Chapter 4-174: Pitiful

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2061 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1251 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“A grave marker?”

Lilith’s cheek twitches as she subconsciously shrank away from them and said cautiously, “You guys aren’t some mirages imagined by someone too, are you?”

“Who are you calling a mirage?!” Diana growled and tossed the wooden board away.

“We’re as real as we can be, this thing must be someone’s prank!”

“Is that how you talk to your seniors?” Lilith narrowed her eyes at Diana. “Maybe I should teach you some manners on behalf of your master.”

“Hmph, you can’t even move right now. What can you possibly do to me? Come spank me if you can!” Diana stuck her tongue out at Lilith.

Unwilling to show her weakness, Lilith bared her little sharp canines menacingly at Diana, while formulating plans to teach her disobedient little martial niece once this was over.

The others smacked their own forehead in resignation, amazed at how these two could still bicker at a time like this.

“What do we do now?” Durance stopped their banter, pointing to Titan 12138 in his hold. ”And how do we deal with her?”

“The entrance to this world has been unsealed. The others probably went back. You guys should go now, bring Lesiah with you.”

Lilith looked at Lesiah, whom Rosdell helped up. A strange anger rose in Lilith’s heart when she saw the pathetic state the princess was in.

Lesiah almost lost consciousness because of the strange smoke, but she managed to crack open one eye. With a barely audible voice she said, “Lilith… Don’t do… stupid things.”

Lilith gave her a rare gentle smile. “Don’t worry. When have I ever done stupid things?”

“Says the person who often does that!” Lesiah shot back at her angrily. However, since Lesiah was too weak, she sounded like she was whining instead..

“Haha, it’ll be fine. There’s a good saying that a scourge will last a thousand years, so a scourge like me can probably live a few million years.”

Lilith gave Diana a look and the latter immediately understood what Lilith meant. She snapped her finger at and cast a sleeping spell on the princess.

“You…” Lesiah was going to speak more but getting hit by Diana’s sleeping spell when she was still under the strange smoke’s effect, she could not last even a second before falling completely unconscious.

Lilith turned her gaze on Durance. “I’ll leave her in your good hands.”

“Of course, I will take good care of the princess. But you…” Durance looked at the pillar of light shining on Lilith then trailed off. His unspoken words were clearly understood — there was nothing they could do for her…

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The power of faith itself was an extremely mysterious thing. The Luminous Theocracy and Shadow Theocracy were probably the only two nations which might have a slight understanding of it since this was the basis of their foundation. The concept of faith itself was already a total mystery to the others, let alone this kind of ritual.

Lucas might hail from the Luminous Theocracy, but given that dumbfounded look on his face right now… He probably had been zoning out during his lessons.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.” Lilith lowered her gaze at the bloody back of Titan 12138’s head. The old titan was trembling like a terrified mouse, but Lilith was uncertain if it was from fear or pain.

“You can leave her here, for the time being.”

“Got it.” Durance released the old titan, but was considerate enough to rest her head on a dirt mound he made, so that she would not be drowned by the rising water level.

Rosdell lifted Lesiah up in his arms like the princess she was. Thinking that he could carry the princess of her dreams back home this way, he was met with Lilith’s icy glare that said “do it one more second longer and I’ll exterminate your entire family”.

Under that menacing gaze, he was once again reminded of Lilith’s true identity. For the sake of humanity, he could only reluctantly pass Lesiah to Choobchoob so that she could carry the princess on her back.

He could only clench his fists, ingraining that wonderful and soft touch in his superior memory of a martial artist, so that he could indulge it again from time to time in the future.

“You guys better hurry up. I’m gonna do something quite crazy next,” Lilith urged the rest.

“Understood.” The others nodded before quickly leaving the scene.

No one knew how long had passed when Titan 12138 finally recovered enough to sit up, though she had to struggle.

She grinned sinisterly at Lilith, then spat a mouthful of blood.

“So, your majesty let your companions leave first because you know there’s nothing else you could do in this situation. That’s right… All you need to do is just submit to your fate of becoming the ruler of this world, then resurrect the entire titan clan. Isn’t it nice to be worshipped by the entire titan clan?”

Lilith merely looked up at the sky in silence.

Was Titan 12138 despicable?

Truth be told, Lilith could not bring herself to despise the old titan.

She had done all these for only two purposes ⁠— to become “real” and resurrect her clan. Although the old titan was in denial that she had failed, she continued using the law of this world to deceive herself.

Rather than calling her despicable, Lilith found Titan 12138 pitiful.

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Titan 12138 clearly knew she was only a mirage and that she was merely living in someone else’s dream. Lilith did not dare to even imagine how painful it was for her to live all alone for thousands of years.

Perhaps Titan 12138 had long lost her sanity, just as Lilith had guessed the first time she met her. That was because only a lunatic could totally deceive herself.

Even so, Lilith would not show pity on her again this time.

Absolutely not.

Whether the old titan was deceiving herself or not, morally kidnapping Lilith and nearly getting Lesiah involved in this mess was the last straw for Lilith.

No matter how Titan 12138 tried to guilt trip her, Lilith was not related to that king from a thousand years ago in any way.

So why should she, an innocent passerby, bear the consequences of that person?

Helping the titans to fight against the black devils was the final goodwill from her. She owed them nothing, so now… She wanted to rely on her own will to end this farce!

Lilith’s body was almost completely transparent by now, as if she would become one with that pillar of light at any moment from now.

Seeing that the ritual was about to be completed, the expression on Titan 12138’s face grew even more delighted and frenzied.

Just one step! She was just one step away from achieving her goal! The plan she had laid out over the past one thousand years had not been in vain!

The king shall finally become our god! The clan will be resurrected! Yes, that’s what I believe! So… it will definitely be a success! NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!

“That’s why I said… You’re really pitiful.”

Lilith counted the time and figured that Durance and the rest had probably left this world with Lesiah. She sighed at Titan 12138. “You used your whole life and gave everything for an impossible goal.”

After saying that, a black flame danced on the tip of Lilith’s finger.


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