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Chapter 4-177: Overpowered

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2388 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1405 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Crawling with the speed of a turtle. You really kept me waiting for so long.”

Cornelia’s lip curled into a predatory smile, but her eyes were frosty, like she wanted to skin Lilith alive. She seemed to have waited there for a long time.

A bad feeling welled up in Lilith’s heart, so she instinctively swung her fist at Cornelia’s face.

Cornelia did not try to dodge it. Lilith’s fist, enhanced by her ancestor’s power, came with an earth-shattering force. Even so, it stopped when it was only a few centimeters away from Cornelia.

It was a layer of faint glow, but to Lilith, it was an uncrossable barrier.

Lilith narrowed her eyes and pulled out her imitation holy sword. Instead of attacking Cornelia, Lilith stabbed her arm which got locked.

A stab, a twist and a pull.

The sound of a broken bone pierced her ears. Lilith clenched her teeth as she endured the pain, then she quickly pulled back.

Cornelia raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Cutting off your arm to save yourself, huh. How commendable. But…”

Lilith’s vision blurred and she stopped moving. The pain on her arm disappeared, no, it was replaced by another pain that was more intense.

Lilith’s eyes glazed over and her head drooped. A fair, delicate hand that was stained with blood stuck out from her abdomen.

A cold voice rang out in her ear. “But it’s futile…”


Lilith coughed out a mouthful of blood, mixed with bits of her internal organs. She was losing blood like crazy.

Her body no longer worked like before. Cornelia’s divine powers had suppressed her astonishing self-recovery ability. Right now, Lilith was nothing more than a powerful ordinary person.

“She is… too powerful.” The ancestor’s helpless voice appeared. He also seemed to be at his wits’ end.

Facing a real deity at her full strength, it was no surprise that even the great dragon ancestor Gerald was powerless in his phantom form.

Cornelia flung her arm. Lilith was tossed to the side like a rag doll, lying in a pool of her own blood.

Lilith landed heavily on the ground and her consciousness was slowly fading.

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“I thought you had that black flame that you borrowed from the Dragon Eater. Why are you not using it?” Cornelia’s voice appeared in Lilith’s ears again. No matter where Lilith went, Cornelia followed her as closely as she was Lilith’s shadow.

Powerlessness was all Lilith could feel right now.

If Lilith could use the black flame, she would have used it long ago. Seeing how the black flame could trigger so much reaction from Cornelia, Lilith was certain that it was a huge threat to her.

Unfortunately… she had used it up.

“You’re… not worthy yet.” Lilith squeezed the words out.

Whether she could beat Cornelia or not was not going to stop her from hurling insults at her.

“Not worthy… Hehehe…” Cornelia’s strange chuckle confirmed that Lilith’s insult had hit her opponent where it hurt the most.

“Why don’t you try using it and decide if I’m worthy or not?”

She summoned a giant hand to attack Lilith. A gold phantom emerged once again, but it was dispersed by Cornelia before it could even take form.


Cornelia attacked again.

The ancestor used all his remaining power to form an orb, just huge enough to protect Lilith and shield her from Cornelia’s attack.

“Why aren’t you using it? I told you to use it!” Cornelia attacked three more times in succession.

The golden orb shook like it was going to shatter at any moment.

“Why aren’t you using it!”

The golden orb was on the verge of shattering, but Cornelia had lost all her patience.

“You are looking down on me, huh? You think I’m not worthy, huh? Hehe. You think you are that Dragon Eater from nine million years ago? You’re just an impostor…!”

Cornelia’s wings flapped gently. The tiny red veins on them ran to Cornelia’s entire body and converged in her eyes. Her eyes turned crimson, like they were about to burst into flame at any moment. A completely different and terrifying aura then exploded from Cornelia.

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The entire void shook. The strange creatures within a radius of ten thousands miles scrambled to run away, as if they had heard the roar of their natural predator.

Cornelia lifted her hand. Black feathers rained down. A tiny black orb appeared in her raised palm. It slowly grew bigger, until it was about the size of a fist.

The dark gray void was turned darker, as if all the light was swallowed by that black orb.

“Hurry up and show me that black flame of yours, imposter. Otherwise, you’ll probably die if you refuse.”


The sky turned extremely dark.

The source that shone like starlight above them, had somehow dimmed.

It took Lilith a moment to adjust to the darkness before seeing someone across from her. It was a blonde girl, lying on her side on the ground, head propped on her hand. She was playing with the ends of her hair.

She looked exactly like Lilith, only with a different attitude and demeanor.

It was the other “Lilith”.

When the blonde girl noticed her regular visitor, she quickly sat up and smacked her palms on her knees.

“Yo, you’re back again! Who did you offend this time?” she teased.

Lilith did not answer her.

“I know, I know. You wanna borrow the flame again right? As your neighbor, I have no reason to refuse your request.”

The other “Lilith” summoned a ball of black flame, like she was already familiar with the entire procedure. Just when she was about to toss it to Lilith, Lilith suddenly spoke up instead of accepting it.

“Dragon Eater?”

Surprised crossed the other “Lilith’s” face first before her expression turned serious.

She looked up at the extremely faint light above her head, then spoke like she understood everything. “I see, I see. Here I was, wondering why the thing that person left behind suddenly got weaker. It looks like you met a real deity, right?”

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“That’s right.”

Lilith nodded, but kept her eyes glued to the blonde girl who looked like her twin, like she wanted to find out every truth about her.

“You’re not denying it. I guess you’re really a Dragon Eater then.”
“There’s nothing to deny. You guys came up with that name. You can use it however you like. It has nothing to do with me. Besides, I don’t think it’s a bad name.”
“That deity… seems to despise you.”
“That’s not surprising…”

The other “Lilith”, no, Dragon Eater shrugged. “Anyone who lived nine million years would probably hate me. But I guess only deities could live that long.”

“What why?”

The Dragon Eater looked at Lilith and gave her a mysterious smile. “You’re better off not knowing.”


“Oh right.” The Dragon Eater suddenly jumped from the ground. She looked at Lilith up and down, then said with excitement, “Judging from the looks of it, that deity must have kicked your a̲s̲s̲ hard, right?”

Lilith’s face stiffened. Cutting off her arm and having a hand piercing through her abdomen by a hand were horrible, so she nodded honestly.

“So what are you planning to do now? Fight that deity with my black flame?”

“It’s the only option I have,” Lilith threw a glance at the black flame floating in front of her and said.

“That won’t do. Even if you have my black flame, it’s unlikely you can defeat a deity with that. Besides…”

The Dragon Eater crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Do you know that immortal deities like nothing better than enemies like you who are weak but hard to kill?”

Lilith froze for a moment, then immediately figured out the meaning behind the Dragon Eater’s words. Her face went pale. “I don’t think so…?”

The Dragon Eater chuckled strangely. “She has lived for ages. Who knows what odd fetishes she has.”

Lilith gulped. Although she did not have a physical body right now, she could still feel her little heart thumping.

She took a deep breath to calm herself, then looked at the Dragon Eater. “So, what do you want to do?”

“Hehe.” The Dragon Eater showed the creepy smile that Lilith was familiar with. “What I mean is… How about… letting me fight her in your place?”

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