Chapter4-163: Deceit

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2155 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 999 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Cold sweat rolled down Lilith’s forehead at the sight of the large group of monsters. She felt fear even though she was a dragon. The attack was anticipated, but she did not expect something so terrifying. Even a full-fledged empire would find it hard-pressed to take on the massive army of a million skeletons, not to mention a small village of a few hundred.

If their salivary glands still exist, the skeletons could literally drown the village with their saliva. Lilith did not know what to do. She could only ask Lesiah for directions.

“Any ideas, great strategist?” Lilith poked Lesiah with her finger.
“No.” Lesiah’s face was even paler than Lilith’s. She had only seen such a large formation a few years ago when an alliance between human militaries fought against a demonic invasion at western Macedonian Empire.

She could feel her limbs growing cold. There were stars swimming in her vision. Even her heart was pumping erratically in her chest.

“I don’t think we can survive, not to mention defeat the enemy.” Lesiah grimaced.

Lilith was silent. She was capable of surviving easily against the numerous but individually weak black devils. She could even guarantee the safety of Lesiah.

But it was impossible for her to protect the titans at the same time. She might bring about the end of this pocket dimension by using that power and her ancestor might not agree to this. Besides, the titans might not even survive the destruction of their world.

The only possible solution was to move the titans out from this pocket dimension. With her position and power, she could guarantee a safe plot of land at the outside world. But the entrance to this world was closed for reasons unknown. She could not carry out the plan.

A glint of light appeared in Lilith’s eyes. As a last resort… There’s only one way…

“Calm down, everyone! This is not the end yet!” An old but firm voice pulled Lilith back to reality. Titan12138 had climbed onto the roof of one of the huts, and was shouting at her fellow titans.

“Don’t forget, the king is here. She hasn’t given up on us yet. There is still hope!”

Titan12138 had a high standing in her tribe. When they heard her voice, the titans stopped panicking. A glimmer of hope appeared in each of their eyes when they stared up at their chieftain.

“T-that’s right! The king hasn’t given up on us. It’s not the end yet!”
“That’s right. Pick up your weapons. We go to war! We’re dead either way, might as well follow the king!”

The titans picked up the weapons they’ve prepared and took their positions around Lilith and Lesiah. There were flames of courage in their eyes. They were ready to fight and die.

“Lead us into battle, Your majesty.”
“That’s right! If it’s for the king, I’m willing to follow you even to my death.”
“The king came out from the black devil’s camp alive. If she’s with us, then victory will be ours!”

The titans raised their weapons. Morale was high. The cheers of the hundreds of titans even drowned out the march of millions of black devils. They were ready. It was as if they would plunge themselves into the midst of the army of black devils the moment Lilith gave the order.

Even if each one of them had to take on 10,000 enemies, they were ready. But Lilith grimaced. The disparity between their strength was too great. The titans were simply too naive. They believed in her abilities to deliver them from peril. She could not tell if they were looking at her as a deity, or they were just grasping at straws.

No matter which one it was, she knew that their expectations were unrealistic. For the king that they placed their trust on was already preparing to abandon them. It was a tragedy.

Lilith felt a stabbing pain in her heart the moment that thought crossed her mind. An image appeared in her mind for the mere fraction of a second before she was distracted by the scorching heat she felt in her hands. The imitation holy sword that she had just pulled out from her inventory had become unbearably hot.

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To her astonishment, she could feel another conscience in her body.

[Do not abandon them] said the conscience.

Lilith was stunned. Is this… The message left behind by that transmigrator from a thousand years ago? Or is this the conscience of blackie? No matter the answer, she found herself changing her mind.

“I will… Do my best…” Lilith took in a deep breath. “To ensure your survival.”

Cheers immediately erupted all around her. The battle had already been won halfway. Lesiah’s confused voice appeared in her mind.

[Lilith, do you realise what you just said?] 
[Of course] 
[We’ll never win against the black devils, unless you involve your ancestor. But this will place you in danger] 
[Don’t worry, I’ll fight with my own strength. Even if I have to rely on him, it’ll be for your safety.] 
[Why did you say that? Why give them false hope?] 
[It’s better to die with hope than to die in despair] 

Lesiah was silent. She couldn’t refute Lilith’s words.

Lilith lowered her gaze so that her uncertainty couldn’t be seen. Or perhaps it was because she didn’t want to see the despair in the titans’ eyes. She didn’t want the guilt.

Their deaths should have nothing to do with her. She was just a passerby. Shouldn’t the one feeling guilty be their king from a thousand years ago? She was the one who abandoned the titans.


The black devils stopped abruptly.

As Lilith and the others stared on with confusion, a normal looking humanoid skeleton walked up to them. The eerie glow in its eye sockets flickered as it turned its head to stare straight at Lilith.


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