Chapter 4-135: Visual Nuclear Bomb

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3321 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1816 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The black sun hung in the sky as it always did, yet the light streaming down upon the land was fading.

There was no sunset, no moving clouds. They simply felt like they were in a gradually dimming room due to a dying bulb.

How uninteresting life was here.

Lesiah gazed at the sky in silence, as she thought to herself.

If this world was uninteresting, it was difficult to imagine how dreary and monotonous it must have been in that unchanging world that Cornelia lived in.

As the sky darkened, the fluorescent plants that surrounded the settlement glowed brighter. Like stars, they decorated the dark village into a fairyland.

However, the fluorescent plants alone were not enough to light up the dark night. Hence, a bonfire was built in the open space in the heart of the settlement, and the titans sat on the ground.

It was almost time…

Lesiah turned her attention to her teammates.

“Everyone still remembers what I told you?”

“Yes, yes. We are trained warriors or mages, for crying out loud. Not some three-year-olds who just learned how to speak. We’re not that forgetful,” Lucas grumbled while picking his nose.

The others nodded in agreement too.

“Good.” Lesiah nodded while looking at Lucas up and down, like she was appreciating a valuable piece of treasure. “Well then, let’s make final preparations.”

“Final preparation?”

After being creeped out by Lesiah’s excessive staring, a horrible feeling welled up in Lucas. “You’ve been lecturing us for so long, we’re not done yet, your royal highness?” he asked cautiously.

“Yes, but don’t worry. Although it is important, it isn’t complicated.”

Lesiah placed her finger on her lips, which curled into a sly smile. “All I need is for you to take off your clothes, Lucas.”

“Oh, that’s it? I thought it was something worse…” he trailed off.

His face stiffened and he looked up at the princess in shock. “Why do you want me to take off my clothes?”

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“You don’t have to know, just take them off.”

“No matter how thick my face is, I’d still feel shy after being told to take off my clothes out of the blue~” Lucas fidgeted like a shy girl again like he did, before his eyes suddenly lit up. “Don’t tell me that your royal highness has taken a fancy to my beautiful body and wishes to do something nasty to me? Hoho, if you insist on doing so, I will entertain your request at the risk of tarnishing my reputation.”

“I see, your s̲l̲u̲t̲t̲i̲n̲e̲s̲s̲ did not let me down.”

Surprisingly, the princess was not offended by Lucas’ cheekiness. She folded her arms and smiled in satisfaction.

Her reaction made Lucas even more doubtful about the situation…He took a quick glance at the rest, but all of them seemed just as perplexed as he was.

Rosdell, in particular, was displaying a wide range of emotions on his face. It was impossible to guess what was going through his mind.

So he was right after all? The princess wanted to do something nasty with him?

Hehe… If that was the case…

“What are you dawdling around for? Take them off quickly,” Lesiah urged impatiently.

“Fine, fine. I’ll take them off right away.”

He quickly stripped himself down. The moment his hands reached his red boxers, he hesitated for a moment before pulling them off.

“W-Wait, what are you doing?!” Lesiah quickly stopped Lucas in a panic.

“Taking them off too, otherwise… hehe…”

An impish smile appeared on his face as some appropriated thoughts started popping into his mind.

“Looks like… I’ll have to teach you what shame is.”

The princess’ eyes darkened, as she started snipping the scissors in her hands. Despite the slow motion, she looked really bloodthirsty.

Lucas shrank a little and quickly pulled back up his red boxers after pulling them two centimeters lower.

“Fine, I’ll keep them on. Did you have to be so mad?”
“Hehe, rest assured. All your perverted desires shall be satisfied soon~”

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Lucas suddenly felt a chill down his spine. He could almost see his unpleasant downfall from Lesiah’s words…

However, that was quickly replaced by another thought in his head.

Hehe… Perverted desire… Then that was surely…

Although Lucas was not completely naked, he still managed to elicit a cry from the pure Choobchoob who had never seen a naked man. She quickly covered her eyes, but daringly peeked at Lucas’ dong through the gaps of her fingers.

Everyone grimaced, save for Rosdell, who looked absolutely horrified.

“Uhh… Princess… What’s next…?” Lucas rubbed his hands in anticipation.

“Hm.” Lesiah nodded, looking even more satisfied.

“Bring out your sex appeal now.”

“Alright, I’ll get to it… Huh?”

Just when Lucas was about to pounce on Lesiah, he froze and tilted his head quizzically. “Your royal highness, did I hear that wrongly?”

They weren’t going to do the deed?

“No, you didn’t,” Lesiah had a dead serious look on her face.

“I said, bring out your sex appeal. So much that even gods would forsake you.”
“Wait! I admit that I have quite a lot of sex appeal, but how the heck am I supposed to bring it out to the point where even god would forsake me?! I can’t do that!”
“You’ll be fine. I believe in your shamelessness.”
“…What if I really can’t do it?”
“No worries, I’ll lend a hand.”

