Chapter 4-164: Edge

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2184 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1234 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“You haven’t left yet?” The skeleton suddenly asked, and her tone was a little exasperated. “The passage has been unsealed, so why are you still here?”

“Huh?” Lilith was stunned for a moment, and then she figured out who the voice from the skeleton belonged to.

“Cornelia?” Lilith exclaimed in shock as she looked at the skeleton that looked no different than an ordinary person’s, save for the black color. “Did your million year old loli flesh rot until you’re left with only bones?”

“Who are you calling rotten?!” The eerie glow in its dark sockets flickered as anger filled its voice. “I’m only temporarily transferring my conscience into this body, you ignorant flat-chested girl!”

Lilith’s cheek twitches. “Who are you calling flat-chested, you expired ancient loli!”

“Am I wrong? Even the curvature of this skeleton’s rib is bigger than your boobies!”

Lilith could feel the vein on her temples throbbing.

“…Expired ancient loli!”
“Flat-chested girl!”
“You wanna fight?”
“Come at me, I’m not scared!”

Looking at one person and one skeleton eager to fight each other at any time, Lesiah rubbed her forehead and quickly grabbed Lilith. “Calm down, now is not the time to care about this kind of thing.”

“Hmph!” Lilith bared her sharp canines menacingly like an angry kitten, but quickly calmed down as knew her priorities and got straight to business. “So, why are you here, ancient loli?”

“I’m here to exterminate the vermin as soon as possible, of course.” The skeleton turned its head slightly, sweeping its gaze over the titans.

“Vermins…” That remark somehow ignited a fire in Lilith’s heart. “If you call these titans, who are made of flesh and blood, vermin, then what are you? Apart from being stronger than them, you are basically the same as them, no? Or are you saying that being stronger puts you a level above everyone else and this allows you to trample them under your feet like bugs?”

“Flesh and blood? What are you talking about? Don’t tell me…”

Cornelia laughed suddenly, as if she had just heard the funniest joke in the world. She doubled over in laughter. The bones of the skeleton, which she was controlling, creaked noisily.

“Don’t tell me you are still being deceived by these mirages and believe that they are made of flesh and blood?”
“Mirages? What do you mean?”

Just when Cornelia was about to say something, a sharp buzzing noise suddenly rang out in the space.

The skeleton controlled by Cornelia’s conscience suddenly staggered. The next thing Lilith saw was a tiny spear, which was only as long as Lilith’s arm, spearing the skeleton right in its wide open mouth.

“This is…” Following the direction where the spear came from, Lilith’s eyes widened. It turned out that it was Titan 12138 who launched it. She was standing on the roof, overjoyed to see that she successfully speared the skeleton that was controlled by Cornelia.

She waved at the other titans and shouted in excitement, “Look, my people! Under our king’s guidance, even an old and short woman like me with a foot in the grave could easily hurt the enemy’s leader. What are you all still waiting for? Are the spears in your hand a flag pole for the surrender flag?”

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“Hold it right there!” Lilith hurriedly tried to stop the indignant titans, but her voice was quickly drowned out by hundreds of roars that were filled with long-suppressed rage.

“The matriarch is right! With the king here, what are we still afraid of?”

“That’s right! Don’t be scared, charge!”

“CHARGE!! Kill their leader first!” The Titans roared, with crazed smiles on their faces. Even the women and children who had just taken the weapons were rushing toward Cornelia’s skeleton with bloodshot eyes.

“Everyone… Wait a minute…” Lilith’s hands stopped weakly in mid-air.

Lesiah put her hand gently on Lilith’s shoulder and shook her head. “It’s useless to say anything now.”

At this moment, there was but nothing on the titans’ minds except the desire to vent their anger through killing those black devils that made them live in misery for a long time.


This was the only thought on the titans’ minds. With their invincible king around, there was nothing for them to fear. The pressure of despair was like water held behind a dam. A mere crack in the dam would cause water to spew out and eventually break the dam.

“As expected of a vermin.” The skeleton that Cornelia controlled slowly removed the spear then tossed it away with a cold sneer. “Creatures without the ability to think for themselves can only be controlled by others.”

“DIE, MONSTER!” Just then, the titan who was running in the lead had reached Cornelia. With a roar, he raised the rusty iron blade in his hand and brought it down on the skeleton’s skull.

However, the blade abruptly stopped just mere centimeters away from the enemy’s skull. The titan’s flushed face suddenly stiffened before his limbs started flailing around frantically.

Unfortunately, his struggles were to no avail. He could not budge even an inch. There was fear in the titan’s eyes, but it was too late. The skeleton under Cornelia’s control raised its arm slowly. Its black claws grabbed the titan’s head.

Since the titan was petite, his head was only the size of an apple in comparison to a human’s hand. It fitted right into a palm.

“Time for you to go, vermin.” Cornelia’s voice was cold as her fingers applied force.


The titan’s hands twitched for a little before his arms fell limp. Like a watermelon, his head was crushed mercilessly. Red and white stuff splattered everywhere.

The headless corpse fell to the ground. The skeleton shook its hand and spat, “Disgusting.”

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The corpse was immediately evaporated by an invisible force, leaving not even a single strand of hair behind.

The other titans’ eyes reddened at the extremely violent and cruel scene. Even so, they still continued charging toward Cornelia without a fear of death.

“*******.” Lesiah clenched her jaw.

The titan who got crushed by Cornelia cracked some dirty jokes at Lesiah with a smirk on his face just last night. He laughed heartily when he saw Lesiah blushing uncontrollably at his jokes.

At the time, Lesiah found him quite despicable to have the audacity to make fun of her. In fact, she even thought that he deserved to be thrown into a prison before getting beheaded.

Now that this uncle really got killed suddenly without any warning, Lesiah was panic stricken. She felt as though a stake was hammered into her heart. Even so, she still grabbed Lilith’s slightly trembling shoulder tightly.

“Lilith, we need to leave.”

Seeing Lilith keeping her head lowered silently, Lesiah could not help but panic.

“You should know that we can’t do anything after the titans acted so recklessly.”

Had the titans not acted so impulsively, waited for Lilith to gather more information and then followed the instructions to exploit Cornelia’s weakness, maybe they could have lived a little longer.

If that was the case, perhaps both her and Liltih would feel less guilty since they “did something for the titans”. Based on the current situation, the longer Lilith and her tarry, the harder it would be for them to leave this place. They were already on the edge.


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