Chapter 4-133: Decision

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3082 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1816 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Lucas collapsed at the side. His hands were covering his crotch and he was foaming at his mouth, seemingly unconscious.

Lesiah stepped over him and smiled at Rosdell, who was leaning against a huge tree.

“Long time no see, Chief Rosdell.”
“L-Long time no see, Y-Your Royal Highness…”

The princess’ greeting had him flushing like a red tomato, one could almost see steam rising off the top of his head.

“No need to be so formal, Chief Rosdell. We were once from the same group. Please call me Lesiah, just like how you did.”

“N-No… How can someone like me… call the royal princess by her name…?”

The short-tempered and violent gorilla named Rosdell turned into a shy and star-struck little girl. He was so restless that he didn’t even know what to do with his hands or complete his own sentences. He even kept his eyes on the floor, not daring to hold the princess’ gaze.

Diana raised an eyebrow at his behavior. While rubbing her chin, ideas started brewing in her mind…

No wonder when Lucas licked the princess’ thighs earlier, Rosdell didn’t jump out and be the first to cut him into two. It would seem like seeing the person, whom he always worshiped like a goddess, had turned his brain into a mush.

Hmm… That was a surprise. She didn’t expect Rosdell to have such an innocent side to him.

Her eyes suddenly lit up, as she saw another huge potential business opportunity.

She could take a picture of Rosdell all star-struck like a little girl right now, then use her great photoshopping skill to put him in cute little costumes… like a maid dress, a pair of cat ears, a sexy dress, twin ponytails or a bikini…

[Limited Edition] Rosdell in Female Costume.jpg, now on sale! This time she wasn’t going to sell any to him. She’d make millions of copies and sell them at Macedonian Empire’s military academy. That was sure to earn her enough gold to buy a seaside villa!

What? It would be obvious that they were photoshopped? Who are you kidding? Over the past one year, I, Diana, the president of the disciplinary committee, has forged at least eight hundred pieces of evidence. None of them had ever failed to convince anyone! After all, I’m a professional when it comes to things like this!
✧(≖ ◡ ≖✿)

The way Rosdell was acting drew a helpless sigh from Lesiah.

Before the passing of her late father, Lesiah was also a student of the Macedonian Military Academy. To avoid unnecessary attention, she chose to hide her true identity.

At that time, she was a member of the ‘Steel Heart’, a mercenary group founded by Rosdell. And she even followed them on a few ‘real’ adventures.

These so-called adventures were only them exploring and getting lost in a forest near to the city with barely a few rabbits around. Not only that, they were secretly followed by the Royal Knight’s guard so there were no chances for accidents or thrilling experiences. Although they nearly burned the forest down while they were making their rounds there, all of these were precious memories for Lesiah.

She would never forget those clumsy and kind companions who told her dirty jokes.

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Unfortunately, the death of her father forced her to bid her academy life farewell and unwillingly return to inherit the throne of Macedonian Empire.

That was also the last time the founder of the group, Rosdell, called her by her first name after nearly being decapitated by an assassin for patting her on the shoulder and forcing her to drink when he was drunk dancing without his shirt after two glasses.

Every time they met after that, he formally addressed her as “Your Royal Highness”.

As for the others, the last time she met them was years ago.

While nothing around them changed, their attitude toward her had certainly changed.

“As you wish, Chief Rosdell…”

A wry smile appeared on Lesiah’s face. She was about to catch up with Rosdell when she felt someone tugging on the hem of her clothes.

She turned around, only to meet a pair of wide sparkly eyes.

“M-May… I have your autograph please?” Choobchoob asked cautiously.

“Autograph? I’m not some celebrity, why would you want it…?”

That being said, her signature was indeed on a lot of official documents.

“T-That’s… not true. You are very famous, Princess Lesiah. Even my grandpa said that you’re the only woman he looks up to.”

“Your grandfather?”

“Yes, Chairman Durdur of the Southern Federation.”

A look of realization crossed Lesiah’s face, as she remembered the plump middle-aged man during the square table conference.

He barely looked like he was forty years old, so she didn’t expect that he was a grandfather to someone. Seemed like he was another ancient monster who knew how to hide his age well.

All the nations had collected extremely comprehensive information on some of the elites. But when it came to average-looking old men like him, no one knew their strength until they either made their move or triggered a Heavenly Tribulation when they breakthrough beyond the saint realm.

Why would someone like that look up to her?

