Chapter 4-166: Someone Unexpected

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3163 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1865 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

More and more black feathers fell, until they obstructed one’s vision like a violent snowstorm. These feathers looked so weightless that they were harmless to Lesiah and the titans. Yet when they landed on Lilith, they came down like a tonne of bricks.

The weight created a crater that was a few inches deep, with a radius of a few thousand miles from Lilith in the center.

Lilith was glowing with a layer of rich golden light. Under the weight of those feathers, cracks formed on the surface of the golden light, showing signs of shattering.

Even so, Lilith clenched her teeth and bore the weight.

As expected, Cornelia held back her power last time. Now that she had nothing to worry about, she could use her full power. And this was not something that a child could take head on.

Dammit, gramps left me behind again and escaped! How irresponsible! Just you wait and see! When you’re old and your legs don’t work anymore, I’ll send you off to some unlicensed and shady nursing home!

Seeing the troubled look on Lilith’s face, Cornelia couldn’t help but mock her. “What’s wrong? You were acting so cocky just seconds ago, now you’re all quiet like an adorable doll.”

“Doll is still better than a rotten ancient loli like you!” Lilith insisted on keeping up with the attitude even if she was not able to defeat Cornelia in her current state.

“Looks like you still haven’t learned your lesson yet.” Cornelia sneered, then pointed her finger at Lilith. The gently falling black feathers instantly started flying about wildly, like a violent hurricane.

“Zero Hour Feather Realm, Void Feathers.”

Concealed behind the hurricane were countless dark cracks.

Space was cut open by the black feathers, but this time this dimension’s self-repairing function no longer seemed to be working. The cracks suspended in mid-air, increasing in numbers as the black feathers flew around.

Very soon, the entire dimension became something akin to an ice floe. Everything in it was going to be crushed by the void, including Lilith. When that time came, Lilith would not be able to survive no matter how powerful her physique was.

Naturally, Lilith was not going to just sit still and wait for her death either, so she threw her fist at the black feathers with full force. Golden light immediately exploded, as if the sun had just risen and illuminated the dark sky.

Her fist carried the faint roar of an ancient dragon.

The feathers scattered momentarily before they quickly gathered together again. Only this time, a smidge of gold was left on the black feather.

The world shook once again, even stronger than before.

The tremor felt like a 12.0 magnitude earthquake. Several large cracks were opened up in the ground. Flames spewed out from the cracks, licking everything on the ground. This dimension looked like it was on the brink of destruction.

The titan’s village happened to be sitting on where one of the cracks had opened up.

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Lesiah and the titans were enveloped by a golden bubble that floated up, lifting them off from the dangerous area. Sadly, the village that the titans worked so hard to build had fallen into the crack. The few mud houses that were lucky enough to be spared were quickly burned down by the flames.

Watching their childhood home getting destroyed, one of the vulnerable titan was about to cry out before he was forced to shut up by the cold glint of a sword.

Unconcealed anger burned in Lesiah’s eyes, like a monster that was going to rear its ugly head at any moment. “Lost homes can be rebuilt. If you guys distract Lilith at this moment, I’ll cut your useless head off.”

The titan paled but still nodded.

Lesiah swept her frosty and dignified gaze over the titans and lingered on Titan 12138. The warning look in her eyes made the old titan’s hunched body tremble like a leaf.

This was indeed not the time for Lilith to be distracted. Giving up part of her strength to protect Lesiah and the rest was already challenging her limits.

It was not true that the ancestor’s power was weaker than Cornelia’s, Lilith just did not know how to use it well for the time being.

After all, how could Lilith possibly know how to use skills from a realm that she had never set foot into? It was like giving a precious sword to a child and expecting her to beat a real swordsman.

So Lilith was at an inherent disadvantage when she fought with Cornelia. And the battle was still going on.

The golden glow on the black feathers flickered slightly. A soft but sharp dragon roar was heard.

Cornelia stretched her arms out, with her palms facing Lilith.

“Zero Hour Feather Realm, Mirror Feathers.”

Half of the black feathers continued flying wildly, while the other half formed into a huge golden fist and smashed toward Lilith.

Lilith’s face immediately stiffened. This was… She did not even have the time to think. Surrounded by the flying black feathers, Lilith did not have much room to maneuver or dodge. She could only brace herself and take the massive golden fist head on.


With the intensity of a shockwave generated by a meteorite that crash landed on earth, the forests near to the titan village were uprooted.

Stagnant for so many years, this little dimension experienced great changes in just a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, they were changes that led to its impending destruction.

