Chapter 4-143: Guidance

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2192 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1260 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The darkness devoured all light that was left, like a ravenous beast.

Lesiah’s eyes glowed slightly as her night vision got activated. Even with it, she was only barely able to see in this increasingly dark place.

The structure of the building was not complicated. It was rather basic, almost identical to a typical castle. The layout was pretty much the same as the castle where Lesiah had lived for more than a decade. However, it was too clean. Given that there was not any clutter to be seen, this place just looked uninhabited.

In the castle where Lesiah grew up in, the same castle corridor had realistic statues of heroes, exotic plants from foreign lands, and the drawings she left on the walls when she was just a naughty little girl.

But there was nothing here.

It was not just building, even the entire world structure was somewhat simple. Mountains were mountains, water was water, trees were trees and grass was grass. It was almost like every area was divided perfectly like the squares on a chessboard. It did not look awkward, but having no dissonance was the biggest dissonance itself.

There was always a sturdy tree standing alone in the grassland. And there was always dead grass struggling to survive in the rock crevices at the top of the mountain.

Was this really a natural world? Lesiah could not help but wonder. Experience from the past few days seemed to have brought her closer to an unbelievable truth. However, this was not the time to think about that.

Lesiah focused on her mind, feeling her heart beating powerfully and circulating her hot blood to all parts of her body.

In this silence where one could hear a pin drop, she could perfectly hear her heart beating rhythmically like drum beats.

Almost there. Lesiah’s lips curled into a gentle smile. Lilith told her that her blood was the indicator. And now, it was boiling up by itself without any external stimulation. This could only mean one thing.

She was not very far from Lilith. Lesiah could even feel their heartbeats resonating with each other.

It’s my time to save you this time!

Lesiah’s gaze grew firm as she clenched her fist.

The entrance leading downstairs appeared in front of her, much to her surprise. Lesiah could feel her emotions surging as she unconsciously sped up. However, the heavens loved playing tricks on her.


The sound akin to nails on chalkboard was heard, and Lesiah’s smile instantly stiffened.

She could sense… one… two… nearly a hundred presence appearing in the dark hallway. It was not a human’s presence, but…


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A black and bony claw reached out from the depths of the hallway.

“I see…”

Lesiah’s eyes widened at the sight and unconsciously gulped. She quickly caught herself and smiled bitterly.

“I knew it…”

Everything suddenly connected now.

Lesiah brushed her thumb over her ring, and then a silver longsword appeared in her hand.

This was not the sword that she always used, as it had long been taken away by Shiloah and was lost to her now. This was merely a spare longsword that she had. Furthermore, the quality was far inferior to her original weapon.

Unfortunately, beggars can’t be choosers.

Lesiah lifted her hand and got in the stance to unleash her Macedonian’s royal sword technique. As battle-qi was channeled into the silver longsword, it trembled slightly in her grasp, and made a resonating humming sound with the air.

A faint waning moon rose behind her.

Under the moonlight, the evil demon took form.

The black skeleton soldier dragging a dull blade along the ground seemed to find the moonlight repulsive. It opened its jaws at an unusual angle, letting out an unpleasant, harsh and threatening roar at Lesiah.

“I didn’t expect that that wish of mine would come true this soon.”

Lesiah flicked her longsword. Under the enhancement of battle-qi, the clinking sound she made overpowered the roars of nearly a hundred black skeletons.

[ A fight that I’d stay until the end. ] 

Then… When would the following wish come true?

Oh… It had already been granted. Lesiah smiled to herself. That person who would stand in front of her and tell her to go first with a smile… She had already appeared.


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In the empty and dim room, Lilith suddenly sneezed when she was bored out of her mind. She rubbed her nose and grinned. “What’s going on, is someone thinking about me?”

[ No, it is probably just an old wive’s tale in this case. ] 

The ancestor’s voice appeared in Lilith’s mind. [ From the looks of it, it will be sunny for the next few days. ] 


Lilith raised her head and looked up skeptically.

It rains in this little world?

“Let’s not talk about that. Gramps, do you have a way to make this thing recharge slower?”

She pointed to the ring of strange runes that were gradually being lit up in front of her.

[ I certainly can. But I would like to enjoy watching you try. ] 
“…Why do I even need you, gramps?”
[ Heh. Do you not know that you will be subjected to heavenly wrath for disrespecting your elders? ] 
“I don’t mind right now…”

Lilith lay on the ground bonelessly. She was losing energy. Strange runes were gradually lighting up right under her nose.

This was the ultra-long-distance teleportation array that Cornelia had finished drawing. All that was left now was only charging it up.

When the runes here were completely lit, the teleportation array would be activated, exiling Lilith to the void.

Lilith walked her hand with two fingers, like human legs on the ground.

She stuck two fingers out, as if taking advantage of the inattentiveness of the restraints that was holding her captive.


She quickly drew back her fingers like a child who had accidentally burned herself on a candle flame.

Her cheeks puffed out and her eyebrows were instantly knitted together.

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“What is this restraint? Why is it like an electrified steel cage? Am I being treated like a gorilla in the zoo?!”

[ Have you not given up yet? My descendant, I think it’d be best for you to start thinking of a plan to survive in the void first. Although this restraint isn’t strong, the person who set it up is of an extremely profound realm. It’s impossible for you to break this from inside by brute force. ] 

“From inside?”

Lilith lifted an eyebrow. “That means, it can easily be broken from outside?”

[ For sure. One-way restraint is naturally less complicated than a two-way restraint. That Cornelia girl could barely draw a teleportation array in time, where would she find the time to set up a two-way restraint for you? ] 


Lilith adjusted herself into a more comfortable position to lie down. “Then, I don’t have to worry. I was thinking how awkward it would be if Lesiah found me, but I couldn’t get out of here.”

[ Oh, you have so much faith in that human? ] 

“It’s not faith, it is trust.”

Lilith lifted her head and gazed into the distance. Her lips curled into a smile.

The blood of the same origin was already boiling in both of their bodies.

Like two lights guiding each other in the fog, even if the sky was obscured by fog, one would still be able to find their bearings as long as they had a bright light nearby to guide them.


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