An amiable smile graced Lesiah lips and raised the sharp scissors that were still in her hand.

“Physical alteration, of course. By transforming our adorable Lucas into a well-behaved ladyboy, everything will fall into place naturally.”


Several strange-looking weirdos waited for their orders inside a huge empty room.

Footsteps came through the entrance, and a petite figure emerged from the shadows.

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“Lady Cornelia.”

Little Hand, Shiloah and Gaz, who was on his butt, greeted respectfully in unison.


Cornelia acknowledged them with a disinterested grunt. “Are the preparations done?”

“Yes, Lady Cornelia. The preparations are done.”
“Let’s begin then.”

Shiloah straightened his back, and his long neck moved like a python. Dark red veins appeared on his monochromatic face, all converging toward his eyes.

With all the veins going toward Shiloah’s eyes, the glow in his eyes started pulsating with a strange rhythm. Not only that, this world seemed to resonate with the light in the Conelia’s eyes too. Laws began to alter.

Cornelia reached her hands into the room’s vast expanse. She slightly curled her creepily long fingers, as if grasping something.

She suddenly exerted force in her arms, and the sound of clothes ripping was heard.

A few figures appeared in the room.

Seeing them drew a cold smile onto Cornelia’s face.

Since Lilith felt that those insects would come to her rescue, she would extinguish her hope completely.

She would let Lilith know that even if the insects that she sacrificed herself for brought back a few more insects with them, they would only serve as a few more to be crushed under her feet.

“Kill them, Shiloah.”
“Leave it to me.”

Shiloah bowed slightly before long claws shot out from his fingertips. When dragged along the specially treated and incredibly hard floor, they were sharp enough to create sparks.

“Ohoho, lovely Princess Lesiah. It seems like destiny has brought us together once again… Huh? Strange, why are you hiding behind the rest? Is it because you don’t want to see me? Ohoho, that makes me really sad.”

The confusion that clouded Lesiah’s eyes instantly cleared.

After all, this wasn’t her first experience so she was able to snap out of the sudden change in her surroundings immediately.

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Through the gap between the tall Durance as well as Rosdell in front of her, she was able to identify the number of enemies.



The strange creature named Little Hand, and…


As expected, they were all waiting for her this time.

Even if Cornelia did not ambush them, her presence here meant that she would not allow another slip up on their side.

“They are the black devils that your royal highness spoke of?”

Duurance’s voice rang out. It seemed that the rest were able to quickly adapt to the sudden change in scenery too.

They were all mentally prepared for this with all the information that had been shared to them earlier.

“That’s right. They are those black devils that I’ve told you all about. Let’s proceed according to plan.”

“Right,” everyone replied in unison.

“Plan? Ohoho, do you not understand yet, princess? In the face of absolute power, plans are nothing but useless struggles. Besides, do you really think you can hide your plan from my all-seeing eyes?”

And just as Lesiah had expected, Shiloah did not attack them right away.

As his long-time acquaintance, Lesiah knew very well that Shiloah would always use his all-seeing ability to read his enemy before each fight. While doing so, he would verbally provoke his enemies.

This was also the best opportunity to bait the enemy into taking the initiative to strike first, so that his party could execute the most perfect counterattack.

“Not necessarily.”

Lesiah snickered. Confidence lit up in her eyes, just like…

Moments before she entered the ancient ruins back then.

“Running away is what I do best.”

As soon as Lesiah’s voice fell, Rosdell, Durance, Choobchoob and herself stepped to the side, as if they had discussed this beforehand, revealing Lucas who was standing behind all of them.

Of course, Lesiah continued keeping herself hidden behind Rosdell’s tall figure to prevent herself from being completely seen by Shiloah.

Hm? What are they trying to do?

The attention of Shiloah’s group naturally fell on the tan-skinned bald man, who was completely hidden from their side by Lesiah and the rest before they moved away strangely.

“Hey there, my lovely black devils…”

Lucas had a lecherous smile on his face, as he pumped his pecs rhythmically.

“What a peaceful night it is, would you all like to… play with us?”

Lucas’ soulless eyes looked like he had long given up on treatment after going through some trauma. But this Lucas was more powerful than ever.

The difference was like an atomic bomb and a nuclear bomb.

Shiloah’s group, especially Cornelia, froze at the sight of Lucas, seemingly unable to recover from the visual shock they just received.

However… This was only the foreplay.

Lucas turned around, placed his hands on his waist. He bent a knee and kept the other straight, then leaned his upper body slightly forward.

This posture allowed every defined muscle of his back to be on full display to the crowd in front of him.

Though his buttocks were completely covered by his bright red underwear, it did nothing to conceal their perfectly round shape.

“Wanna learn how to shake your booty with me? It’s really fun~”


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