Lilith’s right arm dropped, blood flowed like a stream of water. It was obviously broken.

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Hundreds of tiny golden dragons constantly gnawed on and tore the wounds on Lilith’s arm, preventing them from healing. Lilith crushed one of them between her fingers with an unpleasant look on her face.

How was she going to continue a fight where her opponent was highly skilled enough to steal her abilities? Was she left with the only option of… borrowing the strange black flame from her other self that dwelled within her?

Was that her silver lining?

But her ancestor had forbidden her to use the strange black flame in exchange for lending her his power to save the titans. Furthermore, Sae also warned her to never use the black flame in front of any deity. But much to Lilith’s annoyance, Sae did not tell her the complete story.

For the ancestor actually made an exception and lent her his power so that she did not have to use the black flame in front of Cornelia meant if Lilith really used it, then she would face far more serious consequences than her current situation.

Once again, she found herself in a deadlock.

Just when Lilith was considering if she should force her ancestor out by crying dramatically, a gentle voice suddenly appeared in her ear.

“I can lend you a hand, little Lilith.”
“You are…”

Lilith could not help but put her guard up and looked around nervously when she heard the unexpected voice.

“Oh my, how could you forget me so soon? We’ve just parted ways not long ago. You’ll make Auntie sad for a long time~”


A relieved smile appeared on Cornelia’s face. Finally… Everything was coming to an end. Cornelia watched this world crumble rapidly. Hesitation flashed across her eyes, but it was quickly snuffed out by her.

It was a decision she had made. No one could sway her. Lizard breaking its tail? A warrior cutting off his arm that got bitten by a snake? No, this was the path that she had long prepared herself to take.

These outsiders merely strengthened her determination. The corner of Cornelia’s mouth lifted into a smile. If she put it that way… Did that mean she owed them a thanks?

Yeah, she should give them a proper thanks. Especially that someone who reminded her of the feeling of losing everything.

The sadness, uneasiness and terror that made her shiver in the dead of night. It was because she had lost them before, that she learned to cherish them more.

That’s why, my best friend, Lilith, you better accept my sincerest gratitude!

The flying black feathers started vibrating at high frequency, as though they were resonating with each other. The space separation was about to be completed. As long as Cornelia willed it, the space where Lilith was in would completely be isolated from the one she was in.

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However, crushing her into a pulp was not enough. As her bestie, how could she let Lilith die in such an undignified way?

With that thought in her mind, Cornelia watched Lilith’s eyes glazing over and the lights in her eyes dimmed.

Cornelia could see countless transparent threads appearing around Lilith. They passed through the void, no one knew where they were going.

Those were threads of karma. When the threads were severed, Lilith would be completely cut off from this world and forcibly be corrected by this world’s law — to be erased completely and disappear without a trace.

Lilith would become someone who never existed in this world. No one would remember her nor the things she had done. Haha, this was really the most befitting way for someone like her with a strong presence to die.

Cornelia was about to happily make her move when she noticed Lilith lifting her good arm. In her hand was that familiar-looking, strange crowbar that Cornelia could not recall where she had seen it before.The sharp end was pointed right at her.

“You still want to struggle at this point in time? And in such a stupid way?”

Cornelia mocked Lilith’s futile attempt as she accumulated just enough power to block Lilith’s attack. Her focus right now was mainly on erasing Lilith’s existence. Just when Cornelia was about to do the deed, a familiar figure suddenly appeared before her.

“Not giving up until the last moment is a commendable quality you can find in a person.”

The smile on Cornelia’s face instantly froze before it was replaced by shock and disbelief.

“Mommy… Why… are you here?” The appearance of that figure immediately turned Cornelia’s brain into a pile of mush.

Shouldn’t mommy be preparing dinner at home now while waiting for my return?

So why… Why did she show up here?

And isn’t mommy… just an ordinary person in this world?

“Sorry, Cornelia… Mommy…” The gentle-looking woman was floating in front of Cornelia, patting her head with an apologetic smile on her face. “Mommy can’t let you deceive yourself any longer.”


As soon as the woman’s voice fell, a resounding slap echoed throughout the space. Cornelia’s hand went to her stinging cheek. The slap was so hard that it left a red handprint on her cheek and undid the power that she had accumulated.

“Why…?” Cornelia’s dull eyes widened. Just when she was about to turn her head around and ask a question…

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Pain suddenly shot up from her abdomen,

She lowered her head, only to be greeted by the sight of a strange and black crowbar that had impaled her right in the stomach.


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