Chapter 4-137: Tell Earlier

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2204 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1396 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Lucas spun three times in the air before he landed beautifully. With glowing embers on him, he stood with hands on his hips and laughed heartily.

“Gwahaha, these flames can barely burn my hair off let alone do any harm. Diana, you b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, are too naive. Forget about killing me so you can keep that fifty percent profit!”

Diana threw a glance at a certain spot on Lucas, then said meaningfully, “I’m not sure if it hurt you, but your hair is definitely gone.”

“Huh…” Lucas’ cheeks twitched. He only realized that he was naked now after Diana reminded him, as his last helpless pube was turned into ashes.

Errrm… For some reason, being free of hair made him rather self-conscious.

Lucas stroked his chin. Just when he wanted to say something, a young and melodious voice suddenly rang out in the room.


Flames were instantly extinguished.

The air outside the room was sucked into the vacuum, lowering the room temperature and chilling everyone.

“What are you standing there for? Waiting to die? Run in the direction that I just assigned!”

Following Lesiah’s shout, everyone immediately scattered in all directions.

“Eh? Wait, I’m not dressed yet.”
“No time for that! You running butt naked looks much better than you acting like a pervert in front of loli just now.”
“Hey, I didn’t act like a pervert in front of a loli!”

Rosdell snorted coldly. Although it was the princess who instructed Lucas to act indecently earlier, he was still extremely upset that he had done that in her presence.

“Doing all that in front of someone else wasn’t indecent? So you will only consider licking someone else’s thigh like just now to be perverted behavior?”
“Shut up!”

Lucas threw Rosdell a glare then snorted angrily.

“I admit what I just did was quite perverted. But me hugging and licking the princess’ thigh furiously before definitely doesn’t count!”

A nasty smile crept onto Lucas’ face. “After all, can you call a dog that licks perverted?”



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“By the way, your royal highness, don’t you think the distribution of our combat power is a little uneven?”

Lesiah and Diana ran along the dark and endless corridor. With Diana’s acceleration buff, their speed was almost exceeding the limit of the rank nine martial warrior.

Even so, they could still sense the raging fury approaching them fast from behind.

If not even Lilith could get rid of them at her top speed, what were the chances of them succeeding?

Diana kept turning her head around and wiping the cold sweat from her forehead. She knew very well that the enemy was definitely not one that she or Lesiah could fight against. This was also why she was extremely puzzled as to why Lesiah only brought her along to carry out the most important task of rescuing Lilith, and left the remaining group members behind.

Was this not a suicidal act?

“No. Although we are tasked with the ultimate purpose, the rest are carrying out the more important part of the whole mission.”
“Is that so? Then what do we do about that furious white loli behind us? I don’t think the two of us can fight that monster by ourselves.”
“We’ll just buy time until the rest achieve their goal. Then Cornelia will have no time for us.”

After saying that, the light in Lesiah’s eyes dimmed a little.

Though she said they were going to buy time, how long could they both hold out against an absurdly powerful monster like Cornelia?

They could not even take on Shiloah, and Cornelia was far stronger than him. The gap between their strengths was hopeless.

“If buying time is all you need, then leave it to me!”

Diana suddenly turned around. She floated to the air before flying backward with an unabated speed.

She swung the staff in her hand at lightning speed and pointed it directly at the blur of white at the end of the corridor, which was gradually getting clearer in their view.

A massive amount of magical power, which looked nothing like a rank seven mage was capable of, quickly gathered on the tip of the staff. It lit up the previously dim corridor so brightly that it felt like it was daytime.

Diana grabbed Lesiah’s shoulder. Despite the pressing situation, she was still in the mood to be humorous. “We’re about to speed up, don’t flip over, your royal highness.”
“Go on and cast your spell. I am as steady as a rock.”

The spell was then unleashed.

[Omni Magic: Fire Dragon’s Breath] 

A huge spiral column of flame erupted from the tip of the staff. The flames cast an orange glow on Diana’s face. A fierce-looking fire dragon swooped down on Cornelia who was chasing them, seemingly wanting to devour her petite body until only ashes were left.

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“Another boring trick of yours?”

Cornelia’s gaze turned icy.

She brought her palms together. As soon as she did, the sound of the clap died like a recording that got cut off abruptly

A small vacuum space expanded from Cornelia. As soon as the fierce dragon charged into the vacuum space, it instantly dispersed.

No matter how intense the flames were, they could not break through this absolute domain ruled by law.


Diana discreetly clicked her tongue in frustration. What a crude but effective idea that was.

Although Cornelia had used the same trick in her presence so many times, she still failed to figure out a way to overcome it. This was indeed a very rare occurrence for her.

But nothing could be done about it.

As long as she had not stepped foot into that realm and gained the initial mastery of laws, the law of nature remained absolute.

Of course, Diana was not so foolish as to believe that such petty ploys would be able to deter a terrifyingly powerful enemy capable of eliminating Golden Demon Htilil. She merely intended to use this burst of force to launch herself and Lesiah further away from the enemy at a higher speed, much like how a rocket was propelled into space. And also to stall Cornelia while she was at it, even just for a little.

Not being able to not stop Cornelia, did not mean she could not disgust her.

The corner of her mouth lifted into a smirk as a huge amount of magic power started gathering at the tip of her staff.

As the spell was being formed at lightning speed, the surrounding temperature plummeted too. The azure light on the tip of her staff flickered rapidly.

[ Omni Magic: Blizzard ] 

Let’s see if your vacuum can stop this!

Just then, a barely noticeable sharp piercing sound could be heard. Diana’s eyes widened in shock and her heart missed a beat.

Before she could react, her spell that was about ready to be unleashed was instantly broken. A sharp object that was barely visible to the naked eye was heading straight for Diana’s forehead at full force.

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One of the magic stones on Diana’s staff instantly shattered by itself. A magical barrier was quickly formed in front of Diana, perfectly blocking the object that would otherwise have taken her life.

It was only at this moment, Diana finally managed to get a clear view of that object.

And when she did, a chill traveled down her spine and she instantly broke out in a cold sweat.

She felt like she just took a trip to hell and came back. Sweat drenched her clothes, causing them to cling to her skin uncomfortably.

“Are you alright?” Lesiah turned her head to look at Diana and asked in concern when she noticed something was off.

“I’m fine, but…”

Diana gulped, then turned her head around to look at Lesiah, squeezing out a smile that looked worse than her crying face.

“Next time, could you be more specific when you tell us how terrifying our enemies are?”

She pointed to the object that was stuck in the magical barrier. It was a strand of white hair… with hardness beyond that of steel.

“I believed it would’ve been better if you’d told me that the enemy could kill with her hair. After all, getting killed by a strand of hair is a rather humiliating death.”


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