Chapter 4-172: Resurrect

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2210 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1210 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


Even in the extreme plea~sure, Lilith jolted when she heard the word.

During the three years she spent on Dragon Island, she would flip through the ancient books in her mother’s collection whenever she had the time. Many of them told tales about resurrection.

For example, one type of resurrection involved channeling souls into a dead body by soaking it in soul-summoning spring water.

Another type involved an old tree on an ancient battlefield in a forbidden area. The old tree thrived on the remnants of souls and would bear fruit every ten years. It was rumored that consuming the said fruit could bring the dead to life. However, the resurrected person would not retain any memories of the time when they were alive.

Besides, being reincarnated like herself was also a type of resurrection.

All these resurrections were based on a certain foundation —soul.

The prerequisite of any type of resurrection was… the soul.

If everything in this world was dreamed up by some god, then did these dead titans have a soul?

“I know what you’re thinking, your majesty. You must be thinking that I’m crazy to believe in such a nebulous thing called resurrection, right?” Titan laughed, as though she could read Lilith’s mind.

“Don’t forget what kind of world this is, my king. This may be a dream world, it’s also bound by a real law — believe and it will exist. This is the law that the deity set for her dream. Although no one knows the purpose, she probably did this to satisfy some kind of desire.”

“Believe and it will exist?”

Lilith’s eyes immediately lit up as she looked down at her chest. No matter how hard she chanted in her mind, her chest showed no signs of growth. Grief overcame her.

S̲h̲i̲t̲, this law wouldn’t work on outsiders like herself?

Titan 12138 watched her with a strange expression on her face. She hesitated for a moment, but decided to remind Lilith, “Things that you have firmly believed in your heart can’t be changed. After all, the law only works if you truly believe it in the first place.”

“I-Is… that so?”

Although Lilith was lost in pleasure, she was cruelly reminded of fate’s great malice against her.

So… accepting reality could sometimes be a bad thing too.

Titan 12138 continued the topic, “With this world’s law, this world will become real after you turn into a deity. By then, with the blessing that was born by the world and the law when the king becomes the god, our people will no longer be mirages!”

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“Then? What price do I have to pay?”

“I don’t know what you mean, your majesty. Is becoming a deity not enough for you?”

Lilith snorted. “Becoming a deity without paying a price is too good to be true. I don’t believe it. Besides…”

Lilith looked at Lesiah, who was completely unconscious, then narrowed her eyes. “I think no one will reject an opportunity to become a deity if it doesn’t come with a price. Why do you need to play such a trick?”

“As expected of our king…” Titan 12138 sighed before continuing, “You are right. It will come with a price, but a negligible one if compared to the benefit.”

“Stop beating around the bush.”

“…It is not possible to create a deity with just the power of our faith alone. Hence, this world is needed as the foundation to fuse with you, my king. Then with our power of faith as the guide, we will turn you into the god of this land..”

“The god of this land…”

Lilith echoed the name. There were legends and tales about the god of land in her previous world too, but the one that Titan 12138 spoke of was obviously different.

“In another word… you will become the soul of this world.”

Lightning streaked across the sky. Unbeknownst to anyone, the sky had turned extremely dark. Lilith’s dress and blonde hair danced wildly in the wind.

Bewildered, she looked up at the sky and noticed that the black sun was hidden by the dark clouds that had gathered above their heads. It looked like it was going to rain at any moment.

Lightning, strong wind, dark clouds and possibility of rain — all these were proof that this world was gradually becoming real.

What shook Lilith was the fact that the sudden arrival of the dark clouds and storm was probably a reflection of her turbulent mind.

She felt as though she was going to become one with this world soon. The changes of this world were in her control.

So this was what it meant to be the god of land… or the so-called soul of the world?

Lilith looked at her hands. Unsurprisingly, her body was turning translucent like it was going to disappear any moment. Yet her consciousness was getting clearer.

From the looks of it, rather than making her into a deity, Titan 12138 was actually making Lilith into the new world’s… consciousness…

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At the cost of Lilith’s physical body and freedom.

In the end, it finally rained.

Titan 12138 kneeled on the muddy ground. She lifted her head and closed her eyes, enjoying the first bounty of the world. Tears mixed with the rain and streamed down her face.

“Oh king, our magnificent my king! Do you know how excited I was to see you again? I could not even sleep for several days! Ah, fate indeed showed mercy on our pitiful clan. The last time, you left without saying goodbye. This time, let the entire titan clan be one with you, king.” Titan 12138 spread open her arms like she wanted to embrace the world.

“Unfortunately, I am about to destroy that fantasy of yours,” Lilith suddenly said coldly.

“King… You want to resist?” Titan 12138 asked curiously. “Don’t you know, this transformation is irreversible? From the moment you accepted the power of faith, no one could stop this process of assimilation! Not even a deity!”

Lilith nodded slightly. So that was how it was. No wonder why neither Cornelia or her ancestor responded even when something like this was happening.

“How pathetic, Titan 12138.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me ask you, where did you hear this nonsense that the other people in your clan could be resurrected as soon as this world becomes real and I become this world’s consciousness… which is god?”


Titan 12138 gritted her teeth. “The person in black would never lie to me! His words have been proven now! The incense that could immobilize you and the method that could turn you into a deity… Both of them work! So… Stop struggling pointlessly, my king.”

“You are the one who is struggling pointlessly, Titan 12138. You may not have realized this, but I did. That so-called method to resurrect all the people in your clan has a serious flaw.”

Lilith paused briefly before she continued while staring right at the old titan, “Since the resurrection of your clan is based on this dream world’s law of believing is existing… Then do you think your clan can still be resurrected when this world is no longer a dream?”


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