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Lesiah was slightly puzzled, but the girl’s pure, innocent eyes told her that she wasn’t lying.

“What is your name?”


The corner of Lesiah’s mouth twitched a little. That was indeed a standard Southern Federation name.

“Where do you want me to sign?”
“Right here!”

Choobchoob readily pulled out a pen and small pink notebook, then handed them over. Lesiah accepted them and quickly signed her name on it with two swipes.

When Choobchoob got her small notebook back, she rubbed her face against it excitedly before putting it away carefully as if it was a precious treasure.

Seeing another person treating her signature like a treasure, Lesiah couldn’t help but scratch her slightly flushed cheek. She felt really flattered.

Little did she know that her handwriting would become the object of countless competitions if it were to fall into the hands of commoners.

In fact just three years ago, her bathwater was the grandest item sold in an underground auction organized by the black market.

The bathwater was filled in delicate crystal bottles. Under the light, the foamy turquoise water resembled a holy relic from a dream.

As soon as the auctioneer explained the background of this item, the entire auction house blew up! Everyone was crazy about it, and some people even went as far as selling their newly won items at a lower price just to get their hands on a bottle.

The three tiny bottles were sold for a sky-high price of 1.3 million gold coins!

It broke the record of single items sold at the not-so-famous auction house, and that record was still talked about until today.

Lesiah swept her gaze over Durance who looked like he had expected all this, then at Diana who was staring at Rosdell like he was a walking pot of gold. According to her intel, those two people were the most worthy individuals for her to make connections with.

Diane, especially, was not only an extremely gifted mage, but she also… seemed to share some kind of special relationship with Lilith. Gaining her trust meant she would be able to find out about Lilith’s background…

Ahem… strange, why would I want to know about Lilith’s background?

Wasn’t that what people who were too shy to ask about their crush do? Much like how those bimbos who were hopelessly in love would resort to digging information from their crush’s friends.

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No. She wasn’t that frivolous.

She wasn’t curious about Lilith’s background… Not even a little!

The princess took two deep breaths to regain her composure.

Time was running out, she couldn’t afford to dawdle here. She might be pulled over to the other side at any moment from now. Failure to collect allies before that happened meant she would be a sitting duck.


“Everyone… There is something I need to tell you.”

She swept her gaze over the group who was quietly waiting for her to continue.

“I… wish to rescue Lilith.”

Everyone’s reaction was different, but they were all puzzled by Lesiah’s intention.

That was because most people here were under the impression that the two had only known each other for a day or two. It was impossible for any deep connection to exist between them. Not only that, the princess herself should know best how terrifying those black devils were, since they were capable of killing the Golden Demon Htilil.

For someone with a heavy responsibility of a nation placed on her shoulders, it was highly irresponsible of Lesiah even to make such a suggestion.

To put it bluntly, Choobchoob and Rosdell had no idea who Lilith was or why the princess was willing to risk her own life to rescue her.

Could it be that the princess was in love with this person? Lilith sounded like a female name though.

“No, Your Royal Highness. I absolutely do not agree. This is too dangerous!”

Rosdell firmly opposed. He had sworn to protect the princess forever, so he would never allow her to do something so dangerous for a stranger.

“I’ve made my decisions already. No one can change my mind. I’ll still go, even if it means going by myself alone.”
“Rosdell, don’t forget your position!”

Lesiah’s tone immediately took on an authoritative sharpness. Even if she was weaker than Lilith, nothing could change the fact that she was the crown princess in the seat of Macedonian Empire’s power.

“You are not qualified to order me around yet.” Her eyes narrowed coldly as every word rolled off her tongue.

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“Understood… Your Royal Highness.”

Rosdell was dismayed. This was the first time that Princess Lesiah had used her authority against him. Although he had always addressed Lesiah as her royal highness, deep inside, he hoped that she was still the same Lesiah he knew years ago. The one whom he could call his sister.

Or at least, a chance to work with her side by side again.

However, now…

Rosdell clenched his fists. Was this Lilith really that important to her?

“Fine. I won’t stop you, but please bring me along too. Let me protect you, your royal highness!”

Rosdell raised his head and voiced out firmly.

“Besides, I’d like to see for myself if this Lilith is really worth risking your life to save her like this!”

Lesiah was slightly taken aback by his words before her lips curled into a smirk.

The ice in her melted like snow in spring. She was once again a member of the Steel Heart, not Princess Lesiah.

“Definitely. I am here to ask for help, so please take care of me, Chief Rosdell.”


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