Chapter 4-136: Escape

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2199 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1301 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Go, now!”

While the enemies were perfectly distracted by Lucas’ performance, Lesiah took advantage of the opening and ordered an escape.

The others were able to react immediately. After all, seeing Lucas’ antics had given them some immunity. Although they were also caught off guard and were disgusted, they still fared better than Shiloah’s group, who took a direct hit of that visual nuclear bomb. The group instantly turned and ran toward the exit of the room.

“Trying to run?”

Cornelia’s gaze turned frosty. Her presence here was to prevent any unexpected turns of events. If Lesiah and the rest managed to escape under her nose, that abominable being named Lilith would definitely mock her.

The thought of that alone was able to break her fascination from Lucas’ booty.

She raised her hand, an invisible force started accumulating in her palm. Since they all wanted to run so bad, she would break their legs and see how they could run from here.

However, before Cornelia could lock onto the fleeing enemies, her eyes met with a pair of soulless but flirty eyes.

“Little girl~ Do you know what making love means…? Hehe…”

Unbeknownst to her, Lucas had turned around to face her. His booty was still vibrating like an electric motor that was running at full speed. And doing that while facing Cornelia, something looked like…


Like an elephant with its trunk raised.

No… with that kind of speed and frequency, it was no longer an elephant, but a whole herd of them, raising their long trunks and trumpeting!

Lucas put his hands on hips, and laughed into the sky. “F̲u̲c̲k̲ the three-year jail or death penalty, I don’t care! I’m practically invincible now! Not even the goddess can stop me now, bwahahaha…!”

Such a perverted statement…


Cornelia’s face instantly flushed red. After living so many years, she had never seen anyone worse! He was simply… simply… The biggest pervert in the world!

Damn it, he really tainted my eyes!

Cornelia was so mad and humiliated that she was at a loss for words. The invisible force that gathered in her palm was originally going to be unleashed to stop Lesiah and the others from escaping, but Cornelia changed the target to Lucas instead.

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I’ll crush that filthy thing of yours to bits!

Lucas’ little soldier felt chilly and the sudden sense of crisis made his hair stand on its end.


Lesiah was well prepared.

A round pill shot past Lucas’ little junior, so close that he could feel it almost grazed his balls. And that nearly made him pee himself on the spot.

It seemed to be executed with a well calculated timing and trajectory, for the pill directly hit the invisible force gathering in Cornelia’s hand.


The pill exploded instantly. White dust filled the room, obscuring Cornelia’s vision.

“Useless little tricks,” Cornelia sneered.

She grasped the white dust that was spreading, and it was instantly compressed back into the shape of a pill before she crushed it with a force so great that not even powder was left of it.

However, this was all within Lesiah’s expectation. From the start, she never expected the little pills she normally used as smoke bombs to do anything against Cornelia.

All she wanted was for it to reduce Cornelia’s vision for a brief moment. So that she could not interfere with Diana’s spell.

“Don’t die, my ally!”

An extremely gorgeous staff, encrusted with various magical gems, appeared in Diana’s hand. It was accumulating a huge amount of magic power on its tip, forming a powerful magic at a speed faster than a normal human could.

“Hold on! You’re not thinking of blasting me together, right?!”
“Don’t worry, you’ll survive, I guess.”
“You guess? That’s not assuring at all!”

Lucas had no time to waste in showing off his electric motor hips. He turned around and rushed over to Lesiah’s group at the fastest speed in his life. But it was still too late.

Cornelia had locked her gaze on Diana’s magic.

Since a spell could be interrupted before it was unleashed, mages were most concerned when warriors got too close to them.

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This was not only because most mages were physically weaker, but their spells could also easily be cancelled if they got interrupted by a warrior, and they might even be relentlessly whacked.

For someone who could control power like Cornelia, she did not even need to get close to her enemy to interrupt a magic. She could do that as long as her enemy was in her line of sight.

The only exception was if it was dragon language magic, which basically required only the user to shout the name of the spell they were unleashing. There was no chance for other magic spells to be released in Cornelia’s presence.

That was the reason why Lesiah had to obscure Cornelia’s vision for a moment.

Just long enough for Diana to complete forming the spell, but that was not enough time for Lucas to run to safety.

“Don’t die, my comrade!”

Diana wiped away the non-existent tear at the corner of her eye while increasing the magic output by fifty percent.

“You really want to kill me so that you get to keep that fifty percent profit, right, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!!”

“Haha, do you really think I am that kind of person? I’m only doing this because I have no other choice!”

Diana pointed her staff at Cornelia. Before Cornelia’s interruption force could reach her…

She successfully unleashed her spell.

[Omni Magic: Flame] 

The entire room was instantly engulfed by a terrifying flame. Cornelia, Shiloah and Lucas, who did not get away on time, were immediately submerged in a sea of flame. The terrifyingly high temperature turned the floor and walls into a crimson red. Even the ceiling was starting to show signs of melting.

Diana waved her magic staff, creating a magic barrier to protect her comrades.

The hot current from the flames instantly filled the room. It bounced back after hitting the walls, then gushed toward the only exit of the room.

As a result, Lesiah and the rest were spewed out of the room like lava from a volcano.

They landed smoothly in a dark but familiar-looking hall. Lesiah scanned their surroundings. After making sure that there were no traps, she quickly issued her next order.

“Let’s split into two teams. Diana and I will scout the way down, the others will scout in the opposite direction. We’ll communicate through spectrum stones from here on out. Keep in mind what I told you guys before…”

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Lesiah looked into everyone’s eyes and said seriously, “Just take this as a joke, I actually made all of that up to confuse the strange man called Shiloah, who has an all-seeing ability.”
“Fine, we know. Just move upward, right?”
“Yes, I’ll give the other instructions through the spectrum stone. Hurry and go now!”

“Uhm…” Being the most innocent and naive member of the group, Choobchoob simply could not understand why these people would abandon their comrades. “We’re just going to leave Brother Lucas to fend for himself?” she asked timidly.


Just when Lesiah was about to say something, a filthy bald man rushed out of the burning room. He was covered in soot from head to toe, looking like he had just crawled out of a coal mine, save for his pearly white teeth.

At the sight of this guy, Diana raised her eyebrows as the corners of her mouth curled up.

“Looks like our little Choobchoob got worried for nothing. Reality has proven that a scourge could survive for a few centuries if you’re not careful, especially a certain hairless perverted cockroach.”


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