Chapter 4-144: The Holy Sword’s True Appearance

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3202 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2016 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Heh, see? She’s here.”

Lilith sat up and looked at the door as her lips curled into a sweet smile.

Light footsteps rang out in the room, accompanied by the sound of sharp objects hitting the ground. It sounded almost like someone using a cane to walk.

Lilith’s eyebrows raised slightly. Anger flashed across her eyes, but it was very quickly suppressed.

Lesiah emerged from the shadows. The earlier battle had turned her dress into tatters, which was dyed red by now from being stained by her bloody wounds.

Her silver hair that draped over her shoulders was stained by her blood too.

Lesiah limped her way toward Lilith, using her broken longsword as a support. She wiped her face and squeezed a smile. “Lilith, I came… to save you… I didn’t run away this time…”

After saying that, she raised her longsword with the last bit of her strength. Her blade glinted brightly before it was brought down.

The one-way restraint used to prevent Lilith’s escape broke. Exhaustion finally set in as Lesiah’s feet gave way. She tried to hold herself up with her longsword. Unfortunately, her sword was too worn out by now and instantly crumbled under her weight.

Lesiah lost her balance and fell down. However, a warm pair of arms caught her in time.

Hm, that’s kind of hard but it feels good…

She felt at ease.

Lilith sat down slowly with Lesiah in her arms, so the princess could rest her head comfortably on Lilith’s lap.

She gently brushed a few stray hairs from Lesiah’s face, then realized that the silver-haired princess had fallen asleep. Her beautiful brows were furrowed together. Even in her sleep, she looked like she was in some kind of pain.

Concern filled Lilith’s gaze as she started checking the princess for injuries.

Many of her smaller wounds had started scabbing, but those deeper cuts that nearly reached the bones were still bleeding profusely.

Her blood was mixed with an almost indiscernible golden color, which was Lilith’s dragon blood.

The dragon blood was constantly healing the wounds on Lesiah’s body. If it weren’t for it, Lesiah would never be able to make it here after her mortal body sustained such heavy injuries.

Unfortunately, this dragon blood was also acting like poison to Lesiah in her current state.

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After all, healing requires energy. For the sake of healing her wounds, the dragon blood was working hard while squeezing every last drop of energy from the cells in her body.

Even Lilith, a meat lover who usually ate three full meals with portions that could easily fill a bucket, was drained to the point that she lost her consciousness after fighting Cornelia. One could only imagine how it would be for someone like Lesiah.

“Gramps, what do we do?” Judging from Lesiah’s current condition, healing scrolls would not do much good, save for speeding up her death. Hence, Lilith had no choice but to turn to her mighty ancestor.

[ Hmph, shower me with praise all you want, I’m afraid I can’t think of a good plan. ] 

“Even if you don’t have a good plan, I’m sure you have at least some bad plans?”

[ Of course. ] 

“Spill it, spill it!” Lilith urged. Only god knew how long Lesiah would last. She must find a way to save her as soon as possible.

[ Well, the bad plan is… save her how she saved you before. But I wouldn’t recommend it. After all, she fed you human blood which was safe to consume even in excess. Your blood however, is pure dragon blood. In excess, the life-saving elixir will turn into a deadly poison. The devastating consequences isn’t something a mere human like her could take. ] 

“So all I have to do is just control the dosage well right?”

Light flashed across Lilith’s eyes as she made a decision in her heart. Her lips curled into a resigned smile.

Lesiah would definitely accuse her for taking advantage of her when this was over.

However, Lilith could not care about getting accused for the sake of saving her.

She gently propped Lesiah’s head up, her gaze affixed on the princess’ dry and chapped lips that were stained with blood that contained a trace of her own blood.

She bit the tip of her tongue before sealing Lesiah’s lips with her own, feeling that strange yet familiar sensation once again. Using her soft and flexible tongue, Lilith gently breached the princess’ weak line of defense, then fed a controlled amount of her dragon blood through Lesiah’s parted lips.

Lesiah’s hands unconsciously wrapped themselves around Lilith’s back, almost like she could feel everything though she was unconscious.


Lilith gradually deepened the kiss as she felt Lesiah’s body temperature rising. Her hands began to wander boldly. Just when she was about to go all out on her great rescue mission, an untimely voice appeared in her head.

[ Pfft. All that talk about saving a life, you’re just exploiting the situation, right? ] 

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“Mmmmnnnffffffff (No I’m not!)”

[ Hmph, I refuse to believe that someone who carries a lot of food does not have any container on them. Would it not be a lot faster and easier if you had used a container instead? Besides, the dragon blood’s property does not change even when exposed to the air. If this is not exploiting the situation, then what is? ] 

“Mmmmmmnnnfnffff (Shut up!)”

[ Hoho, even anger could not tear you away from her. You are truly hopeless… ] 



“You’re awake?”

Lesiah cracked open her eyes with great difficulty. As soon as she did, she was met with clear and cerulean blue eyes.

Lilith tapped on the tip of her nose affectionately and teased, “Sleeping like a little piglet, how unbecoming of you, princess.”

“Who are you calling a little piglet!”

