black orb in Cornelia’s palm was making a beeline for Lilith’s face.

It was at this moment, Lilith’s eyelashes fluttered slightly.

She slowly stretched her petite body, like Sleeping Beauty who just woke up. Apart from the flatness in front of her chest, every curve on her body was perfect. With Lilith’s body movements, her form-fitting dress immediately accentuated all her curves.

When Lilith was done stretching, she smacked her lips like she was still recalling the sweet dreams she had. She then slowly opened her eyes.

Golden molten pupils moved around, quickly taking in every detail in the surroundings, until they finally fell on the black orb that was right in front of her face.

Lilith tilted her head, as if trying to figure out what it was.

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In just less than 0.02 seconds, she came up with the most sensible response that she could manage ⁠— swallowing it up in one gulp.

Lilith’s puffy cheeks moved as she chewed a few times. A few wisps of green smoke escaped from the corners of her mouth before they instantly dispersed. The “food” went down Lilith’s throat audibly. She patted her tummy in satisfaction then burped out a ring of smoke.

“I didn’t expect breakfast to be delivered as soon as I woke up. Looks like this girl is living a good life out here.” Lilith rubbed her tummy, feeling moved.

In just the blink of an eye, the wound in her abdomen was fully healed. For some reason, even the torn fabric on her clothes was somehow restored to its original state too.

Cornelia’s instincts told her something was wrong, and she quickly pulled back in alarm. The harmless Lilith looked like a ferocious tiger right now to Cornelia. Like a helpless child, she could not even find the will to fight Lilith.

Could it be that…

Cornelia was not sure if the thought that popped into her mind was a good or bad one. Her delicate body started trembling against her will.

Lilith narrowed her eyes and turned her gaze to Cornelia. With a kind smile, she said, “I heard you wanted a heart-to-heart talk with me?”

The ordinary sentence sounded like a thunderclap to Cornelia. Her speculation was instantly confirmed.

“Dragon… Eater?!” Cornelia stared at Lilith… no, the Dragon Eater who was controlling Lilith’s body. Her eyes were bloodshot as she resentfully squeezed the question through the gaps between her teeth.

Some dark, bloody images that she wanted to forget so badly all this while resurfaced in her mind’s eye. The other warm, lovely memories that she wanted to keep with her slowly turned blurry.

“You’re really… Dragon Eater?”

“That’s me. What do you want with me, Your Excellency?” The Dragon Eater smiled mischievously.

“Hahaha… Dragon Eater… How dare you appear in front of me… and ask me what I want… Haha… Did you know… you were the one… who killed my father, mother, my family… You took everything away from me…!”

At this moment, there was nothing else but the Dragon Eater in Cornelia’s eyes. Tears of blood streamed down her face while she laughed and murmured something that happened nine million years ago. There was nothing about the great war, only about a broken family.

The story was not long, but it was filled with age-old hatred.

Cornelia recited her laments like she was reminding herself not to forget a certain decision she had made. At the same time, it also sounded like she was counting the sins of her offender.

However, that offender picked her ear impatiently in response. “But… it was your family who died, not mine. What does it have anything to do with me?”

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“What does it have anything to do with you?” Cornelia laughed in madness.

“You destroyed a family and said it has nothing to do with you? …Are all Dragon Eaters who once wreaked havoc in this great world shameless like you?”

“Hey hey, you don’t have to watch what you eat, but you have to watch what you say. This has nothing to do with shamelessness.” The Dragon Eater snorted. “Besides, I thought someone like you, who always loved to refer to the weak as worms, would understand my way of thinking.”

The Dragon Eater repeatedly made a pinching motion with her thumb and forefinger, and smirked. “Would you feel guilty about crushing one or a few insects to death?”

Cornelia instantly burst into a rage. The divine power in her surged furiously as her white hair floated. She looked no different than a tigress who had been touched on her a̲s̲s̲.

She glared at the Dragon Eater and hissed every word through her clenched teeth, “You’re not allowed to… insult my parents!”

“Oh my, how scary. I’m scared to death…” The Dragon Eater patted her chest, acting like she was really frightened. However, in the next second, she flashed a dazzling smile at Cornelia.

“Well, I think I kind of know. Although it’s no mistake that you’re a deity and not really a weak one, you were probably still a little child who slept with her doll and mommy during the great war. Since you became a deity, you seem like you haven’t gotten to know other deities until now. At most, you were acquainted with them.”

A look of surprise flashed across Cornelia’s angry face. “How do you…”

“How do I know?”

The Dragon Eater placed a hand on her waist and gave Cornelia a thumb-up. Her little canine shone in the light.

Looking like an eager youth who loved helping out those in need on the street, she said, “Allow this eager Dragon Eater to tell you a supreme truth that has been passed down among the deities who participated in that great war!”

“Supreme… truth…?” Cornelia had a dumbstruck look on her face. This was the first time she heard of such a thing.

“That’s right. This is the supreme truth…”

The Dragon Eater spread her arms open and smiled strangely. “No matter what realm you have attained and no matter how many people are on your side, if you encounter a lone Dragon Eater… You should flee right away. If you’re too slow, then…”

The Dragon Eater’s eyes lit up ominously.

“Only death awaits.”


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