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Chapter 4-165: As Expected

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3339 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2075 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


The titan’s death did not calm the other titans down but fanned the flame called hatred in their hearts instead, causing it to burn even more intensely.

With a buff called “My King Is Here”, the titans very quickly reached Cornelia. They raised their very crude weapons, made out of sharpened branches. Without any hesitation, they stabbed at the human skeleton which Cornelia was controlling.

Unfortunately, their efforts were futile.

Cornelia appeared to be standing still, but the titans rushing toward her were immediately blown away by an invisible force.

“Annoying vermin. The very idea of killing you lots by my hand is enough to make me sick.” The eerie flames burning in the skeleton’s eye sockets flickered slightly. With disgust in Cornelia’s voice, she waved her hand. A skeletal dragon that was hovering in the sky promptly swooped down.


With speed that exceeded beyond that of a falcon, the skeletal dragon landed like a meteorite falling from the sky. The impact left a crater in the ground and sent dust flying everywhere. The titans, who just landed on the ground from being blown away earlier and barely managed to evade the skeleton dragon by rolling away, were once again sent flying.

The skeletal dragon craned its neck, raised its front claw and violently brought it down on the titans who were in mid-air.


A series of loud and chilling sounds of bones being broken assaulted everyone’s ears. The titans did not even manage to scream before they were crushed into a pile of mangled flesh.

Blood rained down, mixed with bits of bones and flesh. It stained the barks and animal leathers that were used as clothes.

Lesiah could not bear the sight and turned her head away. Although not very noticeable, Lilith’s body started trembling slightly.

It was only at this moment, the titans finally remembered that Cornelia was not their only enemy. Without any time to grieve over the deaths of their companions, the titans hurriedly aimed their weapons at the skeletal dragon, though those weapons probably could not even leave a scratch on it.

The skeletal dragon let out a loud roar. Its pungent breath blew away the titans who just got up on their feet, like a gust of strong wind.

Shaking its massive skull, flames in the skeletal dragon’s eye sockets danced eerily as it produced cracking noises in its throat that sounded like two flints being struck together. It was almost as if it was mocking the titans for their powerlessness and not knowing their places.

The disparity between both parties’ strength was too massive. It was not a gap that could simply be bridged by emotions alone.

One skeletal dragon was too big of a foe for the titan clan to handle, let alone a million troops.

Even so, the titans did not give up. They tightened their grip on the weapons in their hands. As long as their king was with them, they believed that there was hope for victory.

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Countless hopeful gazes instantly fell on Lilith, though the expression on her face was obscured at the moment.

“Weed them out quickly, don’t waste time,” Cornelia issued her order impatiently. More skeletal dragons swooped down powerfully. The skeleton army started their advance again, closing in on their targets.

The remaining titans backed up until their backs were up against each other. They kept their spears aimed at the gradually approaching enemies and maintained their formation. Even so, they could not help but sweep their glance over Lilith as doubt loomed in their hearts.

Why is the king not acting?

“How ridiculous. You all dare to place your hope on things that don’t exist? Stop dreaming. that so-called king of yours is nothing but a coward.” Cornelia burst out laughing. Halfway through, she noticed a slight pain on her calf.

“You’re not allowed to call the king a coward!” A child with snot hanging from his nose had his rusty kitchen knife raised and was slashing at the calf of the skeleton that Cornelia controlled.

Although his legs were trembling uncontrollably, he continued yelling to encourage himself whilst attacking his enemy. “You’re not allowed to call the king a coward! You’re not allowed to call the king a coward! You’re not allowed to call the king a coward!”

The child continued his relentless attacks. Either the kitchen knife was too dull or he was simply too weak, he could not even leave a scratch on the black bone.

Cornelia was stunned. How did this little vermin get so close to her?

It was only a brief moment of distraction. Cornelia hovered the bony claw over the child’s head. No matter how he managed to get this close, this child was going to die. Though he lost his grip on the kitchen knife, the child continued waving his fists around.

“Let go of me, you monster! Let go of me, or else the king will definitely dismantle you.”
“Heh, how naive. I would love to see how she can dismantle me.”

It was this remark that finally got the child crying out loud. Cornelia tightened her grip on the child’s head, attempting to crush him the same way she did with the titan earlier. After all, this was the best way to exterminate a vermin.

However, when she issued the command with her consciousness and before the skeleton body could carry it out, a shrill whistle suddenly sounded in the space.

The skeleton snapped its head up and the flames in its eye sockets burned brightly.

In such a short notice, Cornelia was only able to put up a barrier in front of the skeleton’s body. Although she had already sensed it earlier, she could not control this body as if it was her own.

A sharp stick impaled her chest with a force powerful enough to break apart the skeleton she was controlling. The skeleton that was not that strong in the first place immediately broke apart.

Lilith raised her head. Flames of anger burned intensely in her molten gold eyes. The tone of her voice could freeze hell over.

“Did you get a clear picture of how I dismantled it?”

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Lilith raised her hand. The imitation holy sword that she launched earlier returned to her hand automatically. Her figure disappeared.

