Chapter 4-134: Awaiting Favorable Moment

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3103 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1764 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Then… What about you guys…?”

Lesiah looked at the others. It would not be enough to rely solely on Rossdel alone to save Lilith.

“If I may ask, what are our chances of winning, your royal highness?”
“Fifty percent if we save Lilith. Otherwise, zero.”

Durance narrowed his eyes at the princess’ extremely strange remarks. It sounded like their prospects of victory were entirely dependent on this Lilith that she spoke of.

“Your royal highness, that’s not very humane of you to expect us to risk our lives over such a poor chance of winning.”

No one was aware that Lucas had gotten up and was standing with his hands on hips, exposing a suspicious wet stain on his pants in front of everyone without a care in this world.

“We’re talking about the fate of mankind here, your royal highness. Isn’t it too unreasonable for you to gamble the future of an entire race for the sake of one person?”
“Is that so?”

In a barely audible voice, Lesiah told Lucas something that caused the look on his face to shift dramatically.

He swiftly moved behind Lesiah and addressed the crowd righteously, “My fellow warriors, how can we abandon our comrades? Anyone who condones such cowardice acts has no rights to proclaim themselves the hope of mankind. I, Lucas, have made a decision. I shall aid Princess Lesiah in her quest to rescue Gold… Lilith, as a way to demonstrate my integrity as the human race’s hope.”


The princess smiled in satisfaction, then looked at the others. “What about the rest of you?”

“I’ll come along too.”

Diana shrugged as she went behind Lesiah. “If the old man knew I did nothing to save Lilith, he’d surely break my legs.”

“Thank you.”
“I told you I did that for myself. You don’t have to thank me, princess.”
“That was on behalf of Lilith.”

The president cocked an eyebrow.

This smells… like juicy gossip!

Without missing a beat, she asked, “What’s your connection with Lilith, your royal highness? Why are you going to such lengths to save her?”

“Nothing, I’m just returning a favor since she saved me before.”
“Of course.”

Diana stroked her chin skeptically. Somehow she had a sneaking suspicion that things were not as straightforward as they appeared.

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With Princess Lesiah’s influence, she could easily gather a few hundred people to save Lilith. Why did she choose to put herself in danger? And most importantly, why did she avert her gaze from her? The president’s lips curled up.

There’s definitely something fishy about this…!

“What are your decisions?”

Choobchoob and Durance were the only ones who had not made their decision.

“I’ll follow whatever Big Brother Durance decides.” Choobchoob glanced at Durance timidly.

Everyone’s attention was immediately drawn to Durance, who remained silent the entire time, as they waited for his response .

Durance pondered for a moment before the corners of his lips curled up slightly. “Interesting, I’ll accompany your royal highness on this quest.”

“You have my thanks.”

“There’s no need to thank me. I’ve only made this decision to satisfy my curiosity of these ruins. As the saying goes, no risk no glory. There couldn’t possibly be just the black devils in these ruins, right?”

“For sure.”

Up until now, Lesiah had spoken nothing regarding the God-level magic circles and techniques scrolls she found. She could have easily recruited a large number of volunteers with them, yet she chose to persuade them one by one.

After all, the mention of god-level would turn anyone into a colorful viper, beautiful yet lethal.

Back then, a single remnant scroll of a divine artifact alone was enough to spark a decade-long battle between countless powerful exports. What Lesiah had were the real deals.

She simply couldn’t imagine how much turmoil it would cause if this knowledge was made public.

Dispute was surely inevitable, but it was only a matter of severity.

“Since everyone has decided, please come with me first. While we’re walking, I’ll explain my plan and some important strategies when fighting the black devils.”

Lesiah turned around and started making her way toward the titan’s settlement. Lucas, like her faithful lapdog, was the first to follow.

The others exchanged glances with each other before following behind her at an unhurried pace.

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“This is…”

Peering around the settlement made up of round huts, as well as the busy titans who barely reached her waist, Diana’s face suddenly darkened.

“This is the settlement of those natives from our intel?”

Based on the intel provided by Coleman, it was reported that the natives of these ruins were aiding Golden Demon Htilil. And the description of these natives was spot on for these dwarves.

The princess waved her hands, trying to put Diana at ease. “It’s okay, they were manipulated by Golden Demon Htilil. They were, in fact, a very kind and friendly race.”

It was then the titans noticed Lesiah and her companions.

“Our queen!”

