Chapter 4-142: Grand Magister

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2025 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1132 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Lesiah breathed a sigh of relief at Cornelia’s departure.

It seemed like Rosdell and the rest had managed to outrun Shiloah and reach the upper level, the place where Cornelia would never allow anyone to step foot in.

It was amazing to have the aces from St. Caroline Academy and Macedonian Military Academy joining forces to get rid of that weirdo so quickly. It was a notable achievement, considering that not even Lilith could do anything about the fused Shiloah and Gaz without her ancestor’s help.

However… Just because Cornelia had retreated did not mean they were no longer in danger.

“Huh? What’s with those hands? How disgusting…”

Diana continued flying in mid air at high speed while clutching onto her staff. She could not help but feel squirmish seeing those little things chasing after her.

There were hands, a lot of them. In fact, the entire corridor was flooded with them. Each hand looked extremely gorgeous by itself. It was smooth and silky, with slender fingers. However, seeing a hoard of them was just visually terrifying.

“Little Hand is also one of those weirdos. She can sap away anyone’s stamina or strength with just a touch. You must keep your distance from her, and…”

Lesiah threw a glance behind, with a serious look on her face. “She seems to be able to multiply or split herself infinitely at astonishing speed.”

To multiply or split herself from one to countless took Little Hand only an instance. Until now, Lesiah could not fathom where all these hands sprang out from.

Countless hands crawled on the ground with their five fingers, so fast that they sounded like bullet shells falling from thousands of guns at the same time.

It was enough to make anyone’s scalp crawl.

Diana stroked her jaw then suddenly said, “A touch… Infinite multiplication… What a terrifying ability, but I may be able to deal with her.”
“For real?”
“Of course. Leave it to me. Your royal highness, go ahead and rescue Lilith first.”

“But…” Lesiah was a little hesitant, the confident look on Diana’s face reminded her that the latter was a rank seven mage in this magical realm. Her eyes lit up and she smiled, “Be careful, they’re… very strong.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t do things that I have no confidence in.”

Diana tapped her staff on Lesiah lightly, and a glowing green light immediately appeared around her and Lesiah felt as light as a feather.

“This is my final buff… Good luck, Princess…”

Lesiah gave a solemn nod before sprinting away into the darkness, leaving Diana behind.

“Don’t even think of escaping!”

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Little Hand shrieked as she saw the victim Cornelia had explicitly ordered to capture escape. Countless delicate hands immediately flocked toward Lesiah, like they had gone crazy. Some arms that failed to react in time got trampled into mush under countless fingers.

A look of disgust came upon Diana’s face.

“I didn’t allow you all to pass.”

She aimed the staff in her hand at the hands that came like a tsunami. A massive amount of magical power was quickly gathered. With no one to interfere, the powerful magic spell was formed in just the space of two breaths.

[ Omni Magic: Raging Storm ] 

A violent storm manifested in this small and almost enclosed space. Due to the narrowness of the corridor, the power of this storm spell was amplified even more. A powerful airflow immediately blew away the hands that were lunging toward Diana.

Diana even had to stick the end of her staff into the ground to stop herself from getting blown away.

She patted on her chest to calm herself down. Using such a powerful spell in a narrow space like this was definitely putting herself at risk.

“Damn b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, I’ll rip you up!”

Little Hand regrouped her minions. Although the storm broke their formation, it did not cause any real damage.

Countless hands quickly got back into their positions and prepared to launch the next round of attacks.

“Heh, what are you screaming for? Don’t be in such a rush. Let me buff myself first.”

Diana tapped the end of her staff on the ground, creating colorful ripples that covered her body.

[ Omni Magic: Fire Resist ] 
[ Omni Magic: Ice Resist ] 
[ Omni Magic: Poison Resist ] 
[ Omni Magic: Paralysis Resist ] 
[ Omni Magic: Strength Up ] 


Every ripple was a layer of buff. In just the space of a few breaths, Diana had cast nearly a hundred buff spells on herself.

“Okay, you can come at me now.” Diana curled her finger at Little Hand, who was too shocked by all the buffs Diana had cast on herself that she even forgot to attack. “Allow me, President Diana, to teach you why the roses are red today,” she provoked.

Little Hand ignored her provocation and sneered instead. “Why waste so much mana to cast resistance buffs on yourself? You think you can resist my ability with that? How naive, little girl!”

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“Who said those buffs were for you?” Diana’s lips curled into a frosty smile. “These resistance buffs are to protect myself from my own spells.”

Little Hand’s beautiful almond eyes widened in her palm as alarm blared in her heart.

How could this be? This little girl in front of her should be a mere human being. Why… was she overwhelmed by her aura?


Her instinct told her not to let her guard down, so she gathered all her hands together to form a huge palm that rushed toward Diana with the intention of smashing her.

However, Diana merely snorted in the face of such imminent danger. She flung her hand and declared, “Are you ready for my performance, you pathetic worm?”

After saying that, a terrifying magical power rose from Diana. All the magic elements in the surroundings started revolving around her as if they were powered by some kind of force.

With light flowing around her, Diana looked like a divine being.

Instead of using her staff, Diana stretched her hand out as if she wanted to clasp the hand that was about to flatten herself into mush.

Her eyes were frosty, and so was her tone as she issued her command.

[ Unique Magic : Omni Reset. ] 



While Lesiah was sprinting, she suddenly found it difficult to breathe. It almost felt like there was something missing in the air. She could even clearly detect the air pressure in her surroundings lowered significantly.

“Is it… Diana?”

Lesiah looked behind her in shock. Even as someone who was extremely insensitive to magic, she could still clearly feel the terrifying magic fluctuations.

“As expected of you, Diana. No, the youngest grand magister on the continent, Diana White.”


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