When she reappeared again, she was right in front of the titans that were being surrounded, grabbing a child by the back of his collar.

She tossed the child to the titans, then scanned the skeletal dragon in front of her with her majestic golden dragon eyes. She parted her lips slightly. A mysterious and complex language echoed in the space like an ancient song.

[ Kneel. ] 

The massive skeletal dragon started trembling violently, along with the army of skeletons. It was almost as though there was a powerful force pressuring down on them and forcing them onto their knees.

Millions of skeletons kneeled in succession, like waves. Lilith stood in the center, her long golden hair fluttering though it was windless. She looked down on everyone with indifference, like a real emperor.

“As expected of our king! You are indeed the most powerful!” The titans weeped in excitement and kneeled respectfully too.

Lilith shook her head in resignation before returning to Lesiah’s side.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold back,” she said apologetically.
“Hmph, I’ve already seen that coming.” Lesiah let out an exasperated sigh.
“Are you gonna be mad then?”
“Of course.” Lesiah nodded seriously. “I’d be really, really mad if you got yourself killed. So mad that I’ll never forgive you.”
“That sounds really terrifying. I guess I can’t just go and kick the bucket then.” The corner of Lilith’s mouth lifted into a smile before she stared off into the distance.
“So, you still intervened.”

Another ordinary-looking skeleton stepped forward. Its body was glowing, seemingly unaffected by Lilith’s dragon-language spell. Its voice belonged to none other than Cornelia.

“You should know that this isn’t a wise choice.”

“But what you said earlier seemed to be a deliberate provocation.” Lilith narrowed her eyes slightly.

“Could it be that you are deliberately trying to force me to use the power of my ancestor? And in doing so, what are you trying to achieve?”

Lilith nodded and said to herself, “Yes, you should be more afraid of this happening than me. For you to suddenly do this, there must be some ulterior motive behind it!”

The skeleton fell silent for a moment and said, “…No. I was merely mocking you because I knew you were not going to get yourself involved in the end.”


Time ticked away silently. Before anyone could realize it, the awkward atmosphere had lasted several minutes. The skeleton raised its head to look at the black sun in the crimson sky.

“What a beautiful view. I have to say, I am more used to this sky. It’s unfortunate that I will soon be unable to admire this beautiful view.”

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“What do you mean?”

“I realize that you are a huge troublemaker. If I keep tolerating your nonsense, things will end in the way I least want to see.” The skeleton shifted its gaze back on Lilith. The depths of its eye sockets shone with shocking brilliance.

“So I have decided to abandon this place and bury all of you cancerous vermin along with it. Anyway, to me, this is just destroying all escape routes.” Cornelia sounded like she was both telling these harsh words to Lilith and also talking to herself.

Then, the world started shaking.

Aside from the ordinary-looking skeleton save for its color, a powerful fluctuation with a force that could destroy everything erupted.

Flesh began growing on the skeleton, followed by vessels, skin, hair, and lastly clothing. In just the blink of an eye, a familiar white haired figure in a black dress showed up in front of Lilith.

With the appearance of Cornelia, the world began to distort bizarrely as if it could not handle her presence. The first to bear the brunt was, of course, the skeletons known as the black devils.

All the skeletal dragons and gigantic skeletons that stood more than 100 meters tall, were pulverized by the distortion and vanished.

It was almost as though they were nothing more than backdrops on a stage play, which would naturally be replaced by new backdrops as the play went on.

Cornelia clenched her fists, seemingly trying to get used to her new body. “You should be proud of yourself for making me go to such lengths.”

“Is that so? I don’t think making an ancient million-year-old loli lose her mind is something to be proud of.”

“Don’t get smart with me.”

Cornelia sneered coldly, then pointed a finger at Lilith.

“Zero Hour Feather Realm, Reset.”

Before anyone could realize, shimmery black feathers began falling silently. Lilith’s feet sank deep into the ground beneath her, as if she was carrying the weight of the entire world.

It was at this time, the phantom of a golden dragon appeared behind Lilith once again, The old ancestor rested his gaze on Cornelia and shook his head as if he had expected things to unfold this way since the beginning.

“Looks like things still ended up this way. Why are youngsters nowadays so impatient?”

“Stop spouting nonsense and help me finish her, ancestor!” Lilith’s confidence immediately increased significantly with the appearance of her ancestor.

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Although she was borrowing the ancestor’s power right now, she was still inexperienced in using that level of power. It was still best for the ancestor to take the matter into his hands.

“No. I still have to wipe your a̲s̲s̲, I don’t have any energy left to fight for you. Deal with it yourself.”

Being rejected so firmly by her ancestor left Lilith suddenly feeling a little panicky. “But…”

“No buts. As my descendant, I believe I don’t have to teach you about finishing a fight that you started yourself, even if it means you have to do it on your knees.”

“What kind of reasoning is that?! Do you want to see your own descendant getting beaten into a pulp and beyond recognition?!”

“Rest assured, I will be able to recognize you even if you turn into dust.”

“Hey, that’s not something you should say to your descendant!”

However, her ancestor had turned into a beam of golden light and disappeared into her body.


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