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Chapter 4-173: Ambush

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2013 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1213 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

It was really pouring down.

The first rain of this world felt like it was a million times heavier than usual, enough to blur everyone’s vision. Bean-sized droplets came down so hard that one could feel pain when they hit on the skin.

The valley started flooding until the water level was ankle-deep.

Titan 12138’s limbs turned cold.

The wonderful bubble in her heart that she had been protecting so carefully was about to transform into a bright gem. Yet, Lilith had to ruthlessly pierce it with reality.

The pain felt just like the slap that Cornelia’s mother delivered across her face — it ran deep into the heart.

“No… No… You’re wrong about that, king…” Titan 12138 crouched down and hugged herself, as she trembled helplessly like an abandoned child.

“How could they not be resurrected? Even without the law of this dream world, our king is still here. As long as the king becomes the god of this world, resurrecting a few people should be an easy task…”

“Can’t do it. Not even a deity could do that. The basic condition of resurrection requires having an intact soul, but that is exactly what all of you lack. Besides…”

If it were that easy to resurrect a person, Cornelia would not choose to trap herself in these false dreams and none of these inexplicable events would happen either.

In the end… Titan 12138 was just dreaming.

“No, no, no, no, no, no… It can be done! You can definitely do it, king!”

Titan 12138 refused to believe the truth. She snapped her head up. With bloodshot eyes, she shouted at Lilith, “Are you not omnipotent, king?! Why can’t you even resurrect a few people? Are you going to do what you did a thousand years ago? Are you going to let all your subjects down and abandon them again?!”

“What do you mean?” There was hostility in Lilith’s eyes.

“This is what you owe us, king. So… you must pay it back,” Titan 12138 muttered like she was in a trance as the sparkle in her eyes slowly faded.

“That’s right. This is your fault for not saving everyone a thousand years ago. This is the king’s fault, and it must be paid back by the king! So… you must bring everyone back to life, king.”

“You’re saying I owe you?” Lilith laughed angrily. “So you take the goodwill of others for granted? Once people stopped showing you kindness, then you’d call them evil?”

Titan 12138 turned a deaf ear to Lilith. She slammed her palms on the ground and more phantoms came out of the graves. They faced Lilith and slowly knelt down.

“You are really using this dream world’s law to the fullest.” Lilith snickered.

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As more phantoms kneeled down, the power of faith imagined by Titan 12138 also intensified. Lilith’s body grew increasingly transparent. Raindrops even began to fall through her body and hit the ground.

The connection between her and this world grew stronger too. It was almost as if she could make the sun set or rise and summon the clouds if she just willed it. Unfortunately, dawn might never come to this world.

“What are you guys waiting so long for? You all done watching? Or are you waiting for me to become the so-called god, so I can knight you guys too?” Lilith suddenly looked somewhere behind Titan 12138 and said.

Her words shocked Titan 12138. She quickly spun her head around, only to find there was nothing behind her.

The old titan sneered. “You still want to fool at a time like this? Do you really think you can still stop this?”

Titan 12138 said while turning her head back again. Instead of her king, it was an unfamiliar pair of bright red underwear that greeted her sight.

Since the old titan turned her head around too quickly, her face nearly smacked into that mysterious bump in the middle of the red underwear.

It was at the same time, a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲y voice rang out above her head. “I see that you are admiring my limited edition red underwear that I obtained from the thrift store really closely. Looks like you are a woman of culture, granny.”



Titan 12138 came back to her senses and immediately drew back. It was only then did she manage to get a clear view of the person who was standing in front of her. It was a bald and tan-skinned muscular man wearing only a pair of red underwear.

Titan 12138 froze for a moment, then recognized that this bald man was one of those who followed the queen around before. However, since he didn’t look this perverted back then, it took Titan 12138 some time to recognize him.

“Why are you here?”

“Haha, gentlemen like us naturally have to come forward when we see two fair ladies suffering.”

The bald man bent his knees on tiptoe and bent his elbows, wonderfully executing a bodybuilding pose and bounced his impressive pecs.

Titan 12138’s cheek twitches. She could feel her eyelids twitching along with the bouncing movements of his pecs. Since she lacked the refined taste to appreciate such aesthetics, she reflexively averted her gaze.

Wait, something wasn’t right.

Just when she was averting her gaze, Titan 12138 suddenly remembered something.

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Wasn’t this baldie accompanied by a few others? If he was able to appear in front of her silently, why didn’t he just ambush her?

Thinking up to that point, a bad feeling dawned upon Titan 12138. But it was all too late. Pain shot up in the back of her head.

The old titan’s body suddenly stiffened before she fell to the ground and laid there limply.

“How… despicable…”

Titan 12138 struggled to get up, but her consciousness became blurry and she accidentally choked on a few mouthfuls of muddy water.

Durance, who knocked the old titan down with the hilt of his rapier, ignored her insult. He reached out and picked her up, so that she wouldn’t drown in the rainwater that had now reached their calves.

“Ahaha, as expected of myself. Stealth magic is really handy to have.” Diana rested her hands on her waist and looked at Lilith. With an impressed face, she said, “But I’m still nothing compared to Lilith, who is becoming a god.”

“Call me Martial Aunt then.” Lilith rolled her eyes at her, then gave Diana a puzzled look. “I didn’t expect you guys to come back. Did something happen?”

“Indeed, but it was rather strange.” Diana scratched her cheek.

“Strange?” Lilith’s interest was immediately piqued upon seeing the troubled look on Diana’s face. “How strange?”

Diana pulled out a wooden board then frowned.

“We went back to the cave where we had assembled before and found that everyone was gone. We were about to contact them on our Spectrum Stone, but somehow it wasn’t working and then this world looked like Judgment Day was coming. And then we were trying to figure out where others went, we averted that weird disaster. While searching for clues, we found no one except this.”

Lilith looked at the wooden board, only to see a horrible scribbling on it that read, “Here lies Diana from St. Caroline Academy.”


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