Lesiah shot Lilith a look, her cheeks turning rosy. She soon noticed the unnatural red tint on the blonde’s lips and registered a familiar rusty taste in her mouth. It did not take her long to figure out what the latter had done to her while she was unconscious.

Surprisingly, she did not scream and accuse Lilith of molesting her.

After all, Lilith did this to save her life. Throwing a tantrum over it would just make her look like she was being unreasonable.

She was a princess, and being one meant she must be tolerant. Yes, be tolerant.

Lesiah sat herself up. Her head still ached a little, but something else quickly caught her attention.

The clothes she had on her right now, was not the same one she wore.

That quickly opened a gaping hole in her tolerance.


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She shot a fierce glare at Lilith, who quickly looked at the sky and started whistling like she had nothing to do with any of it.

“Stop playing dumb!”

“Hehe…” Lilith knew there was no way to muddle through things, so she tried justifying it instead. “I’ve seen everything anyway. What’s the harm of seeing it one more time? We’re both girls anyway.”


The blush on Lesiah’s face immediately spread to her neck as she looked like she just recalled something embarrassing.

“Forget it, I’m not going to argue with you,” she huffed and shot Lilith another furious glare.

It was useless to argue about it anyway. Lesiah sighed inwardly and lamented her fate. Lilith, however, scratched her head in confusion. Something was not right. Why was Lesiah not shouting at her for molesting her?

Usually, Lesiah would be letting out an ear-splitting scream by now then proceed to hurl insults and accusations at her. Surprisingly, there was none of it this time. Lilith tilted her head quizzically, unable to wrap her head around Lesiah’s unexpected reaction.

“What’s on your mind?”
“N-Nothing.” It was then Lilith suddenly recalled something. “Oh yeah, did you come to rescue me alone?”
“Of course not. How could I possibly make it past Cornelia and her lackeys alone by myself?”
“Where are the rest then…?”
“The rest…” Lesiah slapped her own head and chuckled. “Oh look at my poor memory, I nearly forgot about them…”

Her face suddenly turned serious, as if she had just removed a mask.

“Probably being chased by Cornelia right now.”



Lucas was running for his life butt naked, with a few fine strands of steel-like hair stuck in his butt cheeks. His furious, white-haired pursuer was quickly closing in on him from behind.

Her beautiful white brows were knitted together as she yelled at him, “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, YOU DAMN PERVERT!”


“Oh right, Titan 12138 asked me to give you this.”

“This is…” Lilith looked at the long wooden box that Lesiah handed over in confusion.

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“She said it is the holy sword you left behind.”

“Holy sword?” Lilith’s eyes instantly lit up.

Naturally, she was not the one who left this holy sword behind. That could only mean one thing…

It must have belonged to the former Titan King from a thousand years ago, a transmigrator like herself. Since Titan 12138 had been addressing both of them as king, Lesiah must have confused them.

Since it was something left by the former king, it must be very powerful.

Lilith accepted the wooden box excitedly and began to study it.

It was an extremely old and black wooden box, with two huge golden words engraved on it: Holy Sword!

Lilith’s eyes widened. The two words were actually written in the language from her previous world. Not only that, the words resembled a pair of dragon and phoenix intertwining with each other in a dance. That was just sugarcoating it. To put it bluntly… it was nearly illegible.

The writing sucked so bad.

Lilith pressed her lips, thinking to herself that this transmigator seemed unreliable. She was even wondering if this so-called “Holy Sword” sleeping inside the wooden box was just a crowbar.

Just like that “oolong tea” that she left behind… It turned out to be wine, one that was strong enough to knock the lights out of her and erase her memories of that night.

Even so, Lilith steeled herself and opened the wooden box apprehensively.

The wooden box was not locked. It would seem like its former owner had placed a lot of trust in the Titans.

The titan’s devotion toward their king that made them look borderline like a fanatic crossed Lilith’s mind, and she concluded that it was no surprise that the former king had so much trust in them.

Lilith’s worry was dispelled as soon as the wooden box was finally uncovered.

It was not a crowbar, but a black scabbard with a gold accent. At the tip of the hilt was a shiny red ruby. It was a longsword that measured to about thirty centimeters.

The weapon exuded a violent aura. It almost felt like there was a ferocious ancient beast hiding inside of the scabbard.

Lilith rubbed her hands in excitement, finally convinced that this was indeed a holy sword.

Lesiah got curious and leaned in to take a closer look. Her beautiful eyes widened as soon as she laid eyes on the holy sword too.

“I’ve never seen a sword with so much ferocity. It almost feels like it has been immersed in an ocean of blood for ages. Just one look is enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine. Where did you find this, Lilith?”

Lesiah’s face turned solemn. A sword capable of such aura must have slain countless enemies in countless bloodbaths. This did not have anything to do with her before, but she had to find out the truth now.

“This sword is not mine.”

Lilith shook her head and gently picked up the sword. The scabbard was somehow thicker than ordinary scabbards. Even through the thickness, she could clearly feel the emotions of this holy sword.

It… yearned for freedom and blood…

Lilith smirked. What an amazing sword.

It would seem like she had really found a windfall this time.


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