They waved at Lesiah excitedly while jogging over to her. “You have returned! The Matriarch has been looking for you!”

“Titan 12138? Why is she looking for me?”

“I’ve no idea either.” The unattractive titan shook her head, then finally looked at her other companions. “Hmm? Who are they, my queen? Are they friends of you and the king?”

“Queen? King?”

Everyone looked at Lesiah with suspicion.

It made Lesiah uneasy, especially with two pairs of eyes scrutinizing her like searchlights. Cold sweat started forming on her forehead.

Damn it, I’ve been so hung up about Lilith that I’ve completely forgotten about this!

“Don’t worry, it’s only an honorific they use for guests who are on great terms with them. It’s not what you guys think,” she quickly clarified.

“What are you talking about, queen? We only have one king, and we call you Queen because… ummpphh…!”

Lesiah hurriedly slapped a hand over the titan’s mouth, then glared fiercely at the other titans, signaling for them to drag this guy away as fast as possible.

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On the queen’s order, the prattling titan was very quickly removed from the scene. He did not even get the chance to finish up his sentence with “because you’re the king’s woman” before he got dragged away.

Lesiah secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She would truly be humiliated if these people learned that she had become the titan’s king’s woman, who was also a woman like herself.

The princess of an empire, turned into a lesbian by another girl. If word of this got out, she would become a laughing stock among other nations.

Fortunately, she was able to react in time.

“Big Sister Queen.”

The sudden appearance of a childish voice caused Lesiah to follow the source and looked down. It turned out to be a little titan girl, who barely reached her knees. She was staring up at her with her big round eyes.

The little girl offered up a tiny red flower to her.

Lesiah instantly had a bad feeling about it.

But it was all too late…

“A small flower for you, Big Sister Queen. I wish you and the king a long and a happy marriage~”

After a brief moment of relaxation, Lesiah’s face tensed again. Despite this, she was powerless to prevent this from happening. There was no way she could bring herself to shout at a charming little girl, who came bearing a gift for her, to shut up.

The education she had received since she was young would never allow her to do that.

The little girl tried her best to stand on her toes, before she finally managed to hand the little red flower to Lesiah, who had to bend down to take it.

“Awhh, I feel so shy…” she covered her face before running off to regroup with her other friends, who were watching her from afar.

There was so much pride in her words.

Yet, every word hit Lesiah’s fragile heart like a ton of bricks.


“Don’t ask! Asking means not knowing!”

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Lesiah crouched while hugging her red face, hoping she could hide from reality by burying her head in the dirt like an ostrich.

But she knew, she could not keep this under wraps for long.


“That’s about it everyone. Do you all understand what has been explained to you?”

In the open space in front of the titan’s settlement, Lesiah solemnly outlined her strategy to the team. The group listened intently with an equally serious face, then nodded.

If it were not for the blush that still remained on Lesiah’s face, no one would suspect that the princess was using her status to force everyone to keep their mouths shut.

“Alright, since you’ve all understood clearly, all we can do now is… wait.”

Lesiah looked up at the bizarre black sun in the sky. The other party had control over pulling people to the other side. Although there were time intervals in between, no one knew how long they were. This was why she was so anxious.

Now that everything was ready, they only had to wait for the right time.

At the same time, Lesiah also obtained some key information through her conversations with Durance and the others, which further confirmed her suspicions.

With this, their chances of winning increased by a few more points.

“Our queen.”

A familiar voice appeared. Lesiah turned her head around and saw the Titan 12138.

The old titan carried a long wooden box that appeared to be rather large in comparison to her frail physique.

“Are you going, my queen?”

As the word ‘queen’ was being brought up constantly, Durance and the rest pretended to be too distracted to notice it at all.

The princess nodded in response. “Yes.”

“Bring this with you then.”

“This is?”

Lesiah was perplexed by the strange wooden box that was in Titan 12138’s hands.

It was black in color, with strange golden inscriptions etched on it. Clearly not something that belonged to the titans.

“This is something that the king left behind before. It has been so long that my lousy memory has nearly forgotten about it.”

“The king?” Lesiah was puzzled, but still accepted the wooden box before putting it away.

Since this was Lilith’s stuff, she would just keep it for her until they met.

“What’s inside it?” she asked curiously.

Titan 12138 scratched her head with a troubled look on her face. “I can’t remember what exactly, but I vaguely remember it was something like… a holy sword?”


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